17 Aug 2019

It had been weeks since their last encounter…

Despite his obvious desire, rather than showing mass amounts of impatience, he held her

gently and seemed determined to reacquaint himself with every facet of

her body. It took every ounce of restraint to not pull down here panties, bend her over and fuck her then and there.

He made a sexy sound, very much like a growl, before pulling her to him for a scorching

kiss. Finally.

His big body rubbed against hers, his hands were everywhere. But then so were hers. He touched her through her clothes before pulling off her top. Masculine fingers caressed her stomach, circling her

belly button before moving up to gently mold her big breasts and plucked at her


Urgent sounds of need slipped from her mouth to his. Her body rocked upward of its own

volition, sharp talons of sexual hunger piercing her and making her muscles tense and


One of his hands slid between them, then the pad of his thumb was exactly where she

needed it to be, caressing her swollen clitoris right through the silk of her panties.

Wet ! Soaked with her feminine juices.

He moved her panties aside and inserted two fingers into her opening. Her pussy walls immediately began to contract. Holding onto her tight, he fucked her faster and faster with those big fingers.

His teeth biting into the flesh of her shoulder, just the way she liked the right amount of pressure.

Helplessly, intoxicated by the sensations he invoked in her, she came quick and hard. her body making involuntary movements as she squirted her love juice , yelling out his name..

Part Two Cumming Soon


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