Written by Savoire

01 Oct 2014

She had been under extreme pressure, high anxiety to complete the decision making process. That was partly behind her now, she had taken the hint, the hint from her inner-self, the hint to keep in shape in mind and body, reduce the negative energy. The advert was by chance that it showed on the screen, but it penetrated the wanton part of the brain, a break.

The flight was longer than the time spent to get everything listed, bought, and packed, part of the adjusting to the break is in the preparation, (why not be compulsive?) The bikini that the store would not allow patrons to try on, but time against, take a chance and hope for the best. No one to meet, just a rest, just a break from the pressure. Peace.

The resort was just right at first glance, quiet, lush with plants, the sound of waves breaking in the distance. The distance will soon be shortened, the destination the beach.

A short sleep then a short walk to venture and take in the surroundings. The foyer and attached entertainment rooms are for later. Past the pool, large, sparkling, the sun was hot, not unbearable, a whisper of a breeze that just managed a light ripple over the top of the water, crystal clear, inviting. Not too many people, couple who were well organised with chaise longue, umbrella and refreshments, been here before or for some time. Young couple, sunglasses hide the eyes, an elderly lady with her large bag of items. Past the pool to the beach. Pathway found. Pool towel kiosk found. Umbrella stand found.

Back to the room, out of the clothes, into the bikini, dare she look in the mirror, yes, but being alone, what is the real problem. It fits. Not sure about the very soft top, would prefer a little structure, never mind. Tie up hair, no “Alice Band” apply the suntan cream, cannot reach back, shall have to be careful. The sarong is ideal, a head covering, bag with necessities, including the complimentary bottle of Pina Colada Cocktail, open sandals..

The pathway was warm. The beach not busy, the breeze a slight chill, maybe just adjustment in temperature. Wish the top was not so soft, the chill hardens the nipples, just cover with towel top, not anybody to notice. Relax.

Settled and having dosed for some time, time to venture to the water. Quiet. Slow stroll, the water is crisp, sand on the feet, stomach muscles tense as she moves deeper in the water.

A body is swimming past not far away, between the gentle waves, slow but with purpose.

Lying soaking the sun, she sees as he leaves the water, confident, not a knight in shining amour, but upright, looking upwards. Never mind.

Showered, hair shampooed, dry, but loose. Loose dress, just too hot to dress up. Sipping a cold cocktail, reading a leaflet. Alone. Peace.

“Hi, my name is Greg, are you meeting someone?”

Starkeld, where did he come from?

"Ah, no, just reading and soaking peace"

"Peace is the reason to be here".

"I am here after a heavy training season, Waterpolo, just needed a break, and you?"

"A break. Peace"

"Mind if I join you?"

"Please" Not really, I want peace, relax.

Why did I not wear the bra, these nipples are doing it again. Cross my arms.

Cocktails and a dinner, not alone, how can it be that I am here surrounded by couples, how can I be the only single.

Two days of casual meeting, do look forward in a way, just so confident, but humble, not self centred, only talks about me. Discussion is about me, he says I walk as a person who knows where they are going. Really.

He has touched me a couple of times, not intentionally, just to help me up, move the chair, open the door.

He came out the water after swimming for quite some time. He sees me, moves across, picks up a towel and joins me. Asks if I mind. "No"

So easy to talk to. "Need some cream on your shoulders, should I oblige?"


"Lie on your stomach" Undoes my strap, do not want marks, gentle strokes, thank heavens my breasts are in the sand, my nipples are hard.

The sun is going down, we have dozed off. He is on the towel beside me. No one on the beach. I open an eye. Tie my straps, gentle sit up. He is looking at me. I smile. He smiles. He looks at me. I feel his eyes on my nipples.

We leave the outdoor restaurant, stroll past the pool and saunter to the beach. He takes my hand as we tip toe in the water edge. The water is cold. The evening warm. The company delightful. Talk about politics, religion, finance, social media, sport.

He finishes his morning training in the sea. I am having a floating session, he moves across and take me in his arms to help me float in deeper water. His arms are under my body as I float. He lifts me, my arm around his neck for balance. We move deeper, swim apart, then he comes after me, our bodies touch, he takes me in his arms again, he is a strong swimmer, not me. He lifts me and we head back to the towels. I dry myself, shake my hair, cover with the sarong, the nipples are now hard, what am I doing?

I lie on my stomach, he unties my straps, gently strokes on the cream. His hand moves from my nape and down my back, gently moves past the top of my bikini bottom. I am now purring, What am I doing?

We move to the open beach shower, the spray is cold, he gently wipes the water over my back, I turn and rub the water off his back, he switches the water on harder, we are both under, I turn away but stay under the water, I feel his body on my back, he feather strokes my stomach, I push back, What am I doing? My top drops to the floor, I quickly bend to pick it up, I feel his thigh on my inner thigh as I straighten and he ties the straps of my top as I cover myself. "Sorry about that, a new garment, a bit loose" "You have a gorgeous back" He gently kisses the nape of my neck. The beach is deserted, the shower is open to the sea but covered to the beach section. The water showers between us, cascades between our bodies.

What am I doing?

I swing around, he stands back, "Sorry, did not mean to offend, just such a lovely neck".

I move forward, the water is soaking my hair, my arms are around his neck. Our lips meet, I am hungry. His tongue is in my mouth, the water means we are enveloped and sipping water as I sip his juices in his mouth.

I move into his body, he moves back slightly, maybe embarrassed by his hardness. My nipples are hard, my strap falls, I move closer, I must feel his hardness, he responds. What am I doing"

He switches off the water, lifts me in his arms and takes me to the sea. We are in the water, he lifts me as I wrap my legs around his waist, our mouths are fully connected, the sun has set, we are alone. He has lifted me so I am wrapped around his stomach, I can just feel the touch of hardness, suppressed in a tight training speedo. He lowers me slightly, his hardness gently between my buttock checks. Is he testing me, teasing me, coaxing me, wanting me, I move my hand to lower his speedo, his hardness in my hand. He lifts me up in the water and puts me down and gently lowers my bikini. My hand holds his hardness, strokes gently, he lifts me and gently teases, his hardness gently strokes my lower lips, my wanting lips, he lowers my lower lips onto his hard cock. Gently, only waiting for me to signal submission. We are one. He is inside me, I move sideways, forward, back. He caresses my buttocks, kneads them gently. I have him deep, I feel him deep, I want him deep inside. I move faster as my sensations move through my body. He sucks my hard nipples, moves his hand between us, he touches my spot, gently moving his finger, the sensations move through me, my brain is exploding, I move faster, I feel his hardness moving as deep as possible. I explode, my head throws backwards, my legs straight, I feel his gyrations as his juice squirts with each movement, squirts up inside me, hot juice, I want to scream. He holds and hugs every ounce out of me.

Now I know what I am doing.