Written by GGE

08 Jan 2018

One hot summers day in Margate we were busy getting ready for my wife’s 40th party. Our house was on a large plot with a great pool and gazebo for entertaining. We thought it would be a great change to have Zel’s 40th in the hot sun at the pool area, drinking and braaiing. We had invited all our mates from near and far to celebrate this special birthday. Zel was very excited about the party as she a real party animal. Her 30th ended in the pool as well, skinny dipping with mostly male bachelors who refuse to go home when normal people do, however that is another long story. Zel decided to get into her costume, which she had newly bought for the occasion. When I saw her coming out of the house I thought, wow, that is rather sexy and I must say a little revealing as she could barely get her boobs into the top, which were by the way, 38DD’s. Honey, that looks rather sexy for a pool party, are you sure our friends will like it, especially the woman who can be rather critical when their husbands and boyfriends are looking at another woman. No, it won’t, she insisted and proceeded to walk to the pool. I was wondering if the costume had any lining in it at all.

The costume was a one piece which was cut high on the rear to reveal her tight ass and rather scantily cut on the front, with a high V, which barely covered the crack. I could see she was clean shaven today. The boob cups were non-existent and I could see her nipples protruding. Hope you aren’t planning to swim in that costume today or you might give some our mates a heart attack. Don’t be silly she said, it’s a very comfortable costume and I like it, and it’s my birthday!!!!

At 12h00 the guests started arriving. We knew quite a few divorced and bachelor men and looks like they all decided to come, probably because they remember some other festive parties we day over the years. We insisted the party was adults only as its more fun that way and you don’t have to chase kids around all day. As the guests arrived I could see Zel was a little nervous after my comments but we greeted all our mates. The men were definitely more enthusiastic than the women, who gave Zel a jealous look. The men gave her a long hug as they all loved her big boobs and this was the chance to feel them up close. They were very complementary about the costume and how my wife filled it out. Jono commented, wow what a costume, wish my wife had one. He got a dirty look from her.

The party went well and I see my wife took my advice to not swim, as she knew what would happen. The couples with kids left early as they had to collect their children. We were left with 8 young bachelors/divorcees and one couple who we are good friends. She is real hotty and that bikini was really great on her.

The shooters emerged and the real party began. Everyone was having a blast, then Zel decides to take a dip, this is going to be a game changer. Everyone follows her into the pool. Someone calls, Marco polo. So, the game begins. Zel the birthday girl is It. We put on a blindfold and get started. Marco, ……………. Polo, Marco …………Pole it goes. The guys are swimming under her to get away, she is really having fun. We take a short drink break in the pool and Zel calls me closer and whispers in my ear, can you believe I’ve had about 10 hands touching my pussy as the guys swim under me, I thing it is a conspiracy. I’m so wet now Honey. Well as long as you are having fun.

Zel excuses herself as she needs a wee. The eyes are all on her as they were waiting for this moment to happen. All of a sudden, all the guys are on the steps waiting for the moment to happen. I was getting drinks for everyone and could not believe my eyes as she got out of the water. She stopped to adjust her cozzy on the steps and walked out onto the side, she turns around for everyone to see and says I will be back soon guys. The mouths are just hanging open and I’m sure all dicks were very happy at this stage. She swaggered off.

Zel, I think these thugs have drunk all the beer, I’m shooting to town to get a few more cases, and off I go. Take care of my wife guys and try keeping your hands off her you horny goats.

So, what happens I was told by my wife after I left was very interesting.

Zel shouts out, “Skinny Dip” hubbies out of town and peels her virtually see-through costume off and pours everyone a shooter, cheers to Zel, happy 40th and proceed to give her a naked hug. She could just feel hard cock squeezing against her already wet pussy., Thanks Guys you’re the best. She jumps into the pool. No further invites needed they rip off their baggies and dive in. The guys can’t believe their eyes. Let’s get wet, she screams. Wow, she was really hot, shaven pussy and some nice tits on her was the general commentary from the guys. The married couple decide to excuse themselves and leave as she is rather shy, probably because of her tiny but firm boobs. Cheers guys, have fun and they leave.

They all get back into the pool and continued with the game as the sun went down. They made Zel It again. The pool is filled with some 8 guys now and my wife, all naked and all got Bonners. As they dive under Zel they intentionally touch her pussy, this is making her really horny and wet. She feels hand touching her tits as they pass, what fun she had. Dam it guys its my party and ill play if I want too, she shouts in her pissed state. After a while, Zel went and sat on the pool steps, still with her mask on. She calls all the guys together. Guys the party has changed, I’m calling it- “Match the Bonner “. The guys line up in front of her and get onto the first step to allow their cocks to be visible. One at a time Zel grabs a cock, feels it, bends over and sucks it for a few seconds. Aha this is Jono’s cock. How did you know that Jono says with surprise, I always imagined you would have a large cock and your wife (now ex) told me you were not circumcised? She goes through all the guys doing the same thing was some good matches. The guys she did not get had to give her more clues.

Just then I returned to the party to find my wife blind folded and naked. Your husband is back Zel, said one of the guys. She gets up and gives me a kiss, looks like you guys are having some fun with my wife. They looked after me well Babes. Zel takes off the mask and pulls me to one side, Babes, I’m so horney and takes my hand down to her very wet and swollen pussy. Can you feel that babes, pussy wants some hard cock? You always promised me a strange cock to fuck me in our fantasies, can I please have these cocks to fuck me, you can watch. Are you sure you want them all Honey, there are 8 of them, you know. I do honey, please, please. Ok, but only if I can video it for us to watch latter. That’s a deal Honey.

Boys, my hubby has given me a “Free Pass” today to do as I please. Cheers erupt. I pull up a sun lounger and put a towel down for Zel to lie on. She lays down with her legs open for all to see, she slips her finger into to her swollen, wet pussy and starts to tease the guys who are surrounding her with hard Bonners ready for some pussy action. Guys, I’m in charge and I will invite you as I need you, the rest of you grab some drinks and keep yourself hard, your turn is coming. She beckons for Jono to approach first with two of his mates. Jono you get down into my pussy and lick my clitti, you guys come closer so I can suck those nice young cocks. Jono was down there and really making Zel squeal with pleasure. Zel instructs Jono- get that cock into me, I need to feel you fucking me. His cock was abnormally large and thick. Zel, squealed when it entered her but she loved it. He fucked her for a few minutes and withdrew quickly and ejaculated all over her large tits. The cheers erupted. Zel continued with the rest one at a time, what a video I made. Everyone was well satisfied We continued to drink and have fun, we didn’t put on a stitch of clothing after the fuck session. Thanks Honey, that was the best fucking day of my life, hope we have more of the same soon.

We watched that action replay that night and hell did she get fucked again. I thought while I was away I would not see the action, but she got one of the gays to video all the action on his phone, wow did she have fun.