Written by garthandlia

15 Aug 2018

I have a 25-year-old first cousin named Lisa (names chaged to protect the innocent). She is in the healthcare profession and was about to marry a 28-year-old man that she met in her profession on that particular summer weekend. We?ll call him Mark. She was getting married in Mark?s hometown that was about 90 miles away from where we lived. I was invited to be in her wedding and to be courteous to me, my boyfriend, Andy, was asked to be an usher. Mark?s parents had a really big two-story house and, since we were coming in from out-of-town, they invited us to stay with them. So me, my sister, my parents Andy, Mark and Lisa and Lisa?s parents were all staying in the same house.

On the morning of the wedding, my parents and sister left for the church with Lisa and her parents to prepare. Lisa had to change into her gown there to indulge the old superstition that the groom should not see his bride on their wedding day before the ceremony. Andy and I were to catch a ride to the church with Mark as soon as we all were ready. So it was only Andy, Mark and myself in the house. Andy was in his Tux and waiting for us in the family room watching TV. I was standing in the guest bathroom fixing my hair with a curling iron. My gown hung on a hanger from the back of the door in the guest bedroom and I was standing in front of the mirror, fussing with my hair, wearing nothing except my white bra, a pair of nude colored thigh high stockings and a very sheer pair of high cut white panties.

Across the hall, Mark was getting dressed and I could hear him cussing. I poked my head out into the guest bedroom where the bedroom door stood slightly open. Stupid Andy never did know how to close doors behind him.

?Is everything okay over there Mark?? I shouted.

?Would you mind giving me a hand for a minute?? He shouted back.

Without even thinking about how I was dressed, I carefully set the curling iron down on the sink and strode across the hall and into his room. When I entered he was standing in front of his dresser mirror in his white tuxedo shirt, blue boxer shorts and black socks. He was struggling with his bow tie and asked me to help him with it in a very frustrated tone. I told him he would have to turn around and face me and when he did, I suddenly realized how I was dressed when I saw his eyes popping out. I blushed and giggled.

?Sorry, you caught me at a bad moment myself,? I said trying to cover my embarrassment. ?Let me try to help you with that,? I continued as I reached for the tie. Mark dropped his hands from the tie and I stepped closer to him as I grabbed it and began to fiddle with trying to tie it. I noticed that Mark had cast his glance down to the floor over his left shoulder. He was trying not to look at my almost nude teen body and that is when I first realized that my panties were becoming wet. This was one of the most erotic moments I had ever known even though it had begun completely innocent. I could hardly believe I was lusting after my cousin?s fiancé on their wedding day! I had always thought he was cute. He was just my type too. About six feet tall, black hair and olive colored complexion.

I pretended to be having problems with the tie so that I could step closer to him. I put my face closer to the tie so that my lips were almost on his neck. I put one foot between his feet when I stepped forward so that the front of my panties was almost touching his crotch. With in a few seconds, I felt something poking my belly. I looked down to see the head of his cock poking out from the hole in the front of his boxers.

?Oh my!? I squealed.

?I?m sorry? I?m sorry, its just? you? well I thought you were dressed!? He said in a panic that almost made me laugh.

?Well, I won?t tell anyone what I saw if you don?t,? I quickly tired to make him relax.

?I?m sorry,? is all he could say again.

I looked down again at his cock! Wow Lisa was lucky! It was much longer and thicker than Andy?s and it was also soaking my belly and the front of my panties with precum. Mark began to grab it and tuck it away. I had to think fast. I was full of conflicting emotions at that moment. I wanted to put that cock in my pussy in the worst way. I wanted to feel him inside and make him cum. It wasn?t right. My boyfriend was just down stairs I shouldn?t cheat on him. Mark was about to marry my cousin not to mention the fact that I was a teenage girl and he was a full-grown man 11 years older than me. That part actually made me want him more. I was tired of my teenage boyfriend and his teenage immaturity. I wanted a real man! What was I to do? That stiffy was almost back in his pants. I had to decide quickly.

?Don?t worry about that,? I hurriedly said indicating his hand stuffing his dick away. ?Sit down on the bed so I can reach your neck easier.?

Mark immediately obeyed. He sat down on the bed with his hard cock still poking straight up. I walked over to him and grabbed the tie as if I were going to continue. Then I placed one hand on his chest and pushed him onto his back. Quickly I jumped up onto the bed straddling his hips with my knees. At the same time I pulled my panties to one side with one hand and grabbed his cock and guided it to my pussy hole with the other.

?What are you doing!? Mark cried out in sudden surprise.

?Shhhh? Andy will here you!? I told Mark as I spread open my pussy petals with the tip of his cock.

?No! Don?t do this,? Mark said in a panicked whisper.

Too late, his cock was now half way in my pussy. His head was tilted up and his brown eyes were glued to the image of his cock disappearing into my thick brown bush. Now I was all the way down on his cock and sitting on his balls.

?Do you really want me to stop now?? I asked him in a naughty and teasing tone.

?This isn?t right. We shouldn?t be doing this,? he replied in a half-hearted protest.

?We?ll as long as we are going to keep a secret? why not make it a big one,? I said still feeling really naughty. He didn?t reply this time and I began to grind my pelvis into his.

Before long I was riding up and down on his man meat. I had never felt so filled up in all my life. He was unbelievably thick and long. It felt really great as he was stretching me farther than I?d ever been stretched before. That made the friction even more pleasurable. He was so long that I could feel his tip poking my cervix with every inward thrust. I was soon wearing out doing all the work so I asked him if we could change to missionary position and he said sure.

I climbed off of him and removed my panties and bra. He threw off his boxers and unbuttoned his shirt. I could see all of his gorgeous, muscular chest, abs and the large, hard appendage poking out from a thick, black nest of pubes just below his tight belly. I was pleased to see his shaft coated with a thick white discharge from inside my pussy. I lay back on the bed with my butt on the edge of the mattress and very eagerly spread my legs wide for him. Mark stood between my spread thighs and we both watched as he lined up his cock with my pussy and then pushed it all the way in. I came right on the spot at the sight and the sensation.

I?m really glad that Andy was so engrossed in whatever was on TV. (Probably ESPN) because I had left Mark?s bedroom door open. Once Mark had slid his cock all the way in me he leaned over me and we began to kiss as his hips started to move up and down in a very satisfying rhythm. When he broke the kiss, Mark stood up for a minute to watch his cock going in and out of my pussy. Then he leaned over me again, grabbed my wrists and held them above my head while he continued to thrust and build speed. I came again and had to muffle a cry.

Soon mark was fucking me hard. His breathing was heavy as he stood between my thighs and pounded with ferocity. I was about to cum again. I loved having him standing over me while we fucked. I loved feeling his hands holding my wrists down above my head. I loved looking at his muscular chest heaving over me as he thrust in and out. Our thighs were making slapping sounds as they hit each other and my pussy was making loud slurping sounds as my wetness and excitement reached new levels. Once in a while I would lift my head and watch his cock going in and out as my tummy muscles contracted with every inward thrust. That got me even more to the edge.

?I?m going to cum,? Mark suddenly whispered.

?Do it inside! I?m on the pill,? I whispered back at the same time hating that I had to break my concentration to reply.

Then it happened. He jammed his cock all the way in hard and I felt it begin to pulsate against the internal walls of my love hole. My belly suddenly became very warm inside as his hot white cum began to fill my tummy. I was cumming too! It was more than I could stand. It was the most intense orgasm I?d had to date. My legs were wrapped around his ass trying to hold him in me as far as possible. I was grinding my pelvis into his so hard it hurt. I wanted to yell out loud so bad but I couldn?t. Andy could come up the stairs any minute and look in Marks room. Finally the release was over. Mark?s cum was leaking out of me from around his shaft that was still in my pussy. It was making a puddle on the bed?s comforter. Then he began to thrust again!

?Your pussy is so tight!? He whispered as he began a rhythm again.

After about thirty more seconds of thrusting, he came in me a second time! I had never been with anyone who could do that! I was too worn out to cum again but was fascinated at him for, not only doing it again, but for cumming so quickly the second time!

He was panting heavily as he pulled out of me. I felt a gush as a river of cum ran out of my pussy and onto the comforter. His cock was now deflating and was totally slimed with my juices and his cum. He reached down and pulled his boxers on right over his slimy dick.

?We?d better get dressed before Andy comes up here,? He whispered to me calmly.

I stood up and put my bra and panties back on. Now I did help him with his tie and then pecked him on the lips as I left to finish my hair and put on my gown.

It was a beautiful ceremony. As I stood at the alter with the other bridesmaids, I caught Mark?s eye for a second and almost smiled as I could feel his cum still leaking out of my pussy. I was wondering if he was thinking about my pussy juices still clinging to his cock. Later that night when I was getting undressed, I noticed a few cum stains on the tops of my thigh highs and smiled to myself. After everyone was asleep, Andy snuck into my room for a little fun. He was wondering why I was so wet. In truth, I was still a little slimy from Mark?s cum. As Andy lay on top of me and in me, I closed my eyes and pretended it was Mark again. At the same time I was hoping Mark was thinking of me while he was pumping Lisa on their wedding night.

I wished I could say that Mark and I began a torrid affair but that never happened. A few years later when I was in college, Mark stopped by my dorm one night as he was in town on business without Lisa. I took him out to some local hot spots for a few drinks and then we went back to my dorm room. My roommate was gone for the weekend so we were all alone. We talked and joked about what had happened on their wedding day and then he asked me if I was in the mood to relive a memory. Well hell yes! We fucked all night and well into the dawn. We had breakfast, kissed and he left for home. I had to quickly go back to my dorm and strip the bed for the laundry before my college boyfriend (I had dumped Andy for someone else in college) asked me questions concerning all of the cum stains on my sheets.

Mark and I never got together for sex again. Sometimes, even now when I am with my husband, I close my eyes and pretend its Mark. Mark, if you ever read this, thank you for making a teen girls dream come true and for the memories that have kept my pussy wet for nearly two decades now!