Written by garfield_kzn

17 Jul 2015

who says u cant have sex fun in the winter ? so my ol grumpy friend and his hot wife from Gauteng came down for the long weekend to durbs . not always so hot down here . must have snowed up the berg . we had a few drinks and chow at the local pub and then went back to their place .

luckily the flat has good aircons - and the put it on high warm before we went out . we quickly got some more drinks in our cold bodies . he dared her to strip for us in the lounge . yummy her booobs showed a gorgous nipple stand . she wriggled on my lap as she bent over to take off her g string ....ooooh my ...pink wet slit in my face ...

what can a man do .....I slipped my tongue in and lapped her throbbing clit . she almost exploded on the spot . she unzipped my jeans and freed my rock hard cock . sucking the head was her favourite .

I turned her around facing me ...and lowered onto my waiting cock . she rides hard ...I had to hold onto her back as she went wild . her first cum was quick and spurty . I got a chance to pump my cock deep into her now soppy wet cunt . he gave her his cock to suck on . we took her to the big lounger and let her ride him facing him . now it was my turn to explore her pink assy . mmmm slow oily finger in...wriggle till she says ok . slowlyyy slip oily cock in ......mmmmm she takes it deep . he starts to pump her pussy . she moves back n forth ...letting my cock get her spinkster all in . we started going faster until she rocked to her big orgasm ...I had to blast my load ...yessss //it was sooo fff gooood ...

that night we fired up the cold until early morning .....hope they cumm visit again soon..mmmmm