08 May 2016

Saturday Night

Its another Saturday night and you are feeling a little wild you and hubby sit down to see if any of your favorites are on line your in luck and are quick to see if he would like to catch up and he agrees. You meet at the local arriving in a short skirt and nice top that shows of your sexy nipples when erect as you wait for your date to turn up you notice a guy looking over and see he is attracted to you you smile and flirt and continue with your conversation

After a while your date turns up and you start to chat he gives you a kiss and runs his hands across your body sending shivers through your body as you turn and smile you notice you have opened your legs and see the other guy looking straight at your body it excites you to think he is hard looking at you and you just smile and continue to chat but wondering what this guy thinks as you openly touch and flirt with your date while hubby is there as well

feeling horny and slightly daring you open your legs and run your hand up your thigh and touch your self ever so softly your wet pussy juice now covers you fingers as you smile and remove your hand and suck your fingers to tease

You see him lick his lips from the corner of your eye and notice that he has a bulge in his pants now this excites you noing you are showing him just enough pussy from under the table every time you open your legs and turn

you start to think mmmm he is tall nice and clean you excuse your self to the ladies room and notice he follows you

After coming out you see him waiting as you walk past you run your fingers across his jeans feeling his cock and ask if he would like to taste you as well as look

He cant believe his luck and looks excited busted and scared all at once you run your fingers across your pussy lips and slip them just in a little as you rub your clit and them make him suck them clean he sucks soft and long as you look into his eyes and tell him to join you and your friends

When you return you sit opposite him and introduce all after a while every one seems ok and you say let s meet at the motel arranged by your other guest every body agrees

When you open the door you see that he has been busy with soft light and music you sit in the chair provided and watch as your guys strip in front of you. You now are the center of attention and love it they all start to caress your body and run there fingers and lips over all peeling clothes as they go until you are naked as well with erect nipples and dripping pussy.

You open your legs wide as the first guy kneels and starts to lick at your pussy softly flicking his tounge across your clit sending shivers of excitement through you the other guy and hubby present there cocks for you to suck, you greedily start to suck and swallow both as far as you can swapping several times as you feel the first guy starting to slip a couple of fingers into your wanting pussy as his licks your clit it feels devine as you squirm to accommodate them.

You want cock now and move to the bed as your hubby lays there you take his cock in your mouth and suck him on all fours the other guys take you doggy and fuck you in turns you are in extasy as there cocks slid in and out filly your pussy

You change positions siting on your hubbies cock and leaning back taking another cock in your mouth while the other guy starts licking at your clit and hubbies cock as it slips in and out

You feel an orgasm coming and moan loudly which sets of your hubby whole fills you with cum, you suck deeper and feel the pulsating cock on your tounge as it delivers its sweetness to you

You swallow it all and lick your lips as you get off your hubby his cock covered in cum and your juices you ask the other guy to lick it up and watch with envy you then want him to lick you pie clean as well which he does and you smile noing that you have been pleased and pleased all

You all shower and sit to have a break and a few drinks in waiting for the next round of fucking to begin its going to be a long night and you want as much cock as you can take