Written by Doringrosie

11 Nov 2012

It started one night while we all out at a local bar... My brother in law was recently alone, so we were trying to cheer him up. I had allot to drink and knowing how much I love to suck dick, my husband said I know how we can cheer him up. So when he told me, I was ready to do anything I could to help him out. We all went back to our house for a few more drinks. I went our room to change clothes and found this little red nightie that my husband had never seen before either. When I walked into the room wearing this little thing I got their attention real quick. My brother in law said I better leave but I quickly said no! That this was for him also and it didn’t take him long to start taking off his clothes. As I began sucking his (I must say very large) dick my husband came up from behind and starting licking my clit. I sucked both them for hours it seemed while they took turns licking at my pussy then I was ready to ride. I straddled my brother in law and rode him like a wild woman, while my husband licked and sucked on my breast, It didn’t take him long to unload in my hot little pussy, then still bent over him my husband entered me from behind and pounded me hard and fast. I came like there were no tomorrow. My husband exploded in me harder than I have ever felt before. They played around for hours taking turns licking and fucking me in ever position possible, whenever they became limp and thought they'd had enough I would suck them hard again. I couldn’t get enough of these brothers. I have never came so much in one night before. I'd forgotten that we were helping out my brother in law and not me! We had nights like this and that went on for months even after he was with someone else. Having two brothers at the same time was like an extreme turn on and I couldn’t get enough of them. The day after our get together I would still be dripping cum out, I was so full of it. Hopefully we will be able to this soon again in our little circle. Right now I’m enjoying every minute of the two of them...