07 Jan 2019

My gf and i had got a flat and moved in together. One day i came home from work to find her busy masturbating whilst watching porn on my laptop. She looked up and said i didn't know you had threesome fantasies. We had a good fuck and started to chat about sexuality with more freedom or should i say we were being more comfortable talking freely. One day whilst talking she said she would love to find out what white cock feels like.

We put an ad on Gumtree in those days gumtree had a personals section. We had numerous responses but we choose a 20 yr old from Durban. We booked a room at a local self catering and spent the afternoon making out. I muffed my girl in every possible angle.

At 7pm we got dressed and went to the pub were we met our new friend. We had a few drinks chatted abit and decided to go to the flat. We stepped in and things got awkward. I had a bottle of brandy and we decided to have a few shots. We drank and chatted and our friend told us its a first for him with indians. As the alcohol set in we loosened up. They sat on the sofa making out and i opposite them watching.

He got on his knees pushed her skirt up and started eating her out. He continued muffing her licking her slit with her knees over his shoulders. She wrapped her hands around his head as she cummed. He stood up unzipped and offered her his cock which she took to like a fish to water.

I came up behind him undid his belt and jeans and slid them to the floor. I had to stop her a bit to get his boxers off. He had removed his t shirt and stood only in his socks. I opened her blouse and as i turned her to remove the blouse she kissed me. As we broke the kiss she thanked me for allowing this to happen. I was busy undoing her bra when he said how does my cock taste she replied great and he said i was talking to him.

I didn't answer him. He asked for a condom which i handed to him. He rolled it on and asked me to put his cock in her pussy. It was the first time that I held another guy's penis in my hand. He lifted her legs as he got onto his knees again and i lined his cock up with her. She was dripping wet a wet patch could be seen on the sofa. He slid into her pussy and started with slow short strokes and continued to fuck her for several minutes while i sat wanking my rock hard cock. I was excited as fuck watching his cock slide in and out of her pussy watching her squeeze the sofa as she came. I wanked in slow motion not wanting to come before him. I noticed he picked up the pace and knew he was about to come. He rammed in hard and held it in i knew he was cumming. As soon as he pulled out i mounted her sliding my cock all the way in and started fucking like a jack hammer. With all the sexuality in the room i didnt last very long and shot my load in her.

I went to the bathroom to clean my cock when i returned they we in bed making out i climbed in behind her she took my hand and placed it on his cock and told me get used to that cock cause she is going to be fucking him quiet often.

I got out of bed to pour us another round of drinks upon my return she was sucking his hard cock. I handed him his drink and she hers. She kissed me and then offered me his cock i turned away and she said you already know what it tastes like and admitted wanting to try one so i turned around and started sucking his cock just how i would like my cock sucked and i could hear them talking thats what id be there in the future for not to mention the waitering.

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