24 Jan 2019

I made a match with a white couple from my town Middelburg , we were on the same terms from the word go , decided to try something out .mind you it was not the first time I had an interracial swing , but this was just something that I wanted to see through, guess it was her sexy ass that was calling for me .

I could not host , due to un expected guest and they had kids around , We discussed dogging for some time, one night we decided to go and chance it with nothing much arranged. decided to meet at one of the parks in town , I drove up to their car and shined the lights for 30 seconds or so .

I got in the back of the car with the lady , while the husband stayed in the drivers seat.

so we started to 'play' Almost immediately. I told her there was some one watching and she kissed me hard and pushed onto my fingers. Another car that was parked a few meters away from us had a guy on the opposite side who looked like he was just enjoying the view.

she put her backside up to the window and started sucking my very hard cock. We did this for 5 minutes or so, with her adjusting her position to get comfy, and she looked up at me and whispered 'what now?'I went down on her till she squirted hard on me .

Next thing I knew, the door was open and she'd swung her legs out the door! The husband gave her the condom and said put it on him '

She slide down the seat so her ass was out the door, and reached down, I held her legs while hitting the clit with my cock , and it slowly went in. I thought I was going to come all over the place!

I started fucking her slowly, and then took off like a train! I fucked her so hard the car was literally moving every time I rammed into her. She was having fun now! moaning and groaning.

I was really pounding into her know, and she started saying 'oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard - DO IT!'. She started to cum. It took us 10-15 minutes to slow down , I pulled my cock out, she sucked it so hard that the was no drop of cum. took a break and when it started again the husband joined in .

It was a good long, friendly dogging, and we left well pleased with the night, which couldn't have gone any better!

After a few minutes of chatting, we left our separate ways .

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