Written by MOSSCUP

10 Dec 2013


It was 2010 the soccer world has come to South Africa. This meant a lot of people came to our shores. We went to a pub one night and got chatting to a few guys that came to watch some of the matches. They were in our town for a few days as they were between matches they had tickets for.

As we were talking my wife and I thought we would show them some South African hospitality and invited them over to come and watch one of that evening matches but us in our home. The 4 of them arrived at 7h30 each with his own beverage in hand. We invited them in helped to get them comfortable. As our home has an open plan kitchen it was easy for us to talk to them while we where preparing snacks. As we are not big soccer fans we would make snacks while the match was on.

While the first half of the game was being played the beverages where flowing freely, so was the chatter. We excused our selves and went to the preparing of the snacks. The two of us were in the kitchen talking but it wasn’t about soccer. I knew my wife had a few drinks in and was getting frisky and I was milking the situation. The next minute so disappears to the room, leaving me there by myself tending to the snacks. It wasn’t for long. She returned with the shortest of short mini dresses on, if she leaned a bit forward I could see the line of here buttocks. She had a lace outfit on underneath that covered her body with no underwear and an opening at the valley of pleasure. Just this sight got me turned on and the fact there were 4 other guys in the house didn’t make it any easier.

She was at the counter looking towards the soccer spectators, buttering some bread. I sneaked up behind her and slid my hand in under her mini to the open hole of pleasure, slipping my finger in feeling the wetness. The sudden entry of my finger made her exploded in silent ecstasy as her mind was somewhere ells. She removed my hand after the explosion of pleasure and continued the bread. After the snacks where ready I suggested we wash up first but she said the guy are drinking and need something in there bodies before they fall down. She took the snacks while I ran the water for the dishes. Without her knowing I was looking to se the reaction when she puts the snacks down. Would the soccer win or the view of the waitress?

As the table was slightly in front of the TV there was no way that they could miss her. Yes they saw and they almost died as she bent down to place the snacks on the table and this time she made sure she bent a bit further so the min could rise and expose as much as possible. She got up and walked back to the kitchen, I saw the guys moving around to adjust their approval. She got to me and I smiled and said that she was wicked. She just gave me a naughty grin.

I put my hands in between her legs she was WET cause she new what she had did and knew they where looking and that was a turn on.

We turned our attention back to the dishes. I washed she dried and packed away as she knew were she wanted what. I was washing and realized but the dishes are pilling up and not being removed, what was happening, was I working alone or what?

I turned my head to see where she was. At first sight I got a shock that then changed to a turn on. She was at the cutlery draw but she wasn’t packing cutlery………………. What I saw was her bent over in the draw this I thought was the way it was suppose to be. But what I wasn’t expecting to see was the guy behind her with his hand between her legs. Now that is the part that shocked me, and turned me on. I moved forward to intervene, she looked at me and I saw lust like I have never seen before. I stayed back and watched. Then she came and this with the help of another man. She then removed his hand and sent him back to his seat, reluctantly he went. But he didn’t just go sit he first told the rest what had happened. The match was almost over I was sitting with the guys chatting as it wasn’t an interesting game nobody was actually watching.

We where still talking when the lady of the house came in to start removing the stuff from the table. We al jumped up to help and was told to leave she would do it on her own. And she did it all by her self and did a good job of flashing all of us with her legs, pleasure spot and every now and then her wonderful cleavage. When the last object was removed she came back with a damp cloth to remove the crumbs and dirt. This being done, the table clean on of the guys gave me a eye and I nodded my head to approve, as this appeared what she was begging for the whole day. We had not done anything like this before and I didn’t know how to handle it. But let it go to see how far we can take it.

He took the cue and made a move and now we would se how far she would let us go. Would she stop us or would this be a knight to remember? She had a few drinks so let’s see.

She was bending to wipe the last crumbs off the table he reached forward and touched her full rounded but. She did not jump up or run. The guy then ran his hand of her but and in between her legs until he reached the spot he was aiming for. A soft sound of pleasure escaped out from her lips. But still no resistance. He pulled her towards him to get in deeper with his hands and pleasure her even more. The guy next to him undid her top and removed it to reveal her full rounded breasts. He did not waste any time and got to work on them immediately rubbing, kissing licking and kneeing them. This she had never experienced and was driving her crazy. The rest of us where not going to lose out and decided to join in. soon we were all naked and having turns with her, until we joined forces on her she had one in her pleasure spot on in the back door one in the mouth and one in each hand. We went on and almost came spontaneously.

Then we ……………………


Let me know if you want more and more detail.