Written by Speel_1

18 Nov 2013

Dont take me home. Not now. It was a command, not a plea. From the first moment he had seen her he had understood immediately. She was the one woman you would not deny anything.

He had not wanted to take her to bed. he wanted her here, in front of the rain streaked windows and the yellow illuminating light. His flesh trembled as it came into contact with hers. She tossed her head, streaks of dark hair accentuated the icy blue of her eyes. The hollow of het throat was filled up with darkness. Against her pale flesh it possessed tangible weight. Her eyes fluttered closed as his tongue gently licked the slightly salty sweat from the side of her neck. Her arms encompassed him, her fingertips stroking his back. Her head lifted and his lips found her, already open, waiting. Her legs twining around him now as if she sought to climb on to him, or into him. She turned slowly in his arms so that her back was towards him. his hands slipped down covering her breasts, the nipples were hard and she gasped under his touch. There was an exquiste sensation in his groin as she circled her buttocks against him. He dropped to his knees an turned her slowly around to him. Her scent was strong as he put his hands between her thighs. She opened her legs, bent her knees so that her intimacy decended towards his upturned face. He felt her shiver, the muscles in her lower belly rolled as they contracted. Her spread fingers pressed hard against the back of his head. Her mouth gave out little cries, but they were of a tone of voice that he had never heard her use. It was if they were wrenched out of some hidden depths, some private place she would not let the world see. Exept now. With him.

I love your mouth there she whispered. Then her cries began again.

I love your mouth there

I love your mouth there

It was not the dream that had said it. It was she.

Gasping no, bent over him so that he felt her breasts again. She wanted as much sensation as her nipples could take. Up on her toes, her hamstrings pulled tight, her pelvis bucking faster and faster, nails scraping along his back as she approched the end. He could feel her inner muscles begiining to spasm now, and that was a great spurt to him. he was so hard that he ached.

Now. Now. Yes now! Her voice changing yet again, melting with emotion stronger even than tenderness. Pushing, pushing. Yes pushing her orgasm washed over her, squatting down, engulfing him in hot, hot wetness, urging him all the way in as she sat on his lap, whilst feeling around behind him and squeezed tenderly. Her wet mouth on his, tasting her own sex. He was gripped by her, immrsed in her wetness, his own spasms beginning. He bent her all the way over. Her thighs spread and spread. Then rock-hard, he climbed over her, felt her fingers curl around him, guiding him into her hot liquid core. He thought he might go insane. He was caught up in a madness that seemed to encompass the universe. He felt sensations all through his body