13 Feb 2018

Arriving home, you plop your bag down amongst your collection of canvas bags full of miscellaneous papers. The dogs are bouncing around like subatomic particles and I almost feel bad about what I'm going to tell you. Almost, not quite.

"Go look on the bed," I tell you.

You look at me quizzically and walk down the hall to the bedroom.

On the corner of the bed is the outfit I have laid out for you -- a short black miniskirt, a sleeveless blouse and sandals.

"What's this for?" you ask me, raising your eyebrows.

"Put it on. We're going out."

You study me for a minute trying to figure out what's going on in my head. I do my best not to give you any clues.

With a shrug, you sit down on the bed and take off your jeans, sliding them over your hips and down your legs and then kicking them over into the corner. You pull the T-shirt over your head and it joins your jeans in the pile.

You reach for the skirt but I stop you.

"No," I say, simply. "That's the entire outfit."

You look at me slightly aghast as you realize what I'm saying. The look on my face makes it clear that there's no point in trying to negotiate though.

You slip your panties off and it's all I can do not to fall to my knees and press my face between your thighs. Your bra follows and I can see your nipples are already hard as you wonder what's in store for you.

You slip the skirt on and pull the top over your head. You look gorgeous and just slightly slutty. I love it.

The arm holes on the shirt gape wide enough that the sides of your breasts are visible and, with the right angle or the right movement, even your nipples would be obvious. You tug slightly at the bottom of the skirt, trying to cover yourself more, but there's just not enough material. If you stretch or bend at all, your ass will be on display along with your bare cunt.

"I can't go out in public like this," you tell me.

"Yes you can." I tell you. "Let's go."

I lead you to the car with you making token objections but I can tell that you are excited by whatever I have in store for you.

"When did you do this?" you ask. "I made a quick trip home at lunch to get everything laid out. The rest of the evening is something I've been planning for weeks."

"Weeks?" you reply incredulously. "Oh god, what are you going to do with me."

I just smile and open the door of the car. Enjoying watching you try to climb in without baring everything.

I drive to a local bar that's a favorite of some of the college kids.

"I can't go in there like this. Someone might recognize me," you stammer.

"Probably so," I tell you as I get out and walk around to open your door.

You try to slide out of the truck, keeping your legs together, but it just makes your skirt ride up higher.

We walk in and the smell of stale cigarette smoke and beer greets us. It's definitely not a high-class establishment. The sound of pool balls clattering against each other is almost drowned out by the low-fidelity speaker on the jukebox as it blasts out the latest angst-ridden college rock hit.

Heads turn as you walk in and I see about a dozen young men slowly looking you up and down. The contrast of your skin against the black fabric serves as a beacon and I see some of them speaking to each other in hushed whispers as the jerk their heads toward you.

I guide you to a table in the corner and you sit down, scooting close to the table, trying to cover yourself.

Before we can even get comfortable a waitress comes over with a pitcher of beer and two glasses.

"Compliments of the guys at the end of the bar," she says, rolling her eyes.

It's obvious that it's Coors or something similarly watery.

"Gosh, thanks, but we'd prefer something darker, perhaps a couple of German ales," I tell the waitress. "But, if you would, please tell the guys that we would love to have them join us enjoy this pitcher."

I slur the word "pitcher" just enough so it could easily be heard as "picture."

The waitress ambles back to the bar and I see her nod in our direction and tell the guys something.

They're somewhat non-descript guys and I can tell that they aren't exactly the smoothest, most practiced sort.

They stand there stunned for a few minutes and I know they are trying to work up the courage to come over.

Finally, one shoves another hard enough that he stumbles and with a glare back at his buddies, he makes his way to our table trying his best, and failing miserably, to look nonchalant.

"Mind if I join you?" he asks, talking to his own feet.

"Sure," I say quickly before you can say anything. "Pull up a chair. And invite your friends over."

He grins broadly and looks back at his two buddies and waves them over.

A minute or so later you are surrounded by three young men. Each of them seems to be jockeying for position, wanting to be close to you. I sit back, amused, and enjoy the show.

You just sit there. It's obvious to me that the attention is getting you hot and bothered, but you refuse to show it and sit patiently, trying to make small talk.

The guys quickly finish their pitcher and we have two or three beers while chatting about various things of absolutely no consequence -- the weather, traffic, the price of gas, movies. I excuse myself to go to the bathroom and you look at me, practically terrified of being left alone with three obviously horny young men. I take my time in the bathroom and return after several minutes.

You seem to have taken a liking to the guy who was first to come talk to us. He is kind of cute and seems to have a good sense of humor. His arm rests on the back of your chair as he leans over to talk to you, pretending that the music is so loud that he has to get close to your ear.

I see him looking down your shirt and even from across the room, I can tell your nipples are hard.

I return to the table. "This place is just too smoky," I announce. "It makes me want a cigarette. Let's see if we can find someplace that's not smoky.

The favored youth pipes up. "None of us smoke. Our apartment is just around the corner."

You smile, about to refuse politely.

"Well, let's go," I say, holding my hand out for yours, inviting you to stand.

It's a short walk to the guys' apartment and you have obviously taken a liking to them. You're now laughing with them and when one playfully slaps your ass, you squeal like a schoolgirl and bat his hand away in mock exasperation.

We get to their apartment, tastefully appointed for college guys. Nice furniture. Framed art on the walls, though their blending of periods and styles makes you cringe just a little.

You sit down on the couch and immediately the three boys (I think of them as boys anyway), take up positions on the couch with you. It's a tight fit but no one seems to mind.

I sit in the recliner and we continue our discussions, talking about work and school and I notice that your favorite -- we've learned his name is Jeff -- has put his hand on your knee. You shift uncomfortably and I know you're getting wet from the attention. You can almost smell the testosterone in the air as these three young men try to figure out to get under that skirt.

Finally, I've had enough of this timidity and announce.

"So, would you guys like to fuck my wife or not?"

You look at me absolutely aghast.

Carl and James, the other two immediately respond in the affirmative. Jeff, however, looks at you.

"I think that's up to her, isn't it?" he says softly.

Excellent play, I think to myself.

You start to protest, but I know you really want to know what kind of equipment these horny young guys are packing.

"Come on, Honey. You know you want this," I say as I stand and pull you to a standing position. I lift your skirt up around your waist, baring your assets and I slip a finger inside you.

You're soaked. Your knees quiver and I hold you up with one arm as the fingers of my other hand slide across your clit, sending shocks through your body.

Carl and James are now on either side of you. James pulls your top over your head and Carl immediately latches onto a nipple, suckling and slurping. James joins him and you reach up and run your fingers through their hair, holding their faces to your breasts.

Jeff, still seated behind you is mesmerized by your ass. He reaches out and strokes your soft skin and runs his hands up your back, gently kneading the muscles.

You pull Carl and James down to the couch with you and you take your place next to Jeff. You reach over and I watch your fingers curl around a sizeable cock straining against his jeans. I sit back down in the recliner and watch the events unfold. Carl and James release you long enough to shed their clothes. Their young bodies quiver with excitement and two hard cocks spring into view.

I note, with an air of superiority that neither is as large as I am.

Then you unbutton Jeff's jeans and pull his cock out. It's big. It may just a bit thicker than mine and he definitely has an inch or so on me in the length department.

You look at his cock and then at his face. He smiles sheepishly obviously concerned that you may reject him.

Instead you fall onto his lap devouring his enormous cock, wrapping your lips around it and twirling your tongue around the sensitive head. You crawl up onto the couch to get a better angle at Jeff and Carl takes the opportunity to dip two fingers into your dripping cunt. He smears your juices over the head of his cock and then places it at your opening, parting the lips and slowly sinking his cock into you.

Your moan is muffled by the mouthful of cock you have and I notice you have reached out to stroke James' cock as he stands next to you, his hands cupping your breasts and rolling your nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

Carl begins to pump his cock in and out of you with powerful strokes. You release Jeff's cock from your mouth, unable to concentrate with the cock plunging into you from behind.

You continue to stroke James and Jeff as Carl fucks you with increasing ferocity. He withdraws too far on one stroke and his cock slips out of you. You take the opportunity to twist around and straddle Jeff's lap. Carl warmed you up and now it's time for the main event. I watch you reach down and spread yourself as the thick head of Jeff's cock nudges against your labia.

Slowly, panting, you slide down his enormous rod until it's buried in you.

James and Carl stand alongside watching and wondering.

"Somebody fuck my ass," you moan as you begin to rock back and forth on Jeff's cock.

Carl, his cock still slick with your juices, moves in behind you and I see you stop moving momentarily and I know you feel his cock poking at your ass. He slowly pushes into your ass. His cock is the perfect size for that. You all begin to move and I see that you've established a rhythm. First you rock back and forth taking both cocks deep inside you at the same time. After a couple of minutes, this tempo changes and as one cock pulls back, another thrusts forward so that you are always full of some young stud.

James, left out momentarily, climbs up onto the couch and puts his cock against your lips. You open your mouth and he wraps his fingers in your hair and slowly starts to fuck your mouth. Your moans become increasingly loud as you take pleasure from having all three cocks inside you.

Watching the action, I stand up and begin to disrobe. My cock is raging and as solid as a bar of steel as I watch you get fucked in the cunt, ass and mouth simultaneously.

James is the first to give up. He pulls his cock from your mouth just as it erupts and I watch the semen splash against your lips and face. He twitches and strokes his cock urging more come from the head.

The sight is too much for Carl and he redoubles his efforts, throwing rhythm to the wind he begins to pound into your ass.

James moves out of the way and I crawl up next to you.

I stick out my tongue and gently lap the come dripping from your lips and cheek.

"Having fun, honey?" I ask and receive only the guttural grunts as the pounding cocks force the air from your lungs.

Carl grabs your hips and slams his cock into your ass and I watch his muscles tighten and twitch as he fills your ass with a thick load of come.

He slowly pulls out and watches his cream trickling out to run down onto Jeff's balls. "Come on, fuck me," you moan in Jeff's ear and you start to lift yourself up and slam yourself down on his hips, pounding his cock into you.

"I need a cock in my ass. Come on. I want all my holes filled."

I look over to James and see that he has renewed vigor. He steps up behind you and his cock slides easily into your well-lubed ass. A combination of your wetness and Carl's come helps him slip into you easily.

Unfortunately, in just a couple more minutes, James is moaning and I know he's about to deposit a second burst of come into your ass. Jeff is now panting and I know he's going to be filling your cunt soon.

Both of them manage to come together and all three of you shriek as you explode into orgasm. They pull out and leave you empty and dripping with sweat and come.

I wave them away and flip you over on the couch and slowly sink my own cock into you.

I kiss you deeply and you suck my tongue into your mouth as we move with the practice of a well-oiled machine.

Changing my position slightly, I aim my cock at that secret place that only I can hit.

I bring you to another climax that leaves you weak and tingling and I continue to fuck you until I feel myself on the verge of coming. I press deep into you as I feel myself come, overflowing you with my own come and leaving the five of us drained and happy.

You sit up and I crawl down between your legs, slowly lapping away at your battered clit and kissing your tender labia, tasting and smelling all the wonderful combinations that mingle there.

You run your fingers through my hair, holding my head as I languidly lick you, and you announce to the three lads that you had a wonderful time, but we really must get home to feed the dogs.