Written by PixieAngel

05 Jul 2015

The Night – Part 3

She isn’t home for long when she hears a car pull up her driveway. She looks out her bedroom window and to her surprise it’s a guy she used to fuck. They haven’t seen each other for a while. She opens her front door before he even gets a chance to knock.

He tells her to turn around walk towards her family room. She is not allowed to turn around or look back at him. He tells her to assume the position and to wait (get onto the floor ready to be fucked doggy style). She is sure she heard two people walking behind her. She’s not allowed to look though. If anything, she takes instruction very well.

She can hear clothes being taken off. Then she senses someone kneeling behind her. He puts his hand on her arse. But then a guy settles in front her, and he is completely naked. She is told she is not allowed to look at him but she is to start servicing his cock. She will be rewarded for this. Hmmm this cock looks familiar to her but she will not look up. She will do as she is instructed.

She places his semi erect cock into her mouth. As she does, her friend plunges his cock in hard and deep from behind her. She squeals out in both surprise and delight as his cock enters her pussy. She turns to look at him; he has the biggest smile on his face. He slaps her on the arse and tells her to continue servicing the guy splayed out in front of her.

She is in euphoria - two guys in her house for her to play with. She is sure she knows the guy in front of her. Either way she doesn’t care she will pleasure him in any case.

With each hard thrust from behind, pushes the guys cock in her mouth deeper. She is moaning in pleasure whilst being fucked hard and deep. The guy sitting in front of her starts to play with her boobs and gently squeezing her now erect nipples.

Her friend behind her announces to the other guy “let’s swap. I don’t want to cum yet and her pussy is so fucking tight and wet I better stop before that happens”. She can’t help herself as they swap places she looks up at the guy in front of her, cheeky bastard she knew it, she does know him. Clearly these two have been in cahoots behind her back organising this – it’s her ex fuckbuddy no wonder she recognised his cock.

He chuckles and bends down and kisses her and says “hi, surprised”. I look at them both with a huge smile on my face “oh this is going to be a fun ride boys”. My ex fuckbuddy positions himself under my pussy, grabs my arse and lowers my pussy over his face and starts to lick my clit. My friend is on his knees in front of me and I slide his cock into my mouth.

My moans get louder and louder as my ex fuckbuddy licks my clit. He knows I am about to cum. He doesn’t let up at all. He is hell bent on making me cum all over his tongue. I move my hips faster and faster, rubbing my clit on his tongue. His hands grip my arse tighter and he holds onto me as he feels the first wave of my orgasm hit. I take my friends cock out of my mouth as I scream out as I Cum. As my climax wanes, my ex fuckbuddy gets up and positions himself behind me and ploughs his cock into my now very wet pussy.

I resume sucking my friends cock. He gently holds onto my head to steady himself and to guide my mouth down his hard shaft. He takes over and starts to fuck my mouth in unison with my ex fuckbuddy thrusting behind me. He fucks me faster; he grabs onto my hips and pulls me back into him with each thrust. I can tell he is about to cum. I start to push back into him as well. He announces he is about to cum. I move faster and faster wanting to make him cum inside of me. Ensuring he empties every drop of his creamy seed inside of me. He slows down his thrusting and eventually he withdraws his cock. He lies down beside me. I lean down and kiss him.

He tells me he wants to watch me ride my friends cock. I am not to stop fucking him until I also make him cum. I look up at my friend and he nods in agreement. He slides himself under me. I straddle his body and position his cock head at my pussy’s dripping wet opening. I slowly slide his cock in side of me and I lower myself. He moans as every inch of his hard cock disappears inside my warm pussy. I slowly start to fuck him. I want to ensure he lasts quite a while. I want to, no need to cum again before he does. I position myself so that my clit is rubbing on him; I need the extra stimulation to cum. His hands reach up and he is squeezing and caressing my boobs. My ex fuckbuddy has started stroking his cock as he watches me fuck my friend.

My hip thrusts start to get faster as I fuck his cock a hard as I can. I keep up this pace for my own pleasure. I can see my friend gritting his teeth. I tell him “don’t you dare fucking cum yet; I am close but not yet”. My ex fuckbuddy get’s up off the floor and stands over the top of my friend and positions himself in front of me so I can suck his cock as well. Which I gladly Do. I love sucking cock. This girl loves to have a cock in her mouth, in her control to do with what she pleases. His cock is hers when it’s in her possession and he well and truly knows it.

My body starts to quiver. I am getting close to cumming. They both know it. My ex fuckbuddy removes his cock from my mouth and kneels beside the both of us. His finger finds my clit. He rubs my now very swollen clit whilst I fuck my friend. Fuck that feels like heaven. Having a cock in side of my pussy being pleasured by one guy whilst the other is rubbing my clit is a girls dream…. but this girl is wide awake.

I hold onto my ex fuckbuddy’s shoulder as I fuck my friend faster and rub my clit harder on his fingers. I throw my head back. I am going to cum and cum hard. My whole body starts to shake. My friend grabs a hold of my arse and insists I cum, and cum now. I don’t need to be told twice. I announce I am going to cum. My ex fuckbuddy rubs my clit faster. I cum hard, I scream out in pleasure again as each wave of my orgasm ripples through my whole body. My friend looks at me and tells me lean forward. I put both hands on either side of his head. He holds onto my arse. He moves his hips as he fucks me hard. His entire length of his cock penetrates my pussy. He is showing me no mercy, using me for his own pleasure until he also cums. His groans give him away as he cums inside of me. His hands squeeze my arse nice and hard as he keeps thrusting his cock deep inside of me.

I collapse on top of him. Swathed in my own euphoria of our fuck session with these two guys I’ve wanted for so long and needed. The two guys who I’ve missed and they knew this was always my fantasy to have them in a threesome together. To be fucked by the both of them, pleasured.

We all lie down together, me sandwiched between the both of them on the floor. All three of us fully satisfied with this fuck session. But me being me of course, I can’t help myself as I my hand finds both of their cocks and start to gently stroke the both of them. I turn onto my back so they can both suck on my nipples. Mmmm two hot mouths on my body at the same time, this is bliss. One of their hands slides down and he is caressing my clit. The other one gently parts my pussy lips and slides two fingers into my pussy.

I move my hips in unison with their rubbing and fucking my pussy. They both kiss the side of my neck. One of them kisses me. Then the other one kisses me. Fuck this is so good, I am so aroused. My friend tells me they want to both fuck me at the same time. She knows what that means. She has a slight hesitation at the suggestion but she has always wanted this. To have the both of them fuck her at the same time. To have two cocks inside her in unison. She knows this will involve being fucked anally. Her friends has done that to her once before and she trusts him. She agrees she just can’t resist. They both remove their hands. She turns and faces her ex fuckbuddy and throws her leg over his hips. He positions himself and slides his cock inside of me. I turn my head to look at my friend and tell him to wait a moment until I am ready to receive his cock. It doesn’t take long for her to get to the point. He promises he will go slow and steady. He grabs a hold of her hip and slowly slides his cock inside her arse, he is very gentle.

She drops her head down onto her arm and grabs hold of her ex fuckbuddy’s bicep and holds on as they both fuck her in unison. One guy behind her and one guy front both cocks giving her so much pleasure.

Her fantasy lives up to what she thought it would be like to be fucked by the both of their cocks at the same time. She wants them to take their time. She doesn’t want this to end too soon. She grabs hold of her ex fuckbuddy’s arse and starts to move her hips in unison with their thrusting. They are both being very gentle with their fucking. Her breathing deepens she can feel herself building to her third orgasm.

She tells both of them to go a little faster. All she can do is hang on as they both fuck her faster and deeper. Her ex fuckbuddy starts to caress her Clit as well. This is going to send her over the edge. She covers his hand with her own and pushes his fingers harder against her clit and holds onto him like that as she can feel the first contraction of her pussy. They both moan as they feel she is about to cum. They both start to fuck her a little faster. Their now very sweaty bodies pressed up against her. They both hold onto her tightly. She screams out as she cums and cums hard. “Fuck” my friend says as I cum. I look at him and tell him he can cum whenever and wherever he likes. I look at my ex fuckbuddy and he kisses me and announces he is no where near ready yet. I had forgotten this mans staying power and his ability to not cum for a long time.

My friend pulls his cock out and cums all over my arse. I reach my hand behind me and caress his arse as he cums. He bends down and kisses me. Gently squeezes my breast and lays in close behind me as my ex fuckbuddy continues to fuck me. With his cock still inside of my pussy he gently pushes me onto my back as he lies atop of me. I wrap my legs around his hips. I gently rock in motion with his thrusts. As he pushes his cock inside of me I buck my hips up to meet each thrust hard. He moans in pleasure as I do that. I remember all too well he liked it when I did that when we fucked.

He continues on for a little while longer but his breathing starts to quicken. I can sense he is close. I hold onto him tighter and buck my hips faster and rub up against him. He pushes his cock into me deeper. He is fucking me so hard I can feel his balls slapping up against my arse as they swing with every one of his thrusts. I open my eyes and look at him. We retain eye contact as he cums. His moans let me know how much he needed this. How much he needed to let go. He kisses me and I wrap my arms around his body and say “thank you”. I turn to look at my friend also say “thank you” to him.

We lie together for a bit before we all get up and shower. But of course I insist on not showering alone so I am joined by my ex fuckbuddy. I remember when we did that in the past. It always led to us fucking again. Soaping up each others bodies and caressing our sexual parts. But not tonight we are all well and truly spent and very satisfied. This girl will sleep very well tonight.

I wrap myself in a towel and go and check to see how my friend is doing. He is already dressed and sitting on the lounge putting his shoes on. I stand in front of him he grabs me by the waist and pulls me into his lap. He kisses me. We both smile at each other; no words need to be exchanged. He announces he must leave. My ex fuckbuddy walks into the room and I ask him “if he’s leaving too”. He isn’t leaving yet, as he lives close by he plans on walking home.

I escort my friend to the front door. Hug him and once again thank him and tell him “I don’t know whose ideas this was and frankly I don’t care. A moment I will always remember fondly”. He concurs and said “it was the best night he’s had in a very long time”. He kisses me and leaves.

I turn around and my ex-fuckbuddy is standing behind me, still naked. A sight I will never get sick of seeing. He says “let’s get comfy in your bed; I need some rest before I walk home”. We lie together for what seems like hours but only mere minutes have past. We kiss and I make myself comfortable and rest my head on his chest and he wraps his arms around me and we cuddle like that for a bit. I am mindful that neither of us can fall asleep.

I let him rest for about ½ hour and gently wake him up. Tell him the time. He sighs and says “I really must go home”. I check with him to see if he would like me to drive him. He says “no the fresh air will do him good”. He gets up and get’s dressed. The entire time I can’t take my eyes off him. I get up on my knees as he approaches the bed and he kisses me. I walk him to the front door. He cups my face and kisses me. He say’s “he says tonight was fucking amazing”. We say our goodbyes and he leaves. I get back into bed, which is still nice and warm where he was lying and it doesn’t take long for me to fall asleep.