Written by GwenDDF

22 Jul 2014

This is for the man who inspires me in every way!!

The chemistry between us is unavoidable, no matter how far apart we are or how much we try. We have not seen each other in awhile. We chat and make each other really horny, even phone sex is awesome. We arrange a meeting at a hotel room. I'm there already there waiting for your arrival. I hear a knock on the door. I open the door and you see me standing there in sexy red lingerie. You grab me and kiss me hard, holding me. When we finished embracing our time part. I turn you around and blind fold you, then undress you slowly, kissing you as I go along. When you are fully undressed, I lead you to the chair that is facing the bed.

The waiting and anticipation and not knowing what is coming.. You're breathing heavily, I kiss you slowly leading to you're neck then you're chest. By now I'm kneeling in front of you, I take your almost hard cock and suck the tip ever so slowly, moving my hand up and down you hard shaft.. You are almost totally erect now, I put my whole mouth down your rock hard cock. As I lift my head, letting my teeth scrape the sides ever so slightly making you shudder with ecstasy. When I get to the tip I lick the pre-cum already there waiting for my tongue. I go straight down and hear your breathing even more heavily, I go up and down faster and faster, I can feel your cock throbbing in my throat, I lick and suck at the tip knowing you are close, I lift up put your cock between my breasts, and rub it between and as your tip comes up through my breasts I suck and lick the tip. You are begging me for release..

I stop and walk to the bed, I lay on the edge of the bed sideways and ask you to take off your blind fold and you see me lieing sideways on the bed, my breasts are out the top of the lingerie. I am playing with my breasts with one hand and my other hand goes down to my wet waiting pussy. You ask me to turn so you can watch me playing with my swollen pussy. I turn so you have full view, I slide my finger through my wet lips and take it to my mouth sucking tasting my juices. I tell you to play with yourself, I can just see you reaching for your cock, wanting to go faster and faster, I ask that you do it slowly. You watch me as I take my fingers and put them deep inside my wet pussy, you ask me to insert 3 fingers, and fuck my pussy fast, then faster. I go to my clit its swollen wanting release , I'm moaning with pleasure. I put my fingers in my pussy again slowly at first in and out. Then faster and faster, I want release, but you say no, you walk to the bed and kiss me, tasting my juices still on my lips. Putting your finger on my pussy and sliding it through, wow you so wet you say bringing your finger to my lips and coming down for a kiss so we can both lick and suck your finger.

You take my legs and turn me so I'm facing you, you lift my ass so I'm close to your hard throbbing cock, you put your cock inside my wet waiting pussy, slowly at first the hard slams into my pussy. You grab my nipples pinching them ever so slightly, warning me not to cum. Your thumb on my clit, while slamming me with you cock.. We are both sweating and breathing heavily.. You stop!!! You turn me around so I'm on my knees with my pussy facing you, one two three fingers in you put in, slowly then faster, and u bend to lick my clit. You take out your fingers and replace them with your waiting hard throbbing cock. Slam once, slowly out, slam again out slowly. I am moaning so loudly almost screaming with pleasure, and then you start faster.. I beg you to fuck me, you ask how hard I said I want you to fuck me hard and fast NOW!!! I take my hand and start playing with my clit, fuck me harder I scream. You grab my hips and slam your cock into me over and over and over.. We feel each other reaching the climax and with one last thrust, and one last scream we cum in ecstasy, as you have my hips in your clutches you shudder...

It seems like the orgasm last forever, you move removing your now spent cock and lay next to, you take me in your arms and hold me till we fall asleep.. With very satisfied smiles...