11 Jun 2016

It was a day just like any, i had a long day at work and got home all i wanted was a glass of wine and a warm shower. I put some music on and started to undress, first i got out of these black stilettos,started unzipping my thigh-high skirt,slipping it down my ass to my ankles and then off. I started to unbutton my top and undo my bra. Oh if felt so refreshing to feel so free and naked. I undid my hair and my hair fell to my shoulders and onto my very large and plumpy breasts.

I started the shower and went to quickly go throw a glass of wine for myself, dancing all through the house i felt ontop of the world, i got into the shower and if was the greatest, water running down my neck onto my nipples and down my stomach, feeling the water on my skin. My long black hair catching the water drops, my roommate got home and all he saw was mu clothes laying everywhere so he went to check if everything was ok. The bathroom door was open and i caught his eye and all he saw was me in the shower rubbing my wet breasts,and watching the water run down by body.

He stood there for a while not knowing what to do but he did know he was getting hard for Katiana. He looked away for a while and coughed so she would see him, she looked at him and the teaser she was said " you must be hot,come cool of with me" she climbed out the shower and walked up to him undressing him, she kissed him slowly and pulled him into the shower,felling his body against hers, he felt her shoulder and moving down to her breasts feeling those nipples and down to her stomach and sliding his hand down to her wet clit. While he did that she rubbed his dick harder and harder, he felt so hard, he picked her up against the wall and pushed is hard cock into her making her moan. Harder and harder penetrating her making her moan and all that did was turn him on more......

Will post more later