Written by Anonymous

01 Jun 2019

A day or two ago an anonymous Afrikaans couple placed an advert as a Dogging post, saying that they would be having outdoor fun at President Park on Friday between 10 and 11… Although I had a lunchtime appointment on the other side of town, I decided I would take the chance and go through to PP, hoping it would not turn out to be yet another disappointing fake post. I was the only one who responded on the dogging post to let them know I would be there.

I got to PP a bit before 10, with time enough to have a drive through to check in case the couple had arrived early and were tucked away somewhere already, out of sight. I needn’t have worried – they weren’t! (Does anyone ever arrive at the time they say they’ll be there for these things? Not a lot, in my experience!). There were just two other single males sitting in their cars near the entrance, looking out for the couple. I also parked nearby, waiting to see what – if anything – would happen. Soon another two single males arrived, one of whom also did a quick grand tour to check the site, before also returning to a vantage point near the entrance. The other guy was one who knew me, and came and parked next to me, chatting away when I actually wanted to use the opportunity to check the SH site for any updates that might have come though…

By about 10:30 I was starting to think that we had been conned again, when suddenly in drove two vehicles in convoy, with a male in a King Cab bakkie in front followed by a female in a small blue sedan, a lovely looking couple probably in their mid to late 30s. They drove in as if they knew exactly where they were going, and headed for the poplar trees at the far end of the site, far away from us guys hanging around near the entrance, parking close together behind one of the horse-jump mounds.

As soon as they were parked up, almost as one, rather embarrassingly, the five of us single males started up and drove over to that end of the park, and parked, spread out, wherever we thought would give us a decent view of the outdoor action we were obviously all anticipating, some a lot closer to them than others, and some directly pointing in the direction of their vehicles, kinda making it obvious that they were there to watch.

The couple disembarked, and he walked over to where she stood next to her car, largely hidden from my view (and I believe the view of most of the others) by her open car door. They greeted, and chatted a bit, and through my binocs I could see them looking around at the semi-circle of vehicles surrounding them. They kissed and hugged a bit, and then it looked as if some naughty touching was going on… I’m sure we all assumed the fun was about to start! One of the single guys moved from where he was parked to a different spot, from where he probably hoped to have a better view, but the couple was quite well hidden where they were standing, effectively shielded by the car door and the body of her car. But they kept looking around at us lot parked like a semi-circle of vultures all around them…

Then just when we thought that things could start getting interesting, they broke their embrace and walked over to his bakkie, got inside and closed the doors, also keeping the windows closed, at least on his, the side that we could see. And, unfortunately, the bakkie windows were quite strongly tinted, so the view was rather limited. With a bit more of a side-on view than the others, I at least could see the seats being reclined, and some vague movement inside for a while. But there really wasn’t much to see, and a few of the watching guys moved off. It seemed to me that the couple, who had said they intended playing out in the open, had maybe felt intimidated by having so many guys all obviously watching them (or maybe it was just too cold standing outside and in the shade of the big trees!), and decided to rather have some private time inside the vehicle away from prying eyes.

With nothing else to do, and not wanting to intrude any further, I just stayed were I was, watching what little I could see. After some time the guy got out, closed his door and walked around to her side of the vehicle, where she also got out and stood waiting for him. NOW I was convinced the outdoor fun was about to start, and so I moved around to a better vantage point, from where I could see them standing next to the vehicle. I was disappointed to see that they were both fully clothed, but, ever the optimist, I stayed there hoping to have something to watch. But after a few minutes they hugged again, she walked back to her car, and they drove off again in convoy. DAMN! What a disappointment! I’ve driven all this way just for that?

I still had time to kill, as it seemed did a few of the other single males. I drove over towards my “regular spot” under some trees from where I have a decent view of much of the park, and noticed the young guy in the small blue SUV, who I had also seen when I was there on Wednesday, parked further up. I decided to go and greet him, and find out who he was. It turned out that he is not a member of SH, was totally unaware that there was anything planned for today, but had come back to the park today as he had had a surprise fun encounter there the previous Friday. He had driven in, and waved to a couple (when he described them I knew exactly who they were, as they are also “regulars” at PP), and they invited him over to join them and he had some fun with them! He told me that he and a girlfriend, both of them not long out of school, used to come to this park to have their fun some years back, and that a friend who lives locally had told him that there were some fun things happening at the park from time to time, and so he had come to investigate. He had enjoyed his first experience, and was hoping for more.

While he and I were chatting another car drove in just on 11:00, a dark older model sedan, and it seemed there was a young couple in it. They drove around behind the lapa, and all the way up to the top. I wondered if THESE two could perhaps be the couple that had advertised, rather than the previous couple who had not seemed so keen to play in public. I gave them some time to settle down, and then drove up around the lapa to a spot quite some distance from them, from where I could see their car through my binocs, and not be considered to be intruding in any way. They were just sitting in the car, which was deliberately parked in such a way that they were quite well concealed behind a bushy tree, with the doors closed. I watched for a while, hoping there might be some sign of an invitation to come closer, but there was none, and no indication of any activity. My chatty acquaintance had also meanwhile driven up to the top and parked not too far from them. I thought that would probably put an end to any potential play, and returned to my regular spot, passing the young guy in the blue SUV also now headed up to the top of the site as I drove over.

I still had a bit more than half an hour before I needed to leave. Time to check SH for updates… As I was busy on my laptop, I became aware of another vehicle approaching, and looked up. I recognised the distinctive vehicle, which belongs to a good dogging friend of mine!! And then I noticed that he had not just one female passenger, but TWO, a second young lady sitting on the back seat. I have been very fortunate in having been allowed to watch him fucking his front seat passenger on a couple of occasions, and it looked like this might just be another such opportunity…!

I know that he prefers to have a bit of time with his lady friend to get going before any watching is allowed (she is the one who is shy, not him!), so I packed away my laptop, and slowly headed up around the lapa to see where they might be (knowing that the dark car was already up the top with chatty acquaintance in tow, and the SUV was also up there somewhere), not wanting to disturb them if they were up to anything. I parked where I could see both the dark car and my friend’s vehicle, and got out my binocs again.

Much to my surprise, I saw that the couple up at the top were outside standing next to their car. The blue SUV was parked quite close to them, and my chatty acquaintance was walking away from them back to his car. And at the same time I saw the lady in the front seat of my friend’s vehicle get out and climb into the back, seemingly joining the young lady who was still sitting there. And shortly thereafter my friend got out and walked to the rear passenger door, opened it and stood there looking in, presumably talking to the two young ladies now together on the back seat. This was now looking decidedly interesting!

My chatty acquaintance had also noticed my friend’s vehicle arrive (he also knows him), and drove down from the top, parked about 30 metres away and started to walk over to them. My friend saw him coming, walked around the back of the vehicle and waved him away. Considerately, he returned to his car and drove back up to the top of the site. Meanwhile, the couple in the dark car, as well as the young guy in the SUV, were driving down towards the lapa and parked against the palisade fence, not too far from each other, and about 100 metres from my friend’s vehicle.

I drove up to my chatty acquaintance, and asked what had been happening while I was on the other side of the lapa. He told me that when he arrived there the couple from the dark car had been outside, she giving him a blowjob, presumably in view of the guy in the SUV. However, when he had walked over to join them, they had stopped (and presumably also told him to leave, as that was the scene I had observed, them still outside the car and him walking away). So maybe THIS young couple WAS the couple that had advertised, but had arrived a bit later than planned?!!

I drove back down towards the lapa where there were now the three cars parked up, passing the young couple and waving a greeting to them, and then parking where I was side-on to my friend’s vehicle, more or less where Mr chatty had been, hoping I was not obscuring the view of the others if anything were to happen.

Looking across at my friend’s vehicle, I realised that things were already happening! Being able to see his feet and lower legs through under his vehicle, I recognised the positions and the movements. And I needed to leave for my appointment in no more than 15 minutes!... Damn!!

I quietly left my car, and circled up close to the veld, and then approached his open door from the rear quarter. I knew he would see me approaching, and watched to see if he would wave me away too. He did not, and so I crept quietly closer.

When I got up to the car I could hardly believe my eyes!

The two young ladies were naked, one wearing just a pair of socks. One of them was on her back with her head against the door, her legs parted. The other young lady (the one I know) was on all fours over her, being fucked doggy-style by my friend, supporting herself on one arm while earnestly fingering the lady lying below her, who in turn appeared to be playing with her friend’s petite boobs hanging above her.

I have seen and also been part of a FFM threesome before, but I have NEVER seen something like this happening out in a public place like the park! THIS really was a sight for sore old eyes!!

My friend fucks like a machine, and the two ladies were both moaning and crying out very noisily as they enjoyed each other’s and his attentions! The lady being fucked moved her position slightly, and suddenly I could see the face of the girl lying on the seat below her. I was convinced that she would see me, and that my presence there would be discovered. But apparently she didn’t, as there was no exclamation or shock or change to their rhythm. Perhaps she had her eyes shut at that time.

One of the girls (I’m not sure which) came very loudly, and then one of them said “I need a cigarette”. I knew it was time to leave in a hurry, before they sat up and became aware of my presence, and hurried silently away back to my car. I realised to my horror that it was already past 12 and I should have left already to get to my appointment!

I drove off, wondering just how much fun would still be happening at the park as I headed back to Joburg… whether the threesome would continue having fun…. whether the young couple would play some more for (or with?) the guy in the SUV… whether all of them might join up and have a big party behind the lapa… Whatever happened, I knew that I at least had had yet another fun Friday at the park, and it had definitely been worthwhile making the trip!! But I’m still not sure which of the couples was the one that advertised they would be there… or maybe it was neither of them…???