Written by Michelle

15 May 2015

I wrote recently about my first experience with Eric, my Internet "friend with benefits". Eric offered to set me up with Matt, a mate of his who he said would be keen. I'd never had a 3some and I was curious. After initially being a bit hesitant I agreed to meet with them at Matt's business in Bryanston. The arrangement was to meet Eric at the office at 6:30pm and Matt would meet us there. Eric told me that he had not actually told Matt what the plan was as the spontaneity was better and if nothing happened then so be it. He added "You're hot and Matt is a total slut. It'll happen. The guy can't help himself". I think I was happier with the whole thing not being a planned event as I think it made me feel a bit like a toy (I'm going to have to get over that). After the call I found myself wondering if I was turning into a so-called slut and where this might end. I decided that I actually was a closet slut and it's about time I started living life on my terms, not on society's terms.

I dressed carefully, trying not to look too slutty but at the same time sexy. I decided on a high-end denim mini, a loose fitting buttoned top, the smallest excuse for black lace panties I could find in my draw and a low cut bra. As I looked at myself in the mirror I almost called Eric to back out. I was nervous. I did not really know what to expect and had no experience in this. Of course I have had one nighters before but usually with someone I actually knew (and I usually regretted them as there was always some kind of hook or expectation and thus an awkwardness). I decided to have a glass of Chardonnay to calm me down and told myself I'm now liberated and to get on with it.

I arrived on time and Eric led me up to the bar on the top floor of the building. It was a really well appointed bar and the company is clearly doing rather well. I met Matt who turns out is a perfect gentleman and very gregarious. And HOT! Baby face with soft light brown curls and a great body.

After serving drinks (me more Chardonnay), the typical light banter started with the usual crap you talk about when meeting someone. Matt sets himself aside from most guys by saying little about himself and focussing on me. Strange that. I found myself liking him a lot which a I thought was pretty useful considering what I was hoping would happen. At some point I think I had decided that the planned activity was not going to happen. The Chardonnay flowed and I started feeling a little buzzy. I don't hold my drinks very well. At some point, in the conversation Eric mentioned some really crappy photo's he had seen on the Internet of cosmetic surgery gone wrong. Matt commented on my boob job and then apologised for making the assumption. I laughed him off saying they are obviously plastic, a self-serving present from my ex. He then said "Can I see them properly?" with a naughty smile on his face. Up until a week ago anyone else would have gotten a handbag flatty but...

I unbuttoned the buttons on my shirt, unclasped my bra and pulled the lot aside exposing my plastic masterpieces. Matt's face was a treat. "Holy fuck, that's is so nice." he bumbled. He moved a little closer and said "Can I feel them?" with that naughty smile again. "Um, ok, Sure", I said, "Help yourself." I looked over at Eric who was sitting 2 barstools away. He had a stupid look on his face and held up 2 thumbs behind Matt's back. I slid off the barstool and rested my arse on it as Matt approached. He reached out and grabbed the underside of my left boob, squeezing it gently. "Oh jeez, they are firm" he said. The other hand reached out for the right boob and before long he was massaging both, moving his hands over my nipples and gently squeezing both boobs. I laughed and said "I know you just over half an hour and you are playing with my tits." He giggled and said "You spent to much on these masterpieces to hide them away. That would just be rude." The breast massage carried on for a short while and then he took the plunge. Down came his mouth onto one nipple. He sucked it briefly and then looked up at me. I smiled. That was all he needed. He was off to the races. I leaned back a bit and he proceeded to give me a very enjoyable tit sucking. He started running his hand from the inside of my knee to about halfway up my leg. I knew he was waiting for a sign. I parted my legs slightly and he got it straight away. His hand moved higher and higher until he was brushing my panties. I pulled up my skirt a little to allow me to part my legs some more. He pushed my skirt up the rest of the way to my hips and I lifted my butt off the barstool. The skirt ended up around my waist, no longer performing it's traditional role as a skirt. His hand went straight to my pussy, running his finger up and down my panties along my slit, pausing briefly on my clit and making little circles around my clit. He knew what he was doing. He tugged at the sides of my panties. I got the message and lifted my butt again to drop my panties. He'd given up on my boobs now and leaned over burying his head in the side of my neck. I pushed my hair back and he stated kissing my neck lightly, one of my "fuck me now" buttons. I could hear my own breath. I'm sure I was panting like a dog but the whole thing seemed like and out of body experience. His hand was back down to my bare pussy. He reached my slit and then said "I think you're enjoying this" obviously working that out from the sloppy wetness he encountered. He gently started inserting a finger into me and I groaned softly. I spread my legs wider and he started the finger fucking thing, my pussy making little squishy noises. I reached down with my right hand for his jeans and felt the hard protrusion running up to his belt. I squeezed his cock for a while and then pulled at his belt but I could not get it off. He stopped fingering me and did the necessary. He undid his jeans, reached into his shorts and pulled out his cock. What a beautiful cock. Maybe 2 hands full in length and really thick as I like. It also had some thick blueish veins running down the length which turned me on. His cock looked so manly, muscular and I found myself wishing he was already inside me. I pulled his cock gently as he went back to my slit. His pre-cum lubricated his head making my hand slid up and down the top of his shaft.

I looked over at Eric. His hand was rubbing his dick through his jeans and smiling at me. He winked and mouthed "Enjoy". I motioned with my head for him to come over but he shook his head. Ok, he wants to do the voyeur thing. Fine, I'll give him a show. I took Matt's shoulders and pushed him back to a barstool. He leaned back and I bent over and got busy with his cock. Determined to give him the best cock sucking he had ever had, I took as much of his cock as I could into my mouth (which was not that much - I don't do the suck till you gag deal) whilst massaging his balls and running my finger along his prostrate. He was as hard as a rock and then started with the porno speak. "Yea, fuck that's good. Suck me baby, oh yea suck my cock." I'm not sure if this turned him on but the porno speak was a turn on for me. I felt suddenly a bit more liberated, slutty, wanton, maybe a little porno myself, all at once. I love the foreplay as much as any woman but I needed cock now. The whole thing was so sensual, so out of my conventional wisdom that I felt like I was someone I didn't know. The thought "cock-whore" came to mind. I wanted cock in every hole right then. I tried anal and didn't like it. Maybe I was doing it wrong but right then anyone could have fucked me in the arse, mouth, pussy any damn place as long as it was hard cock. I stood up and whispered in his ear "I need you to fuck me right now!". He instantly turned a little dominant on me. "Turn around" he said a little sternly. "Bend over". I bent over a barstool. "Spread your legs." I complied. He started running his finger up and down my slit. "You want me to fuck you?" he asked. "Please" I replied rather lamely. "Tell me, ask me to fuck you." he said. He had 2 fingers in me now, I think. Suddenly I understood the porno speak. It was turning him on. He was mentally making his own little porno movie. I complied. "I need you to fuck me, I need your hard cock in my pussy now. Fuck me hard, fuck my pussy." I could hardly believe the words coming out of my mouth.

His cock probed at my fuck-hole, running up and down from my clit to my butt-hole. Then gently he slid into me. I groaned loudly and said "oh fuck that's good." Eric appeared in front of me with his cock out of his jeans. I was at the perfect height. I reached out and pulled his cock to my mouth just as Matt started pumping me. I started cumming within a minute. "Fuck me Matt, harder!" I said. My orgasim lasted longer than normal and felt more intense than normal. It never seemed to stop and my legs started shaking. Matt carried on banging me for another minute or 2 and then stopped. "Eric's chance" he said. Eric led me over to one of the couch's around a coffee table and pulled my skirt, my top and my bra off. Nothing was buttoned or buckled so the whole lot came off in one movement. He laid me down on the couch and took his jeans off leaving his shirt on. Matt followed. He'd also lost his jeans but for some reason still had his shirt on. I laid my head on the arm of the couch and Eric moved down to my pussy. I spread my legs and he got busy. Matt moved to my head and offered me his still hard cock.

After what seemed like a few minutes I came on Eric's mouth. I held the back of his head as I came just in case he backed off and I lost the moment. I could not believe I had cum so quickly again. As soon as I had come down off it, he moved over me and guided his cock into me. He then leaned over me on his extended arms and began a hard fucking motion. I thought he would hurt me but it was fine. Between the slurping noises coming from me sucking Matt and Eric's legs banging on my butt, it was a racket. Eric's body stiffened up completely. I held his rock hard arms as he groaned and came, grunting a few times as he shot his load into me. He pulled out and stood up. He was already softening. No viagra this time! Matt pulled out of my mouth and sat down on the couch. He motioned for me to sit on him. I squatted down on his cock reverse cowboy style and slid down his cock. I paused for a moment to get used to his size and then with my hands on his knees began bouncing on his cock. This lasted a few minutes until I was tired. I stood up and Matt took me over to one of the barstools. He told me to lean with my elbow on a barstool and then lifted on of my legs and slid into me again. This time he was in charge. He fucked me for a few minutes and shot his load. I went to the ladies whilst they got dressed. It all seemed a bit awkward after the fact but when I got back Matt broke the ice with his usual straight-forward style "Fuck me, that was one of the best fucks I have had ever. You are a fuck machine girl. That pussy is too fine not to be shared" he said. "Thanks, I think" I lamely answered.

We shared another glass of wine and decided to head off. It was getting on and I had an early flight the next day. In the basement, whilst giving me a goodbye kiss, the hand started wandering again and before long he had me over my fender fucking me dog-style. He just moving my wet panties to one side and slid right in. I came again (I don't think I have ever cum 3 times in one session) and after he had pulled his cock out and put it back in his jeans he said "You can't leave without a proper goodbye, can you." I thanked them both and rushed off before Eric decided he too needed another service.

We promised to meet again sometime. "Maybe we'll introduce you to girl-sex" Matt said. "I know a stunning girl who will give a body part to go down on you" he added. I'm not sure what will top that experience but I can't wait to find out. Never been with another girl but it sounds exciting, I think.