Written by Anon

30 Apr 2018

As sam led me away to the corner of the room away from the group and the jacuzzi, it was almost like a voyeurs paradise, from the shadows we could watch everyone and yet they couldnt see into the dark corner where sam and I were, knowing how sam enjoyed watching from a distance , I made sure she lay back with her head turned towards the rest of the group, which by now had chamged conversation from rugby to thecreal touch pause engage... the clothes were being stripped off layer by layer as the wine flowed, the womens nipples all hard , the guys cocks all thick and hard, there was soon to be no room in that jacuzzi not even if we wanted to go back ... however sams eyes was watching her hands were running over my body as my body pressed against hers, the feeling of skin touching skin , the smell of lust lingering, the sight of people embrassing naked, feeling exploring each other, she was now not only watching but listening out for the moans, not noticing her own body yearning for more, my hands gripping her inner thighs spreading her legs, exposing her smooth shiny love slit, hiding her clit but not for longvas the tip of my tongue seeked out in finding her love button... her eyes fixated on one of the girls giving a blowjob as if herclife depended on it and same time being pounded from behind by another hard cock, no shortagr of cocks here I thought , as there was an extra fee guys to girls , which is in fact perfect for the groups, its always nice watching a wamon being pleasured both ends by a decent cock. My tongue was now thrashing at her clit my one hand had slipped a finger deep inside bringing sams juices out , oh my a,sweet taste of juice on my lips, better than a cup of coffee to satisfy an urge. My cock now raging at the feeling of how sam had grown all wet from watching and having her pussy probed by my tongue and finger..... I didnt want to then fill her with my cock , I knew I needed to wait and let her clax visually first, then when her eyes are closed I would slip inside her to give her an orgasm which she would feel from within.

My eyes not being able to see much as sams thigh was preventing me from watching the group who by now were swapping sharing and having a truly pleasurable time, but it just made my mind wander even more, knowing how ann could behave, who most likely was wanting more .....