29 Oct 2015

To make a video of yourself is not easy so we decide to get someone to do it for us but first a little of us we into the early 40s my wife is a redhead medium built with a size 46c breasts and a nice ass on the other hand I'm medium built look like I have spent some time in the gym but the age you can see is taking his toll.

So we got these very good friends and we decide to ask them but how do you ask your friends to make a adult movie if you haven't see them naked yet. So we decided to call them over for a braai and after a few drinks we will bring it up that we want to make a video and we decided that we want them to do it for us so we decided on a date to make sure that the kids is not around

Eventually we call them and arrange for a braai

That afternoon on the day decides they arrive lightly dress that time of the year it's very warm just so that the water in the pool can be tested

Know the lady let's call her R him L was already a few drinks strong and L just started to flirt with me but more bigmouth than anything else so after a few shooters the tongs getting loose and then I asked them if they would take a video of me and her having sex so after a few seconds R ask if we are serious what I answer yes we are so after we braai they said yes they wil and when so we decides what's wrong with right now we all had a few drinks and we went to our main bed room so out with the video camera and L was handling the camera so me and wife undress and me started kissing her and in the neck down to the nipels she lying on the bed me eating her pussy already soaking wet so the cam roling I can see that L is getting a uge tent in front of his pants so wife is checking it out and after a few seconds she pulled L closer to her and took out his rod without him rejecting and start to suck on his already hard on so When R saw what happens she started with my cock sucking my hard cock and playing with my balls she let go of my cock and start to undress and what a pair of boobs

Now the fucking starts

But that's for another time