Written by GGE

03 Jan 2018

Zelda is my wife of 20 years now and we have had an active and adventurous sex life. She is voluptuous and really hot in bed. You must see her very tight pussy when its shaven and those really large 38DD tits, wow she is great in bed.

February each year they have a raft race on the Tugela river. We decide to make a basic raft and enter it for fun. Zelda and myself and a few mates head down to the raft race start early on Saturday morning. Everyone is hectically busy setting up their rafts. I see Zelda staring at a raft in the water already that has about 10 young guys from Varsity on it. They look like they are drunk already, but having some great fun. I see what she is thinking of and remember a book I bought her some years back of naked men on a raft doing a photo shoot. There were some arousing pics in it and she loved the book I imagine she had some great personal times with the book. I could see her thinking what if I could live out this fantasy. I told her I was going to the toilet and would be back soon. However, I was going to chat to the guys on the raft. I saw this one guy who looked like he was the Alpha of the group, large and rugged. I introduced myself and proceeded to ask them if my wife could join them on their raft as ours was overloaded and we needed the space. He said it would be fine and would look after her.

I got back to our raft and Zelda could see something was out of place, where have you been, she asked. I just popped over to that raft you were looking at and asked if you could join them and they said it would be okay. Are you sure that is Ok with you she said to me, things might get rather hot and steamy? That is fine you deserve a bit of fun and I promised you a great sexual adventure.

Next minute Zelda grabbed her bag and gave me a kiss goodbye and said thank you, thank you, thank you. I don’t know what that was all about.

Next minute I see her coming out of the toilets with a tight-fitting white costume (we had a fantasy role play about this costume) on and looks like it has no lining either, where did that come from. I must say she managed to get those large 38DD tits into that tight costume, hell she looked hot. She waves at me as she trots off to the awaiting raft. As she gets to the raft I see all the guys line up and start cheering as Zelda walking onto the raft. She introduces herself and gives each guy a hug and I can see they are really getting close to her to press those tits up tight against them. She waves at me to say thanks and gives me the thumbs up.

The race gun goes off and off all of us go, our raft was a bit rickety and was trailing a short distance behind Zelda’s raft. I see everyone get noisy and start throwing everyone into the river. I could just think what that white number was going to do when it hit water. They swam around a bit and all got back onto the raft. Zelda held back till last, for some reason. Then I saw what her plan was, she knew what happens to white unlined costumes. The guys give her a hand to get back onto the raft and all of a sudden cheering and wolf calls. I’m just imagining what that was all about. The costume was virtually see-through and she knew it. She pranced around the raft giving everyone a good look at her now near naked body. She comes to the side and waves at me to say, well you gave me permission. She then proceeded to take out her tits and flash me and my mates. They were very happy as I know they secretly wanted to shag her and were always wanting a chance to see her tits.

I then see her taking off her wet costume in front all everyone to see, not shy at all. I didn’t know this about her. She hangs the wet costume on the raft mast and the guys attach it to the top of a pole as if they had a trophy on board. All I see is this white costume flapping in the wind, certainly a sign that things are going to heat up.

She is prancing around the raft in the nick and everyone is having a good look at my wife’s naked body. It really started getting me excited and jealous. The next thing she is sitting on the captain’s lap, this was the same guy I chatted too earlier. Her head disappears and next thing I see she has his cock out and sucking it in front of everyone, what a horney slut I thought. The guys were just cheering and probably hopping they were next. I was wondering how far she would take this.

Next minute all the guys are taking their baggies off and looks like they were really excited to have a woman on their raft. Zelda proceeded to suck every one of the students, at times she had one cock in her mouth and two in her hand, wanking them. I saw some of the braver guys putting their fingers into her pussy which at this stage I presume was swollen and ripe for the fucking. She looked like she consented and the next thing she was sucking a guy’s cock and the captain had his cock in her pussy. She was really enjoying this. Looks like 5 men were being pleased at once.

The captain did not last long and he shot his load in her pussy, he pulled out all limp, looks like she milked his cock dry. She then found a place to lay down on the deck, opened her legs and proceeded to take the next well-endowed cock into her pussy. Simultaneously allowing a large cock to fuck her large breasts. She also had a few cocks in hand which she was sucking and jerking off. Two of the guys just shot their loads after a few strokes. Just could and handle her pussy I presume or had an angry girlfriend.

This continued for a good few hours when it looked like she had satisfied all ten of the students and looks like some had seconds and thirds. They arrived at the finish mark with hugh applause. I wonder why. We were camping that evening at the finish point. I went to the raft to find Zelda and rescue her from the gang bang. She looked rather jovial and still buck naked, where are your clothes Honey, you can’t walk around naked. Why not she said. I could see her pussy was really swollen from all the fucking. Did you have a great time Honey, oh yes baby, can we do it again next year.

That evening we set up camp and Zelda told me she was going to take a shower quickly. Off she went with bag in hand. I see her go into the men’s showers, I thought she would shoot out embarrassed and blushing. No, not at all, looks like she was looking for seconds. She emerged out of the shower some 2 hours later and looking rather flushed. I later find out that my crew, some of my oldest mates were in the showers and asked her to join them in a group shower and she obliged. These were the same ones that always liked to take a peek at her tits when the time allowed.

My crew eventually arrive at the camp looking rather sheepish and satisfied, hell can your wife fuck and what a tight pussy, not to mention those knockers. I didn’t know so many cocks could be satisfied at ones, she certainly knows her way around a man cock. Eventually, Zelda emerged from the tent with a big smile on her face, looks like you have been naughty again. She proceeds to drop her gown and there she stands buck naked, Honey can’t you keep your clothes on. She comes up to me pushes me down onto the bench and slides her hands into my shorts and pulls out my very horney cock and proceeds to give me a blowjob. Everyone was just cheering. Honey why don’t you show these guys how its done and fuck my wet pussy. I proceeded to bend her over and insert my very hard cock into a very wet and cum filled pussy. Sorry about sloppy seconds honey, but the boys were really horney and the deserved a good time too. I proceeded to fill her crack with my cum. We put on some music and had a good time. Zelda refused to put on a stitch of clothing all night. She pranced around between camps sitting on the guys laps and having a great time.

Looks like the raft race is going to be an annual thing for us now and Zelda’s free weekend pass. I did promise her some strange cock on her birthday but looks like I didn’t same how many she could have. She is now famous at every annual raft race and is known by all.