Written by Seb

10 Jun 2017

This is true story .

I am 50 year old divorced guy who frequents a local pub in Roodepoort . I know a few of the regulars there and I often have a few drinks with Simon a black guy who originates from Zimbabwe as he is a huge rugby fan and we have a lot to chat about . Last week I noticed a young Afrikaans couple in the bar and as the evening progressed we started chatting and the drinks flowed . Come closing time we headed to Simon's place accross the road for a night cap. We were all relaxing in his lounge and the girl started getting quite tipsy and flirty making comments how her husband is very inexperienced in bed . One thing led to another and the husband actually suggested that she fucks both Simon and myself . Before anything further could happen we ran out of mix for the drinks and the husband and myself decided to pop out to a nearby 24 hour garage as he seemed more interested in getting wasted than in anything else . We returned about 30 minutes later only to find the girl with only her top on and Simon busy fingering her.When she saw her hubby she just said" die Oom vinger my poesie lekker liefie, so wil he hulle moet my goed leer naai" .At this stage her husband was so drunk he just sat down and watched as we both took turns on her on the carpet in front of the couch . It didn't take him long to pass out and Simon and I fucked her solidly in all three holes for nearly three hours before finally fell asleep . I woke up about three hours later with the sun starting to shine through the window. The husband woke up more or less the same time and be noticed Simon and the wife was gone

We searched the flat and found them naked in his bed still fucking her slowly .After that night we hooked up with her again two days later but this time the husband stayed at home

She now wants to move in with Simon.