Written by Cheating Married Tales

09 Jul 2017

I had been married for 16 years. My husband travelled alot and left me alone..alot. One lonely night Whilst browsing an online site I placed an ad for fun. I received over 1000 replies. Was not interested in the typical response but rather someone who could hold a conversation

I made contact with a married man overseas...one email,two,10, whatsapps that moved to constant communication. I found myself tingling, waiting hanging onto every message. I had had only 1 sexual partner since marriage so I was curious to have sex with an uncut man. We had skype sex. Even to watching each other shower once.

He then arrived in South Africa and we met at a coffee shop . Chemistry was instant. We made out in a shopping center parking lot and he fingered me... I gave him a blow job in return....we moved to the shopping center bathroom but was disturbed so nothing happened...

We then met at a hotel. I wore a trench coat and hot underwear . It was straight out of a movie. We showered each other...and proceeded to fuck in the shower .. he sucked my pussy and I sucked his hard cock in exchange. We moved to the bed and came again... until spent. He had to leave coz his wife called.

We met again at his parents house whilst they were away. And fucked there.

Another time we met for coffee and drove to the airport hotel rooms. They rent these by the day ... the receptionist knew instantly we were there to fuck. It was such a hot feeling. We started kissing each other...I was so wet already ... we fucked each other in front of a mirror. The room had a ledge leading to the shower. He entered me from behind with his hard cock in front of the mirror and fucked me on the ledge. My boobs were in full view and he touched my clit whilst fucking me...I came. Over and over... for safety reasons he never came in me but I let him come on my boobs...

On our last meet we spent a night together. I drank one too many shooters and was horny as fuck and whilst getting frisky..got sick..that didnt go far and he was annoyed. I sucked him off as he was horny and hard.

We definetly had a sexual connection. Our time came to an end and he returnd overseas.

The messages diminished and we broke it off. My husband then found out about it... we have not broken up . He decided to forgive me. It has turned him into a sexual beast and revenge sex is the best kind.

We fuck daily ...if not every 2nd day. Drunk sex..sex on weed.. shower sex and he takes me whenever he wants. The hottest damn sex of my life ever.

Tips if you going to cheat

1. Shower always

2. Use cash

3. No perfume or lipstick

4. Wear a skirt for car sex

5. Make sure you are not social media friends so you dont get caught.

6. Dont get emotionally involved.

I enjoyed it whilst it lasted. It was hot but I would never do it again....