15 Jul 2017

This is a true story. If you do not like young and old stories this one is not for you. I, as the man in the story, am in my mid 50’s. I am a normal person but with a high sex drive.

I stay in a complex. My stepson is now 17 and is quite active and made friends with about everyone in die complex. One of his friends was a young girl of 20 years old. We met a couple of times and she visited us a number of times in the past 3 years. Nothing serious between them just friends. A friendly and beautiful young girl and it seems like all is well with her.

One night this girl knocked on our door at about 22h00. She was desperately looking for a place to stay. She had a huge argument with her mother and she was chased from her home. She had no place to go except to us. At first my wife did not want to take her in. She did not want to get involved. She then told the girl that she could stay until she finds somewhere to stay.

In the beginning she was treated like my daughter. I did notice her young firm body and I took pleasure to watch her beauty and the advantages of being young. I loved her breast. Not too big but not too small. Our temporary accommodation turned into months. Wife and I then agreed just to give her a chance in life and to help her to get somewhere. After two months my wife started to explain the rules. One of her rule was that this girl had to get the injection to prevent any pregnancies. This girl did go out regularly and came back late at night. My wife told her that any babies and she is away from here. We were scared that the stepson and she are getting into grown up things and we will end with the end result. The girl agreed and we felt a bit at ease. She helped a lot in the home. She learnt to cook and there was a meal prepared when we got back from work.

About one month later my wife called me to show me something on our camera system. What I saw shocked me. I do not think they realised that the cameras are recording in our home. My stepson and his friend had a hot sex session in the living room with this girl. Ok, my stepson watched and he did not participate. Wife and I watched the friend penetrating her and having hot sex in the living room and she enjoyed every moment of it. She tried my step son but you can see he refused and walked out of the room at one stage. I watched the movie a couple of times and it turned me on big time. This was not fake but a video of real sex.

Wife then told me that she is a friend of her on Face Book and she showed me her photos on Face book. This little girl with her well behaved manners had a dark side on her. With us she was sweet, like a daughter, she acted like a decent well mannered young girl should. Always dressed conservative and never she proofed to be nothing else but a decent Afrikaans girl.

This was the point where everything changed. I now looked at her with different eyes. Suddenly she was not my daughter but someone I can fuck. Wife and I then had a chat when the video was reviewed. She wanted to know if I have the hot for her. I could not lie and told the wife that I would like to do her. After watching this video I wanted to be inside of her. We are taking care of her and this girl can do something for us was the wife’s view. She is above legal age and my wife was sure that this girl will do it. My wife then said she do not have a problem if I screw the hell out of her. She wants to see if I do her. This surprised me. This young girl had all the tools to make her jealous and to behave protective. That week we had many discussions about how we are going to arrange this young girl. I watched the young girl more carefully and her body started to get my urges to go higher and higher.

The next weekend my wife organised a day for me. She would visit her sisters and I then had the chance to get it going with this girl. I was planning every move for this Saturday and I knew that I have permission from the wife and one of my fantasies will become true. To have sex with a young woman should be good. I am nearly 3 times her age and I wonder if I could make her scream of pleasure. Just the thought of tightness coupled with wetness and young made me crazy.

The Saturday came and I was ready to screw her. But it did not happen the way I planned. The age thing was in my mind and I felt like a pervert. At one stage she made coffee for us and I watched her body from behind. I know she had no idea of how close she is to get fucked like never before. She only had a T shirt with tight pants on and it amplified every curve in her body. I wanted to place my arms around her and she feels every line on her breast. But the stupid age thing blocked my mind and I remember that she is younger than my daughter. The afternoon we had a braai and I gave her some alcohol just to soften any resistance but I could not make any move.

My wife came home and she asked me if I got it right. I told her that I have the sex drive and I really wanted to fuck her but I just could not get the right time and move. My wife then said I need to take her, it is that easy. She is sure that she will go for it. Well I had a day of planning for sex down the drain and it ended as a nice friendly chatting session. I gave up this idea of screwing this girl. Later I released that this was a good day. It set the scene for more to come and she had the chance to be with me and to learn to trust me.

About a month later on a Friday afternoon I left early for home. At about 3 o’clock I was at home. I put the kettle on and went to the bedroom. I passed the bathroom and I noticed that she is busy bathing behind the closed door. So I charged my cell phone and I put on some new clothes and I was on my way to the kitchen to make some coffee. I heard the bathroom door opened and the girl stepped out in the passage. She never heard me coming home and had a huge shock at first to see someone in the passage. My first reaction was to comfort her by placing my arm around her. Then I noted that the bath towel is around her waist. Her breast was beautiful and I immediately placed my hands around them. Somewhere in my mind I knew that this is the point of no return. This she did not expected. My penis was stiff as a rock and I wanted her badly. She stiffened up and I kept on fondling her breast but she was resisting. In my mind the sex video of her in the living room came back to my mind and I knew that this is the time. I started to kiss her breast and she resists a bit. Complaining that I am too old and that my wife will be angry if she catches us. My tongue circled the perfect little tits and I could tell that she liked it. For nearly 20 minutes I played with them. I could tell that she liked it more than she should. My hands started to move to the real target. Her resistance was melting like butter in the sun. I know that she has a huge bush and that I did not enjoy that much. But I did feel the wetness behind them. I told the girl that she should shave this bush. She was a bit more relaxed and I removed the towel. For a few moments she did not know what to do. She did not make eye contact but I know that she know that I want to fuck her for sure. I told her that I will shave her. To make sure that she does not run away I had my arms around her and I collected the scissors and shaver from the bathroom.

I guided her to the bedroom and I placed her bath towel on the bed. She laid down willing. I played with her a while. Time was no longer an issue; to get her wet was now my aim. I placed her T shirt across her face. Told her that she should not look how I shaved her. She can look when I am done. I quietly took my clothes off and I wanted to mount her there and then and fuck her until I am done. But resisted that urge. I was now naked and this girl is not even aware of this and it turned me on. Slowly I cut the most of the pubic hair until it was too short to cut anymore. I used the vibrating razor with her. Made sure that it got close to her clitoris and she enjoyed this shaving more than anything. An hour had already passed since I walked into her in the passage and I knew that I have to hurry as the wife will be home in an hour. But I did not worry as the wife also gave permission. I shaved her slowly and I watched her lips opening. Revealing one wet pussy. At regular intervals I would use my tongue to clean some of the shavings. I took longer than anticipated to shave her. She started to moan at one stage and I used the vibrating razor more and closer to her clitoris. This girl was way pass anything morale now. I know that she is ok with the fact that a man 3 times her age will fuck her. My tongue moved closer to her clitoris and I started to circle him. Her lips were opened and she was wet as hell. But she had one small pussy and I looked down on my penis and I wondered if this will fit. She had no idea that I am naked and about 30 cm away from penetration. I caressed her breast again and her nipples were hard. Her breath started to deepened and I went down on her clitoris again. She climaxed quickly. I kept on shaving. My eye went to the clock and I noticed that I have about 30 minutes left before the wife is home.

My one finger went deep into her and her tightness was a big surprise. She had no pain and was ok with it. For a second time is stated to play with her clitoris. Circling him and crossing him and doing the whole of the alphabet on it. She climaxed again. I now had about 10 minutes left before the wife is home. I started to realise that I will be caught in the act today. I stood up and went to the cupboard to get some silicone jell. I rubbed it carefully inside her vagina to make sure it will slide in. I asked her to remove the T shirt. At first she looked down and then realised that I am naked. She immediately complaint that I am too big for her and that I will hurt her. She now had second thoughts and I could tell that she is not sure if she will be able to handle me. I asked her to touch me and to play with me. Told her to put it in her mouth. She was not too keen to do it and it took a few minutes to get her to do it. I heard the vehicle of my wife pulling in the garage and the girl was not aware of this. My hands were on her breast again and I moved them to her head stroking myself in and out of her mouth. She did not like this too much and kept on complaining that I am too big and too long. She has never seen someone this big.

I saw my wife standing in the bedroom at the door and she had a huge smile on her face. I could tell that the wife is turned on. This girl then noticed that my wife is home. She was frightened and grabbed the towel to cover her. She probably thought that all hell is loose now. My wife sat down on the bed and removed the towel from her. She told me to fuck the young girl. I pressed her down on the bed and the young girl was a bit out of her comfort zone. I slowly pushed the head inside of her and it felt like a blockage. I could only enter her for about 2 inches. I asked my wife to help her. I cannot do deeper inside her. My wife started to play with her breast and her one hand was all over her clitoris. The young girl started to close her eyes and she was now at ease. All I could get was this 2 inches and slowly I started to go in and out of her. She was wet but no deeper penetration was possible. My wife took the young girl’s hand and she placed it between her legs. The girl was a bit surprised but she did not resist. I saw her playing with the pussy of my wife. This turned me on even more. I came quickly in the girl and she wanted to stand up. I told her to stay. Let it drip out of you. I now turned to my wife and removed her clothes. The young girl had no idea what to do but keep on watching.

My wife was guiding her where she wanted to be touched. I pulled my wife to the end of the bed and I slide into her. This girl watched as I moved in and out of my wife. I then asked her to play with the clitoris of the wife. She followed. I was hugely turned on and I filled my wife easily. I could not believe it. I filled both women and it turned me on big time. I wanted to screw the young girl again but it did not work.

My wife then asked me to turn on my back. She asked to young girl to help her. I watched my wife playing with me. She asked the girl to suck my balls. This time she did not hesitate. Both women were not busy getting me up and ready again. At times they were changing position. This was even better than the sex. One woman on the balls and one on the penis is soo much pleasure.

About 15 minutes later I was ready again. I pulled the young girl to the corner of the bed. This time she was ready for it and she wanted it in her. I decided to do her orally again. This time the young girl climaxed even quicker. All inhibitions was now gone and she was at ease with us. I opened her legs a bit more and slide it slowly inside her. She moaned all the way. This time I managed to get about 4 inches of depth inside of her. I watched her pussy stretching to my size. Again it felt like a blockage inside of her. No more than 4 inches it will go. I watched her breast moving up and down with my rhythm and did turn me on more. Wife was playing with her breast and clitoris again and she came again. Just as I loaded her I pushed deep into her and she climaxed yet again. I removed it from her pussy and for a few seconds it left a gaping hole. Her pussy just stayed to the size it was stretched. I saw her dripping and running down. Wife wanted more but I now had enough.

I went to the living room and the two women than had a private chatting session and a playtime alone to cool them down. That night wife and I had terrific fuck time. She does get hot when I fuck another woman.

When we are in town normal people see a man and woman with a child. Somewhere in my mind this is something far from the truth. I wonder how many people will be surprised when they hear the truth and the sex we had between us. I fucked this girl in every position and in every place in this home. It went so wild that we had to make rules. Only every second weekend I have my chance with the girl for a full Saturday. The Sunday night is reserved for full FFM swing. The best part is that after 3 times I can penetrate the girl with all 7 inches without discomfort.

Three months later my wife asked me to swop her with our swinging friends. She wants to take videos of us. This girl had no problem with the swopping and my friend still have a grin on his face when we talk about that day of pleasure. That night, after our swinging partners left, we had another great sex session. This young girl could not believe how much pleasure she is getting with us and stated that she will do a swopping again anytime.

I wonder how long she is going to stay with us. One day when I am old and grey I will remember this as good in my life.