Written by GGE

19 Jan 2018

Tess and myself decide to book ourselves into Umhlanga Sands Hotel for the weekend to have a break. These weekends are normally sexy weekends and we try and let our hair down and get naughty.

We book in and take our stuff to the room where we decide to take a swim. I jump into my costume ready for a swim. Tess has brought a few costumes with and the one is her sun tanning cozzy which is white and see-through when wet with no lining. She decides that’s the one, babes you know what happens with that costume when wet, I know honey, you only live once and who is going to see me anyway, the area is adults only. Tess had a lovely pair of boobs on her and they were real crowd pullers.

We head down to the private pool on the 1st floor that is marked, adults only. That looks like fun. We enter into the pool area eager for a cool swim. Tess is really looking naughty and looks like she is up for some fun. The pool is heated and very private, however all the flats look down on you, so no funny business. I dive in to cool off straight away. Tess looks at me and says to hell with it, jumps in as well. We both swimming around boisterously and having fun. We see the pool has glass portholes in it at the bottom of the pool and think nothing of it to go to the bottom and show a brown eye. We really don’t know who or what is below us, but its fun. Tess says watch me and dives down and pulls her costume crotch to the side and places her pussy on the glass. She holds it there for a few seconds and comes up for air. That was very naughty of you, you don’t know what or who is under there! She says again, watch me Babes and heads down again like a child, pull’s her lovely 38DD’s out and presses them against the glass porthole. She surfaces with a big smile. As she gets to the top and clears her face of water, is startled as she sees me talking to a young guy. Babes, this is the floor manager from below us. He saw you doing some obscene things in the pool and needs you to stop as there are a group of guys having a reunion and you seem to be disturbing them.

Babes, I think I need to go down there and apologise to them. You stay just there and ill do the apologising. I get out and dry myself off and head down to the bar which is under the pool, I here. As I enter I see about about 30 guys chatting away excitedly, some still looking at the ceiling to see if they can see any further action. I introduce myself to the guys and apologise. We really didn’t know there was any public activity down here. Don’t worry, the one guy says, we didn’t complain at all, we were enjoying it. I think it was the elderly couple in the corner, there. We actually loved it, who was that flashing us. It was my lovely wife and she is really naughty and loves to tease. Just then the guys are looking up at the ceiling again and low and behold I see my wife’s hairless pussy pushed up against the glass. The guys give a cheer and shake my hand, well done man. Looks like you are going to have to fuck that horny pussy tonight. This carries on a few times and each time she is flashing something different. They offer me a beer and I start chatting to them.

There looks like no action any longer as Tess has got bored of flashing her bits.

It’s not long and who appears in the pub with a towel around her waist but Tess. The top is totally see-through and nothing left to the imagination. Her nipple stiff and pointing through the transparent fabric. Guys, my wife Tess. What are you doing here Honey, drinking beer while im getting lonely up there, she jokes. The guys turn around and stare at this big breasted woman who is unaware of her nakedness. Guys this is me flashing wife Tess, Tess the guys who enjoyed your flashing show very much. She looks up and sees the porthole is only 3 meters away and the view is really clear. She can actually see people swimming in the pool. Wow that is close.

Sorry guys if I offended you and they just laughed. They got up and came over to give her a hug. We loved it, the one guys says. As she is giving them all a tight hug her towel drops off and she does not notice as she is having some nice fun hugging a bunch of horny boys. Babes your towel has dropped off. Don’t worry she says, I don’t need it, just put it on the stool. I glance back at her and the very sexy costume is still really wet and transparent. She looks so happy and I decide to leave her to have some fun. They guys are having a good look. As she finished giving everyone a tight hub her costume has pulled up into her crack, her pussy protruding through the fabric making the nicest “Camels Toe” that I’ve seen in a while.

She shouts, shooters……body shots. I knew this would happen as the excitement is too much for her and she is getting to point of no return. Tequila, they shout and Tess shouts, body shots and proceeds to jump on the bar counter and lies on her back. She is feeling really brave and probable very horny as well as she makes no attempt to cover her pussy at all. The shooters arrive. Tess pulls down her top to her navel and places the first shooter glass between her large tits. Takes the lemon slice and puts it between her teeth and the guys put some salt on her navel. Who’s first she demands.

James jumps on the table and places his body between my wife’s legs which are opened to receive him. Drink, drink, drink the crowd shouts. He licks the salt, glides up to grab the tequila between her firm tits, snuggles in to get a good grip and downs the shot. He moves up and grabs the slice of lemon out of her mouth with a slow-motion movement. He’s enjoying her wet body against his. She whispers in his ear, nice cock man, I can really feel your manhood pressing onto my pussy. He slides off reluctantly. Tess does a few more shooters and gets off the table with much disappointment.

As the sun is setting- Who’s keen for a skinny dip, Tess shouts. Now on a real high from the shooters and also feeling rather horny after she had over 10 horny guys slide over her near naked body. How she wants to see these young hard penises. We get to the beach and most of the gang is in the water. Tess takes off her costume slowly and provocatively as the men watch her every move. She runs into the water and joins the crowd. No, no guys- now that all of you have seen me buck naked, get out off the water and walk in so that I can see your Bonners and especially you guys that had body shots on my naked body. They walk out of the water with some guys rather shy and covering up there very erect cocks with embarrassment. Now, now boys, let me see. Don’t move while I take a good look and walks out to have a closer look. As she walks past she touches each guys cock playfully as if cock teasing him. They are all to attention now. Nice boys, nice. Me like very much. Tess runs back into the water and they follow her. As they frolic in the water they are touching her in all her sexy places, she feels a finger slide inside her pussy, she groans, that is nice. Hands are all over her big tits and ass. She feels for some hard-young cock as they frolic around her, she finds two well-endowed cocks. They are so young and ridged. She knows they just want her pussy to fuck. She takes her first guys cock and raps her legs around his torso, feels for his ridged cock and guides it into her pussy, she gasps. Ooooh that is so nice. Now fuck me boy like you mean it. He thrusts as hard as he can and it’s not long and be blows his load into her warm pussy. He is looking so relieved and a little embarrassed for not going longer. The guys around her cheer.

I don’t know how many guys she fucked that night but Tess was exhausted. Later in the room we were in bed and she turn over and gives me a big kiss. Honey that was the best day of my life. I didn’t know I could fuck so many young cocks, my pussy is so sore now.