15 Oct 2017

December 2004 I got my 1st 3some with her. Iz come over to visit and sleep over for the night we had a braai and a lot of drinks so I went to shower then wife (Ch) then Friend (Iz) when she came out she only had her towel around her body but not too tight so if she moved you could see half her naked body she came to the front got a smoke and told Iz he can shower now.

So she went to the room to get dressed in her nighties and he went to shower while he was in the shower I went to Ch gave her a fast muff and told her she is not allowed to put on any underwear she must only wear a sleeping skirt her short one. So she did it and came to the front. And we sat and waited for him to come out of the shower, he came out also same as me with just a pt pants on. So I said let’s get in bed its getting late and we need to get some rest. (we only had 1 double bed and a broken couch chair so he had to sleep with us in the same bed. Ch was in the middle me on one side Iz on the other after about 5 or 10 minutes I started fondling her just to find his hand is already there.

We both started fingering her and kissing her she started getting so wet and horny that she started stripping us and saying shag me please both of u so we did, we fucked for about 2 hours than fell asleep naked I woke up about 5 in the morning to find her giving him a bj so I started muffing her to orgasm we turned her around so that she can be on her back and made turns in her pussy to fill her up, he pulled out and came on her and I came in her. We were all so exhausted from the sex we slept naked. The next morning Iz got in the shower and we were still in bed she gave me another BJ to say thanks for the 3some, Iz came out of the shower naked and she gave him a last bj just before he got dressed and he left to go back home.

After the 3 some we had a lot of fun with him and talking about sex what we did and what they did over the phone and pleased one another at the same time we both kept sending pics to him for about 2 months then stopped. And that was the last time they had sex or any communication I still speak to him from time to time.