15 May 2018

"Actually, about ten months ago was the best sex I have ever had. I was spending my friend’s wife birthday with a group of friends at a cabin in the berg. This was her BIG 40 birthday and a group of friends were invited to celebrate his birthday enjoying hiking and the fresh berg breeze. There was lots of fun and laughing enjoying each other company and as the alcohol flowed and limitations dropped all left for their respective cabins and I was left with the birthday couple in their cabin for the night, so obviously there was going to be some love-making going on and sexual action.

Mrs was horny as hell and always had an eye for me- being a good friend; I never pushed boundaries but just teased, touched, pressed myself against her previously. I had learnt from her hubby that she always had the hots for me and wanted her husband to share her with me in a threesome (mfm). This never happened previously. She is a real sexy lady and I heard from hubby that she is a beast in bed and he cannot tame her at times.

I do not drink and she was controlling her alcohol limits during the evening, my friend on the other hand was having a great time and he suggested that we dance since always loved watching us dance together. One thing led to another and before long I had a Hardon pressing against her. She whispered in my ears “I can feel you- you a big boy”. This caused me to feel a bit embarrassed and I suggested that hubby dances with her. I was watching them for a while and then hubby requested that we all three dance together. He was dancing facing her while I was behind her rubbing myself against her. They started to kiss and melt in the moment and next thing I knew her hand was unzipping my pants looking for my cock. I was a bit shocked but excited and horny as hell.

Hubby says I think you need your BIG 40 birthday present. With that he tells me you and I will be her present for tonight. I was shocked and looked at them in upmost surprise. I asked if she was comfortable and will this not destroy our friendship. The rest was so serial and unbelievable. Hubby and I enjoyed eating her, sucking her and even trying many different positions with two cocks for a lady. Hubby did not last too long and was too exhausted.

"Around midnight, we got up from the campfire and went to lie down. I gave her most amazing orgasms, to the point where I am pretty sure everyone within 30 feet could hear the effects while hubby was out for the count. It was a whirlwind mixture of wild, rough, sensual, and spiritual connection between our bodies. She had NEVER tried anal and I was the first to give it to her on her 40th Birthday. She was so tight- even used lube and Vaseline but she just wanted to try it. I learnt in anal let the lady control the penetration and action and eventually I was all in her. I must indicate I have NEVER come across a lady with such a large sexual appetite for cock and just fucking. She just did not want to stop and at one time my cock was sore from the sucking and fucking. We fucked, sucked, rested, fucked and continued until hubby got up at 4am and joined us all again.

We eventually ended up in shower together – cleaned up and went to breakfast. I must indicate that she was VERY sore and could not hike the next day and only sucked us since her pussy was too sore and red. She did thank her hubby for making it come true and I heard later that they had planned this so that I was part of her birthday gift.

We had many more memorial sexual sessions after that and I am looking forward to the three of us going to Kruger in July where we will create other great sexual experiences.