15 Oct 2018

They made arrangements for her to be picked up by a company driver, discussed where they’d probably be going and approximately what time he could expect her home. By the time they’d made all the arrangements, her panties were on the floor and she was writhing with pleasure as she pushed herself down onto his mouth.

“Mmmhhh, you dirty, dirty man,” she smiled as she replaced the phone and drew him down to the couch. “Can’t a girl have a decent conversation with her date without being ravished by hubby.

Then she moaned and wrapped her long legs round his back as he entered her warmth. He was rock hard, just like every time when she was going out with another man.

They loved each other deeply, but she had a far higher sex drive than him. They have been together for six years and married for almost six months. The second month into their marriage they decided to start swinging.

They did a lot of soul searching and he admitted to himself and to her, that the thought of her having sex with another man turned him on like nothing before.

She would leave for her date and later returned with that “I’ve been fucked look.” He gets incredibly turned on, as she loved to tell him all about it. Tell him all about it

in bed and the sex would be mind blowing after that.

They both knew their life style is not for everyone, but they are happy and in love with each other.

After their little section earlier on, he ran a bath for her and fixed both of them a drink , whiles she washed.

“Should I wear panties?” She asked with a smile.

“Oh yes” he replied. “Give him the pleasure of removing them.”

“You are a naughty, naughty man” she smiled as he picked the panties for her. “That’s just one of the things I love about you.”

He slid the over her legs, thighs and hips, kissing her beautiful hairless slit, before covering it with the delicate garment.

With a final lingering kiss she went out and stepped into a company car, he could feel the ache in his groin as she waved and the car drove off.

At about ten thirty, after reading her text messages about 100 times, letting him know that she is safe. He decided to go straight to bed, he was hard but resisted the temptation to masturbate. She would want him hard and ready when she returns.