Written by LickSuck69

02 Jun 2017

The lightning was flashing across the sky, the thunder was swearing even more, and the rain spitting even more on me. Me drenched to the core, with my soaking clothes in my hand, I knocked on the door, the door goes creek, creek as it opened, standing before me was a lady with a whip in her hand, for she was not sure who she would see. Grabbing me by the hand and pulling through the door, and all I could see was her breasts with hardened nipples pointing straight at me, and a cleanly shaven pussy and a clit trying to peep at me, with a tattoo above saying " Please Fuck Me ".

Quivering at the knees, my legs started to buckle and I dropped to the floor. Sitting on my knees, the naked lady took two steps and stood over my head, looking upwards, all that greeted me was the sight of a brown eye and a very sexy looking pussy. "Thinking what it would be like to touch them both with the tip of my tongue ", was driving me crazy. The lady looked down at me ,and said, great view, pity no touching by you. Bending at the knees the lady's pussy started getting closer to my mouth, the scent of warm wet pussy was finding it's way into my nostrils, and my tongue crept out of my mouth, hoping to get a touch and a taste of that sexy pussy, only to be to short, so back into my mouth it went. The lady looked at me, and said so trying to cheat are you, so for punishment you will have to lick my inner leg clean. Licking her leg was a great start to me, all I got was the taste of pussy juice which must have been running down her leg while she was playing with her pussy. Knowing she had me at her mercy, she dropped her pussy on to my lips, and said now you may do as you please. Just as I started licking and sucking on her horny warm wet pussy, she straightened her legs, and out of luck I was again, unable to reach the pussy. Noticing what she was doing to my horny cock, she dropped her pussy onto my lips again, thinking wow how lucky I was, with the taste of pussy on my lips, and ready to spray cum all over her body, my eyes opened only to discover it was all a dream.