Written by garfield_kzn

16 Jun 2014

being in swinging has been part of my life for long time now

so when a party comes along I am eager to join

I met a lady on a '' vanilla -- normal '' dating site

she was quite hot in the bed ...so I showed her a dvd of some 3sm and groups

she enjoyed it and screwed my brains out huhu...well almost

I showed her the swingers website and said im keen to go and see what happens at a party

I didn't tell her ..ive been there already

so she agreed we can go and check it out

I booked ..and paid..and asked the organisers to greet me asif seeing 1st time

hehe ...it worked

the party started slow...but some cpls got nude into a jacuzi and the fun started

she was hesitant to have sex infront of others

so I suggested we go to a private room...she was very willing

in there we undressed quickly and got going

she is almost half my length...but supa sexy

she sucked my ready cock to attention

she likes to ride my cock....to which I don't complain

we could hear a couple next door fucking hard

the woman was loud and set the tune for fucking

my lady got on my cock and rode me like a Mexican rodeo

she cums quick as her pussy is very tight

the hostess mandy was keen to meet my lady and peeped at the door

I showed her to come in

she came to stand behind sue...riding me ...she squeezed her nipples

sue was a bit shocked but was cumming hard on me

mandy slipped a nipple in sue's mouth which she sucked on

I slipped away from under sue and let mandy take over

she let sue lie on her back and started to lick sue sloppy wet cunt

mandy was very experienced with muff diving

her pussy was wagging in the air infront of me

I had to get my hot rod in there ....poking her with my finger got mandy to eat sue's pussy with more eager

slowly I slipped my eager cock into mandy

wow....that was a great fuck

the harder I fucked her cunt the harder she licked sue's pussy

it was too hot too keep it up and soon all 3 of us came like fucking bunnies

the 2 ladies collapsed and lay there panting for air

after a few minutes we went outside to the jacuzi

sue was still a bit shy of the big group but she allowed me to finger her to orgasm in the jacuz

we invited some folk the to a private party at my pool

there sue exploded in to a party fuck bitch

wow what have I unleashed .....