Written by bornready4fun

01 Apr 2013

Finally it's time to start getting ready for our biggest party ever. 30 people have confirmed to attend so rushing around getting enough chairs and everything. Just past three on Saturday afternoon Charlie angel arrived – and yes people she really has a husband, and what a fine specimen too. A bit later sandy shark and dr coffee also arrive. Special thanks to dr coffee which was in hospital this week and is still very weak…… this is true friends who I always can count on attending.

All the guest starts to arrive, Charlie angels, sandy shark, dr coffee, stout couple mar en llew, swingpta, bikilus, off course us bornready4fun, haelje, heksie, Andre, sharkyfun oeps seems I'm not good with counting its actually only 16 who pitched. Thanks you guys who one can really count on making it a fuckalisious evening. To those who didn’t pitch you lost out on a great evening and really need to seriously consider why you can’t have enough manners to let us know you can’t make it. You would never have done it if you were invited to a family or friends braai. You’re giving our lifestyles a bad name.

After a very nice relaxed kuier with sharing of snacks it’s finally time to move inside and start the playing. Because we expected so many people we had all the beds in the lounge and our bedroom. On our bed angel and the male of bikilus starts playing and heksie and haelje go straight to action while sandy shark and sharkyfun starts rubbing one another up after dr coffee gave her an amazing massage. Nice to see all the people enjoying one another and the sounds is so arousing. Hearing a woman moan and groan always does the trick for most people so doesn’t take long before everyone is finding a spot to be part of the fun. When I got my change haelje had a good rest and started working me up in a frenzy with his tongue while Dee gets into position for a bj Mmmmmmmm always so amazing to taste my man. Love his cock and he taste and react sooooooooooooooo good. Haelje makes sure this pussy gets loads of attention as he is really amazing with eating mangos, and after an earth shattering orgasm Dee starts fucking me really hard and deep. Wow wow it’s always amazing to have 2 cocks pleasuring me. Mar and llew enjoyed the watching of everybody but decided not to join, I’m sure they still enjoyed the arousing visual life porn movie opening up before their eyes. While swingpta male started rubbing up angels breasts while Andre went down on her on my left side and on my right I could hear swings lady enjoying the attention she’s getting from char lies and sharkyfun. Amazing too see and hear all those arousing sounds of wetness and the smell of hot sexy bodies with primal lust.

After about one o clock everyone is well saturated and slowly people starts to get dress and heading home. Everyone feels that it was an evening well spends and def made new friends for life. Enjoying a few cups of coffee me and Dee gets into our bed and heksie in the middle one and Charlie and angel in the other one. While they drift of to sleep me and lovey starts playing again and wow now everything is sooooooooooooooo intense. No man can ever please me the way Dee can and it’s just out of this world. Luckily for me he had a few drinks so then he can’t easily reach orgasm so I’m getting a real work out and keeps on orgasming and squirting. Suddenly the way I’m lifted from the bed while he fucks me suddenly I’m splashing on my own face ………… which results angel to wake up and we all burst out in a laughing frenzy.

At five we decided now its time for a bit sleep and after three hours we make a big breakfast before Charlies had to depart they have a loooooooooooooong way to get back home. Definitely we have made friends for life and we can’t wait to visit them and have loads of sexy naughty fun.

Thanks for everyone that made this evening memorable as always. You’re the best and we love you all to bits.

Happy fucking till next time