16 Oct 2018

The next thing he knew, his wife was sliding into bed beside him and snuggling into his arm.

“Hi.” She whispered and kissed him, sliding her tongue between his lips.

“Hello beautiful,” he opened his mouth to receive her and ran his hands down her naked back. “How was it?”

“I am still wet from it.” She said softly and guided his hands down between her legs. She was still soaking wet.

“Plus, he came in my ass, twice.” She said as he probed, “and made me cum four times.”


“Hhhmmm...yes, twice with his mouth.”

“Tell me more about him?”

“He was black, but his dick was even blacker the than rest of his body”

“Was he big, you know, his cock?”

“Very, he made me scream”

“Do you want me to eat you out?”

“Oohhh yes baby, I need to cum”

“Than tell me while I do it”

She moaned softly as I kissed my way down over her stomach to the very top of her slit.

“While we ate, he kept on saying how beautiful I look”

“You did look beautiful today”, he said as he flicked his tongue over the swollen clit.

“Then, he asked me to join him in his hotel room for a nightcap”

“Did you want to go?”

“ have to understand my skut, this would have been my first black cock...and he was big...I mean his body was big...and I was curious as to how big he is down there”

“You’ve always had a fantasy about a black man, haven’t you my skut?” He said as he licked down into her slit, tasting all of her with her juices.

“Yes, and he was everything I have ever imagined. He started sucking my breast...tracing all around my nipples”

“He than leaned into me and kissed me with a hand over my breast”

As the husband was listening to this, he pushed his tongue up into her slit. She moaned with pleasure.

She continued, “as I felt his lips touching mine, he squeezed my nipple, so gently, it was lovely my skut”

“Were your nipples hard?”

“Like a bullet, I wanted him so much, he picked me up then like a paperweight and said, I think we should go to bed.”

“What did you say?”

“I said, yes please and snacked my tongue with his. He laid me on the bed then eased both my tits out so he could kiss both nipples.

Her juices were flowing as she was telling her husband and recalls the events of her date. This was just another aspect of their life together, one they both enjoy.

“You are very wet my skut.”

“Thats what he said,” she giggled, “and than kissed me through my panties.”

She lifted her leg, as she continued telling her husband, and hooked it around his neck.

“That’s when I came for the first time, he said I looked incredible as I came. He than stood up then undressed . He was magnificent my skut, his big black cock scared me for a second, scared he would hurt me.”

“What did you do then”

“I took it into my mouth, he tried to pull away, saying he will cum, as I sucked him harder and faster my skut, and I held on to it, squeezed it hard so he won’t cum.”

The husband eased a finger into her wetness as he was listening to this, alongside his tongue. She squealed as she rewarded her husband with a gush of juices as she squirted all over his face.

“Ooohhh...fuuuck” is all she could say, than she giggled a little. “ That was sudden, just like when he came in my mouth”

The husband than pushed himself up, until his now rock hard white cock nudged her pussy lips.

“Not there my skut”, she smiled, “I want it from behind tonight.”

“Ooh yes”, he smiled, “He must have turned you on.”

“He did”, she smiled, “oh G...yes he did, he wants to see me again.”

His cock got harder as he pushed it all in from behind, causing a moan of pleasure to escape her lips.

“I want to bring him here my skut, I want you to watch while he undressed me, I want you to see me playing with his big, black cock, sucking it, licking his balls and than watch him fucking me like you’re fucking me now.”

His white dick was harder than ever...pumping her wife like a horny dog.

“Would you like that my skut? Would you like to watch him fuck me?”

“I’d love it.” She screamed as her husband rammed into her over and over and over again. “I would love to see his mouth over your cunt”

“Fuck yes, while I am fucking his big, black, balls and tasting myself on his big, black dick”

He felt her pussy gripping his cock and his spunk rising up his white dick. He knew he was about to cum again.

“I want to hear you scream”


“I want you naked for a good little slut”

“Full of him cum on your ass”

“YES...YES...BABY...YES” she screamed as they both came together.