Written by Juatlooking

26 May 2016

One day in the late summer I met up with one of my old buddies to have a few drinks and a bit to eat. Long story short I invited him to stay over that night.

We got home round about 5 that afternoon I introduced him to my wife and told her who he was and said he would be spending the night. Needless to say she did not mind him staying over she just needed prior warning for dinner. That said and done she excused herself and disappeared in to the kitchen, half an hour later letting us know dinner would be done in 10 minutes.

We sat down and chatted about this and that the two of us men volunteered to do the dishes which she graciously accepted and headed for the bathroom. My buddy complimented me on my wife and said I was a very lucky man to have such an understanding wife and good looking too. We all had our turn in the bathroom a gathered in the living room for more chatter before bed. Thanking us for our hospitality he got up and said good night and left for bed, not long after we followed to our room. Seeing we lived in a small town house the rooms were next to each other. As usual we put off the lights and of to bed we went knowing the place by now we did not need to put any lights on and just followed the normal route. As mentioned it was summer we both discarded our clothes and slid in to bed. Yes, yes, yes as we are a hot blooded couple we started fiddling with one another. I turned and kissed her passionately and a sound slipped out of her mouth. At this she asked if we must not close the door to our room and I said it was not necessary as I think he closed his door. She was ok with this and we carried on with our foreplay to something bigger.

I was laying on my back and she was on her knees giving me the most amazing BJ I have had, while she was busy I saw a figure go past the room to the kitchen and knew my buddy went for some water. Me with my naughty mind did not say anything. Our room was slightly lit by the street light and I was waiting to see what was going to happen when he came walking back.

He came back and stopped dead in his tracks as he caught a view of my wife from behind on her knees busy giving me a BJ. I imagen he could see her sexy but and slightly parted pussy lips in the dim lit room he stood there for a while looking (I think building up courage) to enter the room not knowing what the reaction would be……….. He entered ever so silently and brushed his hand very lightly against her sexy buttocks. She stopped with what she was doing for half a second (I guess her mind racing with 100 ideas ranging from stop, complain or just enjoy the ride). I think the latter won that one as she carried on with the job at hand (or at mouth in this instant).

I slid my cock from her mouth and started kissing her again but this time there was a lot more passion in the kiss I received back from her and I knew she was enjoying the double attention. By this time, he had moved on to his knees that gave him the perfect position to please her with his tongue and she was very vocal with pleasure. She was not a squitter by nature but did that on the odd occasion, this time she warned me that it was coming, he removed his mouth and entered two fingers in to her wet house of pleasure slowly moving in and out and building up speed she stopped kissing me and enjoyed the sensation that was about to happen and it happened and carried on for quite some time. After gathering herself she lay on her back. Both of us moved to get a full rounded breast with a stone hard nipple in out mouth, both our fingers in her now soaking wet pussy. It did not take long before she gushed for a second time. This was intense and after it subsided some she decided now she wanted to ride us ………………… both I lay on my back cock hard as a rock feeling like it was going to burst at any minute, she mounted it with ease and she started ridding me slowly as to enjoy every moment. He moved in behind her as her buttocks where facing him close to the side of the bed, with her juices flowing through her cheeks he entered her rose with one finger and once she was use to this he entered a second at this point she thrust herself on to his finger and this was his invitation to enter her. He worked gently and mad sure she enjoyed it and let her set the pace, she moved faster harder and took us deeper we felt she was going to blow and me met her pace and force she came, I came and he came inside her and she milked us both till we were dry. We lay like that for a few moments she got up went to the bathroom to clean herself, he got up and said thank you I nodded.

We all went to bed satisfied

Next morning at breakfast nobody mentioned the night before but with the smiles on our faces nobody needed to.

He thanked us for our hospitality and left.