Written by Knoetze8085

23 Jun 2014

NeiI am not a shy guy. Instead I am the type of guy that makes friends easily and thrive when I am around people. I stay alone in my small flat. I was sitting out on my balcony the evening, just having a drink when I saw my neighbour also coming out to her Balcony. She was a gorgeous blond woman with short hair and piercing green eyes. She had a great cleavage; one I could only assume was showing of at least C Cup breasts. I always loved flirting with her and loved perving over her in private, especially when she was wearing a short skirt. She always looked so so sexy in a short skirt

She was wearing a tight top this evening with no bra on. I could tell because I saw her nipple stand trough it. She was wearing a denim skirt that was just above her knees. What she was wearing under that I could only imagine.

I don’t think she saw me since a male companion of hers came out shortly after her. A well build guy, not a body builder but well build. He was not wearing a shirt but had his jeans on. The belt and button was however undone on them and his zip was down, revealing his white underwear. He had dark hair and was well tanned.

She went to the railing and he immediately joined her. Kissing her in her neck. His hand immediately going to her breast. squeezing them trough her top. I am sure they did not see me as I watched her leaning a little more over the balcony and I watched his hands moving to her hips. He kissed her on her tummy and started pushing up her top. He kissed her all the way up her extremely sexy body until she helped him slip her top off. Her Gorgeous breasts fell free and I could see even from where I was sitting that her nipples were hard. I watched him kiss her between her breasts, and from there running his tong over them. He ran his tong around her nipple before sucking it into his mouth. As he sucked it into his mouth she gave a soft moan.

As he sucked on her nipple, pressing his mouth hard against her breast, his hands went to her legs, pulling up her skirt. I adjusted my already rock hard dick in my pants and watched him push up the skirt all the way. She was not wearing any panties under there. He kissed her on her stomach and then kissed her lower and lower. She leaned over the railing as he gave her a soft kiss on her pussy lips. He was standing on his knees in front of her, teasing her by kissing her pussy lips. She was leaning over the railing, feet still on the ground. He spread her legs wider open and ran his tong over her pussy slit. She gave a soft moan and I watched him run his tong up and down her silt. Slowly, teasing her. Her moaning sounded so sexy so I decided to take my dick out as I watched them. I dropped my shorts, moving slowly so they would not see me. I got my dick out and started stroking it.

I watched him starting to eat her. His head buried between her legs. I watched him eating her. Licking her. I watched as he sucked her clit into his mouth, whishing I could taste it to. She sat up and took him behind his head, forcing him to lick eat her clit. She was moaning and obviously enjoying every second of his tong and mouth on her pussy. She had one of her breasts in her hand, squeezing it hard, pulling and twisting her nipple. She looked so so sexy.

That was enough, I needed to be inside her. I stood up out of the corner and approached them. He stopped eating her and got up, I could see this guy was ready to beat me. She smiled and me and said “I wondered when you were going to get up and join us”. The guy looked at her and back at me and just burst out laughing, as did I. I climbed over the railing to her flat that was adjacent to mine.

She sat down on a chair, opening her legs, and asked me ”Want to taste it”. I did not let her invite me twice. I went down on my knees in front of her and immediate took her pink, hot, wet little pussy into my mouth. She leaned back, enjoying the feel of my tong on her pink flesh. I moved my hand up her leg as I ran my tong in a circle over her clit. She tasted so so good. My hand came all the way up her leg and I slipped 2 fingers into her pussy. She loved that. I could tell as her moaning became loader. I looked up from between her legs to see her taking the other guy, who has lost his jeans in the mean time, into her mouth. He was just as hard and a little bigger than me. She took him completely in her mouth and trough.

My fingers moved in and out of her and my tong ran in circles over her clit. Loved how she tasted. Her moaning with something that big in her mouth and thought had a strange sound. A sexy sound. I fingered her faster, putting more pressure on her clit with my tong as I watched her sucking him. I kissed her on her stomach, taking my other hand, forcing her legs wider open. I started fingering her faster now. Deeper. I started slamming my fingers in and out of her. He looked at me and took her behind her head. He started fucking her mouth. Not getting his dick sucked anymore but rather thrusting his dick and out of her mouth. I fucked her pussy now, hard and deep. Somehow we were in sink, me and him that is. As my fingers slammed into her pussy, his dick trusted into her mouth.

I felt her pussy getting very VERY wet. I felt her pussy grab my fingers. I saw her entire body confulg as a orgasm ripped through her. Her body tensing up. Her pelvis pushing up. Still I finger fucked her hard and deep and still he was raping her mouth. She pulled her mouth away from him catching her breath in a lowed moan. Her lower body dropping back down on the chair. I slowed down, my fingers moving in and out of her slower. Letting her cum down from her climax.

I kissed her on her stomach again and got up from between her legs. She looked at as both shyly and asked if that was it. Before I say anything he asked her “What did you have in mind”. She got up from the chair and made me go sit on it. It was hot from her body that was there a second ago. She turned around, took my dick in her hand and came down sitting on my lap. I went it very VERY tight and I realized I was not slipping into her pussy but she was taking me in her ass. It was so tight, it felt very different then being inside a women’s pussy. She leaned back onto me and I immediately took one of those gorgeous breasts in my hand. It was so soft and hot. I squeezed it and kissed her in her neck. I felt her opening her legs, I saw her inviting him over and I knew this was going to be better than anything I ever experienced.

I watched him walking over to her and kissing her. I then felt his legs against mine. I felt his dick next, slipping into her pussy. She put her legs over mine. He slipped into her, going in slow. She was moaning but I was no sure if she was in pain or exstesee. Her body laying flat against mine I felt him starting to move in and out of her. Slowly. His dick rubbing against mine inside her actually felt very good. I felt him moving in and out of her a bit faster. She started moving on my dick as he moved in and out of her. It felt so good. So tight, so intense. He went in and out of her even faster, I could feel the mussels of her legs over mine being tightening. I could hear in her moaning that it was not pain. She loved this.

He started thrusting in and out of her. I took both her swaying breasts in my hand. Feeling her hand already on one but, she let go as soon as I wanted it. I took her hard nipples and pulled them a little. His dick rubbing against mine fell so good inside her tight little ass. I felt my orgasm approaching and wanted to pull out but she was on me and he was fucking her now. My balls tightened and I filled her ass with my cum, squeezing her breasts hard as more cum exploded out of my balls into her ass.

I could feel my cum inside her, but still the other guy was fucking her. She was moaning, lost in the exstesee of 2 men inside her. All of a sudden I fell the pressure in her ass relieve. I saw him step back and he must have cum as I saw him with his dick in his hand, jerking off, dripping cum over her stomach.

She got off me, as she did my cum ran out of her. Her ass spread open from me being in her. She kissed me, went to him and kissed him. “Thank you gentlemen, that is exactly what I needed”.