Written by bornready4fun

24 Jun 2013


After a month of no party you can believe me we were like eager bunnies to get this one on ………….. And finally its Saturday and time for the guests to arrive. Pot of soup is simmering away and it smells divine. 32 people confirmed for this party so let’s see who shows up…….. Finally everyone arrived and we are only 13 people as 4 people also showed up but left without being part of anything. Me , Dee, Heretohavefun, Mr. and Mrs. skapie, sandy shark, dr coffee, Mr. and Mrs. luvtoplay, wannabee, haelje, naughtyboy and Andre.

We decided to rather kuier in the kitchen as it’s just too cold to sit outside so believe me it can get crammed up but nevertheless everyone is chatting and having a steamy bowl of soup. After everyone is fed and relaxed we all head for the play area….. Straight away sandy shark and haelje and naughtyboy get to the one bed and starts playing, without much convincing me and mike and Dee start on the other bed. Damm it’s so cold so we decide to rather start under some blankets………. Imagine how funny this looks all covered buns in the air as the men are busy going down on us…………. Off course within minutes we are just too hot so flying blankets everywhere as the women starts heating up… What an amazing feeling to have a man down on me and hearing how he enjoys eating my clean shaven pussy, makes me horny just thinking about it. Dee position himself by my head and I start giving him a bj………….. Just love the way my man taste and the way he performs when he enjoys something. Mike concentrates fully on my pussy while I can feel his tongue parting my lips and finding my honey spot while his fingers slides slowly into my inner depts.… I feel how everything is starting to get really wet and not before long I can feel how an orgasm is starting to build up. With a few mores strokes and he sucking hard on my clit, and I just cant hold back anymore. With a scream I fall into a mind-blowing orgasm surging through me. Mike just keeps on sucking and within seconds I feel how the one orgasm breaks into another one ………………………..FUCKALISIOUS. By now Dee is rock hard and I beg him to fuck me, can’t wait to feel him fill me up. Slowly he ram into me filling my pussy. He fucks me slow and deep and within seconds I can feel a big squirt building up…….. Ooooooooooooo fuck this feels so good.

By now I can hear Sandy sharks yelping off joy while haelje is busy fucking her hard and fast and naughtyboy is wanking at her face. Amazing to hear this sexy woman bursting into mind shattering orgasms. The sound of horny women just always makes me sooooooooooooooo horny.

Suddenly Mrs. Skapie joins us on the middle bed with wannabe and Mr. Skapie and it’s such an awesome sight to actually see a newbie be part of the play from the start. With a soft yelp I can see how wannabe shoots his load. What a satisfaction for him.

After a while luv to play and Andre joins the play and now the same room is suddenly crowded with hot steamy bodies in different stages of orgasms and satisfaction. The smell of sex is all around us.

While haelje comes over to me after a smoke break, Dee joins Mrs. skapie and I can see how my man is really enjoying himself while he goes down on her……………. Knowing exactly how great he is with that tongue it doesn’t take haelje long before he makes me cummmm like crazy and when this man starts tasting a woman’s orgasm he just goes on and on so suddenly I’m all focussed on him and feeling mighty orgasms ripping through my body continuous, one breaking into another one for about ten minutes, by now I'm sooooooooooooooo wet but luckily towels was just in time. After a while haelje enters me slowly and wow this feels soooooo great and creates a whirlpool of horny thoughts in my mind while I just continue squirting non-stop. I just loves hard core fucking feels like with every hard thrush that he’s actually fucking my uterus……………….. Ooooooooooooo fuck its great.

Sandy and Andre are going to town with their fucking and I just love hearing my friend enjoying herself.

Dee is busy fucking Mrs. Skapie deep and hard and she is reallllllllly enjoying herself. Suddenly Mrs. Luvtoplay joins them and I know my man just loves this attention. Wow a high five for this lady taking the lead and within minutes she’s in a 69 position on top and you can really hear how much she’s enjoying my man………… Off course making eye contact with him is just so amazing and I love to see his face in such bliss. After a while he turns her over and enters her slowly and hard. With a mighty push he pushes her over in an orgasm. Suddenly she changes position and is riding him hard and fast and I know this is my mans downfall cause he just loves it.

After everybody feels well satisfied we all sit and relax in the smoker’s room and talk and laugh. I think this is actually the best part of an evening to see all the people with those satisfied grins on their faces. Dee treats us all with a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows and wannabee makes it more special with a tot of hottsex. How appropriate.

At about 12 o clock most of the people starts leaving. This was really a great evening for everybody I’m sure of it. Staying behind is just mike, haelje, couple skapie, and wannabee.

After a well deserved break me and Dee and Haelje start again as this is my ultimate I can never get enough of these men. Suddenly I start squirting for more than a minute drenching my man with my fluids. After a mighty roar just like a lion my man shoots his load deep inside me ………………. Fucking amazing. Haelje gets with Mrs. Skapie and wannabe and I can hear she’s enjoying herself and then her man joins and it’s the most beautiful sight to see how he knows his wife and takes her ower the edge. After a job well done Mr. Skapie choose a bed and falls asleep………. A well satisfied man.

Now I need a good bath because wow I have never had so many orgasms in such a short time and I'm really feeling totally dehydrated and wasted. While I lay in bath, haelje sits with me and were chatting away as we can hear everyone in the playroom is just relaxing now and chatting and hiding from the cold. Finally its about five o clock its time for haelje and wannabe to leave and the rest gets into bed for a well deserved sleep………………. And what do I feel Mmmmmmmm my man is hard again, no way I’m going to loose out of that mighty beautiful cock…. Working with a plan I tell him I think its time to try my one fantasy ……………… I always wanted to fell asleep with a hard cock inside me…………. Wishful thinking after feeling him filling me up there’s just no way for me to lie still and off we go again ….. Past mars Jupiter and Saturn’s …………… Wow Wow Wow amazing. Finally at about half past six we just lay locked into one another and drift off in a blizzzzzzzfull sleep. Really need this now. After a mere 2 hours sleep we have to get up for our guest and believe me we are totally fucked………….. Saying our goodbyes and within minutes I’m back in dreamland.

This was definitely for me and Dee our best party ever. Thanks too all our dear friends your great.