Written by Anonymous

04 Apr 2019

Friday mid afternoon I go to the estate gym and work out my frustrations and get ready for the weekend. The estate is rather new so I have noticed not many people use the gym and on a Friday from 13:00 till 16:00 it’s empty and completely my own.

My husband is away for work again in the UAE and I have decided to make sure every last little “moment on the lips from December” is gone for good. So I follow a strict gym routine.

I got there at about 14:30 or so as usual it seems empty. I go into the studios section downstairs and realize I am not alone, there is someone upstairs as I can hear weights moving etc. Nonetheless I start to stretch my yoga stretches etc just to loosen up a little. To my surprise I look up and there by the water cooler I see two 20 somethingish guys looking at me. I just smile and nod a greeting and continue. The one taps the other one as he seems to be lingering and staring a bit. I pay it no attention and continue. When I was done I went upstairs for some cardio and light weights. The two are still there and the blonde one keeps his eyes on me every moment he thought I wasn’t looking. I saw that his buddy felt somewhat uncomfortable with his very noticeable staring. I saw that he was going to the water cooler so I thought let me go as well. We chat brief the cordial “Hi, how you etc”. Soon I saw his buddy leaving I decided to go to the bike to end my session, then who should arrive and sit next to me? Mr blonde guy he says casually “Sorry I was rude my name is Jason”. I respond “Nice to meet you again, I am Jacqueline”. He must have seen that I was nearing the end of my cycle because he just asked “I know this is a long shot but do you perhaps want to go for a coffee or a drink?”. I said sorry Jason I am going for a shower and though I wouldn’t mind going for a drink with you I can’t as people in the Estate might see us and start talking. I could see that I had broken his spirit and plan of action. Not one to shoot a confident man down and probably because I noticed that all his efforts had somewhat intrigued me and I was now feeling a little frisky, to say the least. I told him listen Jason if you want I am going for a shower downstairs give me ten minutes then you come and join me. His response was a bit unexpected he jumped off the bike and actually high fived me. A first time in my life that someone hi fived me for a sexual advance. I gathered my towel and bottle and he followed me down I told him I wanted a few minutes just to get ready. Luckily the showers are huge and private they even have their own chair inside and the glass is completely obscure. So I went in and undressed, giggling at myself for my naughty antics. I had hardly touched the water when I heard a knock at the door and really after the high five I thought he couldn’t top it but he did “It’s me Jason can I come in?” I just opened the door and he stood there like a “deer in the headlights”. His response “Fuck”. I pulled him in by his shirt and started to kiss him. He wrapped his arms around me and grabbed my butt. He was kissing me deeply and trying to move his hands to my boobs but only when we broke our kissing did he manage to go to my boobs and proceeded to lick and suck on my nipples. The warm water was still running down my back, I managed to reach into his short and found a pleasant surprise. He had a nice thick long cock. He moaned out loudly as I jerked him a bit. He kept repeating “Fuck me and all other little phrases with the word Fuck in it”. I told him to undress while I sit and watch him shower. He was naked in no time at all, I was going to have some fun with him. I told him to jerk himself off a bit so I can see what he likes ? I was sitting down on the chair with one leg up rubbing my clit and my pussy and I could feel I was wet and my wetness was now on my fingers and all over. I motioned for him to come to me with my index finger and he came over his cock at my mouth I sucked that thick cock immediately even grabbing his balls a bit. I couldn’t fit his entire length in my mouth but then again I was going to focus on his big head. I told him if he wants to cum he must tell me!! I could taste the Precum on his big head. He ever so lightly put his hands on the back of my head and started pump into my mouth. Then he said wait a bit I don’t want to cum yet. I said he should relax and pulled my other leg up again and told him to lick my pussy. He was down between my legs licking away flicking his tongue in and out of my womanhood. He got a bit over zealous and licked over my ass but I didn’t flinch or over react but then it seemed as if it had not been that unintentional and he continued to lick and suck from my clit to my ass.

I was close to having my first orgasim, when I was done I pulled him up and told him to take me. He put his fat cock head at my pussy and started to push hard he went in and I told him to go a bit slow for now. The position was uncodrtabel and wasn’t working for either of us so I told him to swap he must sit and I will ride his cock. I stood over his legs and lowered myself down into his throbbing cock. It felt amazing having him inside me. We went slow at first but then I started to pick up the pace as I felt my second orgasim building. I asked him if he was going to cum yet and he said “No not yet”. 30 seconds later I was in heaven experiencing a second orgasim of epic proportions, so much so that I actually squirted a bit but I don’t think Jason noticed as the shower was still running. He asked if I would taste myself on him? Which I did and that seemed to make him throbb even more. He proceeded with his dirty talk again “Fuck yes that’s a good little slut”. He was getting bolder by the minute. I was still wanted more and told him to do me from behind while I stand. He started pounding away hard and fast and then pulled out and licked me from behind. It gave me a bit of a fright as I wasn’t expecting it but it felt fantastic and I was super sensitive. Then I felt his cock again at my pussy he was rubbing his cock against my pussy and clit and then over my ass. I quickly reached around and guided his cock back in and he continued to pump away then as a well mannered 20 something gentleman does he asked if he could touch my ass? I wasn’t going to let him go close to my ass ither than his oral antics but he asked so nicely. I think he almost blew his load when I told him we can try but go slow. He pulled out and proceeded to place that big head at my ass. Now I like a bit of anal at the right time and provided the guy doesn’t go crazy on me I do enjoy it somewhat. Jason put his cock head at my little opening and was pushing the head in with me also guiding him. He went in and I said wait don’t move while I adjusted then told him to go a bit more what seemed like forever but soon he was going in slowly but surely. It was if his cock got even harder and I could feel him quicker his pace. I told him don’t cum in me tell me when you want to cum you can cum on my tits. He just pulled out spun me around and jerked his cock he shot the biggest load of cum I have ever seen. Literally looked like someone had emptied paint all over my boobs. He proceeded to thank me and say that was amazing and he has never done that. He even asked if my bum was okay ? I just smiled and rinsed myself in the shower I told him maybe we can meet up this week Friday for another session.