23 Aug 2016

Marco and his two friends Tony and Joe had left news cafe early. Well, they hadn't left, as such... Having consumed a considerable quantity of alcohol, they were politely asked to leave by the manager.... "No problem guys," slurred Marco, "We can go back to my place; I got plenty booze in the bar. Sherry will most likely be in bed already, so we can drink some more and watch some TV."

Readily agreeing with this suggestion, all three men climbed in their cars for the short journey to Marco's house.

Climbing out of his car, Marco saw, with some surprise, that sherry's friend's black yaris was parked in the driveway. Great, he thought sarcastically, that meant that the two women. Would be gossiping for hours and would probably complain about him bringing his friends back for louder, drunken partying.

He turned to his friends.

"Be quiet guys, okay. We can sneak in the back, if we don't make too much noise, they might not notice us!"

The alcohol misting their brains Marco's two friends once again accepted this idea as making some sort of sense and followed him towards the back door. Marco let them in quietly, stumbling and cursing in hushed tones. The three giggled like schoolgirls as they tip-toed their way past the lounge towards the bar. Marco stopped to listen at the slightly ajar lounge door as he came to it. The whiskey had clouded his senses, but the deep, groaning voices from within startled him back to sobriety. For a moment, Marco forgot that his friends were with him and burst in through the door.

"What the fu-"

"Oh my god, Marco! What the hell are you doing back?" cried sherry, as she saw him enter the room. Her face was flushed red with a mixture of anger and embarrassment and the pitch of her voice was noticeably higher. Her companion, Ice, had only just realised that they had been discovered, and raised her head from its previous position between sherry's outstretched and naked legs.

Marco stood almost speechless, the words seemed to rush into his mind and then evaporate in the air before he had chance to voice them.

"What the fuck?" he said again

Sherry, having almost rationalized the situation, and knowing there was little point in trying to bluff her way out of it, seemed visibly calmer than Marco. Sitting as she was on the floor with her back to the sofa, she pulled Ice's also naked body towards her in a protective fashion.

"Come on Marco," she said, "You know that Ice is bi. We have known each other for a long time. Are you really that surprised?"

It was true. Ice and Sherry had known each other long before Marco had come on the scene and Ice had actually introduced them to each other.

"Yes..yes.." stammered Marco, finally finding his voice. He was suddenly aware of his two friends still standing behind him in the doorway "But you? Your not a can't be, can you?"

"No Marco, I'm not gay, I'm not really even completely bi-sexual. It's just with Ice it all feels so natural. You know we are very close! Please don't be angry with me"

"Yeah, come on Marco," said Tony with a smile as he and Joe moved forward and flanked their friend on either side. "This is one hot situation, my friend! I say we let them get on with it - as long as we can watch!"

"Shit, Tony! This is my wife we're talking about here!"

"Yeah, I know," replied Joe, "but look at them, man. How many times have we talked about this type of thing and how hot it would be to see? And now it's here, right in front of us."

Marco looked over at the two women. Ice's large breasts contrasted very nicely with her friend's smaller ones, and despite himself, he could feel a rising erection.

"If it's okay with Marco, it's cool with me," said sherry with a smile. "But you'll have to do more than watch, I may like Ice's pussy, but I also love a nice juicy cock as well!"

"Me too!" cried Ice. "Every now and then, I just have to feel a big cock up me. It feels so much better than the plastic ones I'm used to!"

It seemed to Marco that the decision had already been made. He loved Sherry and would never dream of refusing her anything she really wanted, plus Ice looked really sexy sitting there with her big tits on show. He could see that the nipples were puffy and swollen as if they had just recently been sucked. Ice's legs were together as she cuddled up to Sherry, but Marco could just see that she had shaved off all her pubic hair, something which excited him greatly. His cock ached in the confines of his jeans.

"Okay," Marco finally agreed "As long as you're sure babe."

"Oh, I'm sure all right," Sherry cried her reply, "Now, get out of those clothes you three, you're definitely overdressed!"

As Marco and his friends quickly removed their clothing, the two women returned to the position they had been in before they were disturbed; sherry spread her legs and Ice, kneeling on all fours ducked her head back between her friend's open thighs. Before the three men were even down to their underwear, they could hear Sherry moaning and crying as Ice stabbed her long pink tongue in and out of the other woman's vagina. Marco knew those sounds only too well and was aware that she was fast approaching an orgasm. He knew just how to help her along.

Throwing the last remnants of his clothing onto the floor, he quickly moved to Sherrys side. He looked down between her legs, fascinated at how Ice's head bobbed up and down between her thighs as she brought her friend closer and closer towards her climax Sherry's gasps and sighs had almost reached a crescendo as Marco, lowered his head and took one of Sherry's small, hard nipples into his mouth and began to roll his tongue around the distended bud. He bit down lightly and smiled to himself as he heard and felt her scream out her orgasm and her whole body shudder as she came. Ice continued to caress her friend's labia with her tongue as Sherry began to relax.

Until then, Tony and Joe had been quietly watching from the side, stroking a pair of large erections as they enjoyed the show. Tony was the first to move. Ice had not changed her position and was still on all fours with her pert bottom stuck up high in the air. Sherry disengaged herself from her lovers oral caresses and joined her husband and Joe as they watched tony crawl up behind Ice. His cock was sticking out in front of him as he began to run his hands over Ice's upturned buttocks. Ice sighed deeply as his fingers found and entered her wet pussy. The labia spread invitingly before him as he sank two digits deep into her body.

The three spectators watched with awed fascination as Ice's hips began to rock back and forward in time to the thrusts of Tony's fingers. Her buttocks were spread wide and Marco could see her tiny puckered asshole wink and contract; the same buttocks that he had seen many times before encased in tight jeans and lusted over when he thought Sherry wasn't watching!

As Tony fingered her sweet pussy and thumbed her clit, Ice was fast nearing her own climax.

"Ohhhhhh...quick, Tony...put it in me now...I'm almost there...stick that big cock up my wet cunt and fuck me hard!!"

Tony was a little surprised at her choice of language, but, nevertheless, was more than happy to give her what she wanted. Positioning himself quickly at the entrance to her honey pot, he thrust his full eight inches deep into her. Ice gasped out loud and Tony moaned as he felt her internal muscles grip him and pull him deeper in. There was no finesse as he began to plough his cock into her. He pounded her pussy hard and fast, grabbing her large hanging breasts for balance and pulling her back onto his cock with every lunge he made. He knew that he would not be able to last long, and as Ice's body began to shake and convulse as she orgasmed, Tony threw back his head and jerked his seed deep into her moist tunnel.

Watching this display of lust had caused Marco and Joe to become even harder and sherry had positioned herself between the two friends and had been slowly masturbating them both as they all looked on. Tony was now completely spent, and Ice had repositioned her body so that she could lick the last remnants of fluid from his softening penis, her ass once again high in the air so that everyone could see the cum dribble from her open hole.

"Marco, why don't you let me give Joe here a nice blow-job while you give Ice a little more attention." said Sherry. "It looks like Tony will need some time to recover and Ice has always said that she would like to feel a cock in her ass. I told her how great it feels, and. she really wants to try it!"

Marco was over behind the kneeling Ice in a flash. The ass that had been the centre of his imaginary lust for so long was now in his hands, and as he knelt behind her and spread those wonderful sexy globes he felt his cock twitch in anticipation. He bent his head down and heard Ice gasp as his tongue flicked over the little star shaped opening. She trembled and came again as he snaked his tongue over and then into the small hole. Meanwhile, Joe was feeling great. He had never dared to tell Marco, but he had always fancied Sherry. Her pretty lips seemed made for sucking cock and now he was finally going to experience that pleasure. He could see Marco out of the corner of his eye as he prepared to enter ice's well lubricated ass and figured that, while he was so busy, he could hardly object to sherry's lips that were currently converging on his own cock.

Joe gasped loudly as Sherry sucked him deep into her mouth. Marco had always claimed proudly, that Sherry was the best cock sucker in town, and Joe now had to agree with that description. She rolled her expert tongue around his glans for several minutes, bobbing her head up and down as she fellated him and then, with a deft movement she adjusted the angle of her head and sank right down on his shaft. Joe felt himself throbbing as her throat contracted around his cock, and with a cry of ecstasy he released his seed. He had never experienced such a classic, deep throat blow job and was surprised that his cock kept jerking inside her throat as more and more of his cum flooded into her mouth and seeped from the edges of her lips.

With the atmosphere in the room electrically charged and the whole area filled with the aroma of hot sex, Tony, Joe and Sherry moved closer to Marco and Ice. They were keen to see the finale of the evening, and Sherry especially, was eager to see her man take her friend's anal cherry.

Ice was still in the doggy position that she had been in most of the night and Marco was standing with bent legs over her upturned ass. They had finally found the perfect position and. Marco was pushing his cock slowly downwards against her tight anal opening. The other three were all close enough to see the skin around Ice's asshole stretch and expand as Marco kept up the gentle pressure. His eyes were tight shut and with clenched teeth he gave a final small thrust, Ice squealed as finally she felt Marco's cock penetrate her.

"Aaahhhhhhh...oh my GOD!" she cried as he sank into her. "Ohhhh...don't stop, Marco, it feels so good now!......fuck me Marco...Fuck my ass!..."

Using his hands on her ass to steady himself, Marco began a slow in and out motion with his manhood. The sensations were quite fantastic and reminded him of his first ass fuck with sherry. Ice's tight muscle gripped his cock like a vice as he fucked her. Her ass was now so high in the air that her body was at almost a right angle to the floor. He tried to go slow and make it last, but with Ice's grunts of encouragement and the guttural voices from his friends and Sherry telling him to fuck Ice's ass deeper, he knew that the end was in sight.

The spectators were all playing with themselves and each other as they watched the display in front of them, and Marco wanted to give them something to remember. Tony and Joe had already shot their second load of cum that evening as they masturbated on either side of Sherry, finally ejaculating thick streams of hot cum over her small, perky tits as she buried three fingers deep in her own pussy.

Marco felt his balls contract and knew that this was it. With a popping sound he pulled his spasming meat clear of Ice's ass and began to cum over her buttocks. This had the desire effect on Sherry who shuddered to her own climax just as Marco's seed hit ice's hot skin. Spurt after spurt of juice shot from the end of his twitching dick and trickled in rivulets down ice's buttocks and onto her thighs. With his dick quickly softening, Marco used his fingers to push it back into ice's ass with a squelch and squeezed the last remaining drops of cum into her anus.

Finally exhausted, all five friends sat recovering their breath. Marco looked at sherry and Ice... Sherry had cum covering her tits, her nipples still hard and swollen and her lipstick smeared. Ice looked completely fucked. She didn't even have the strength to close her legs and her trembling thighs lay open with cum dribbling from her pussy and ass. This evening had come as quite a shock to Marco, but as he saw Sherry crawl towards Tony's hardening tool, he knew that the night was not yet over! He made a mental note to leave news cafe early more often in the future!