Written by ruff

20 Jul 2015

Original story is about 18 or so stories down.

"More please" I hear her say

As I turn around I see she has my used codon in her hand and is dipping her fingers in..I can't see her face but I can see she is licking her cum coverd fingers clean.

"Use my body some more please"

I take the bottle of lube and put some on my fingers, spreading her butt cheeks I look at her tight little anus jently I start circling her hole, she pushes found eager for penetration, a finger slips into her warm body .mmmm her ass is tight around my index finger , I can't wait to have my cock there. Jently with the help of more lube I slip 2 fingers into her ass at the same time I slip on a fresh condom and begin fucking her cunt again.

She knows what is coming, her back arches to bring her anus into clear view.

I pull out of her sloppy cunt pour lube on her anus and my cock and push into her tightest hole. The whole depth of my cock slides into her, she ghasps and burrows her face into the bed.

I take her hard my freshly drained cock needs stimulation. I feel her clench around my cock her mature body eager to receive cum. We have a safety word in case things get too much and she made it clear that she enjoyed it.

I see my used condom, now cleaned of its contents, I take her hair and pull her face away from the bed pulling her down onto my shaft, I lift her up and whisper into her ear, "do you like having a man half your age worshiping your body" ....she nods I pull her down on my cock again an feel my cum rush into the condom bathing my cock her.

I stay in her ass as my cock grows limp, I pull out remove my condom and go