Written by Alicunt

11 Mar 2018

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and the pool was calling. Andy asked me to come over for a swim. He told me not to bother with a swimsuit as we were home alone.

It seemed like a great idea considering I had been to the beautician the day before and my body was totally smooth. I carry a few extra kilos but owned it. My 36 C breast had the perfect droop and I have medium sized, pink nipples. My pussy is very meaty, with my mound protruding considerably. My labia is at least 7cm long and full and looked like it was in a constant state of arousal. My clit was the size of a pea and my gash was always wet and ready.

I decided that since we were skinny dipping, i'd drive over in a very sheer, short kaftan that left nothing to the imagination.

As I walked into Andy's house, his eyes roamed over my body. His thick, long cock visibly twitched as he looked at me. "Almost exactly as I love you" he said. I asked what he meant and his response was for me to strip off.

Come here, he ordered, sit that hot ass down and spread your legs so I can get access to that big, went cunt of yours. I never argued with Andy because I was in for hours of absolute, x-rated pleasure.

As I sat down, I looked at his beautiful 9inch cock, ticker than my wrist with a huge, bulbous head that stretched my twat so wide, it burnt as the skin stretched. I slowly leaned forward and lucked the precum from his tip. Slowly, I wrapped around my own piece of heaven, sucking his massive cock, running my tongue all over his cock. I sucked hard enough that his cock made a plop sound as it came out of my mouth. I went lower and cocked his big hanging balls, the same balls that slap my ass as he fucks me.

Enough he said, open your legs and show me your wet pussy. I want to suck those juicy cunt lips and make them bigger.

Andy inserted two thick fingers into my dripping pussy hole. Aah he said, a hot, wet cunt as I expected. Did sucking my dick do that. Unable to speak. I just nodded. He lowered his mouth onto my pussy, licking, teasing my clit by circling it with his tongue. He pulled my clit into his mouth, sucking hard while pumping his fingers in and out of my pussy, hitting my G-spot. I felt my body shudder as I exploded in orgasm. My pussy throbbing, he lapped up all the juices I squirted out and moved to my pussy lips. Andy loves sucking and pulling them, making them so much longer. He also knew it would bring me to an even bigger orgasm.

I felt my velvet pussy lips being pulled into his mouth. Sucking, pulling and making me go wild. I know my lups would ve rubbing vetween my thighs for the next couple of days. He lifted his head and used both hands to pull my lips, stretch them so long and opening my pussy so wide, juat then, his son Dave walked in.

Oh shit Dad, im so sorry, ill come back. No, come back Andy said. We just having some fun. Andy instructed me to stay spread and got up with his huge erection dripping pre cum. Dave kept shifting his gaze between his Dads cock but spent more time looking at my exposed, dripping pussy.

What do you need son? Dave needed a contract signed. Well let me have a look. In the meantime, get between Charlie's legs and keep that cunt wet and entertained. This might take a while for me to read and I dont want her drying out or getting bored. Plus those pussy lips need alot more stretching and sucking. Dave looked at both pf us in shock and we both said, "well, what are you waiting for?"

Dave rubbed his cock, stripped and dove into my pussy woth gusto. It felt so erotic having my boyfriends son eating my pussy. He was as good as his Dad. Instead of 2 fingers, Dave stuck 4 fingers in me and sucked my entirw pussy into his mouth. He sucked my lips and I came so hard, I squirted all over his face.

Dave couldn't hold back any longer and told me to mount his cock so he could fuck me. I looked to Andy and said to go ahead and that he would come and take over soon. Dave was slightly thinner than Andy and fit nicely.

I rode hia hard cock for about 15min when Andy was back telling Dave to hand over his cunt. Dave looked disappointed. Relax son, she prefers me in her pussy, u take her ass, the lube is on the side.

Soon I was being double penetrated, being fuxked by father and son. Eventually, their cocks working in synchronicity caused alll three of us to orgasms. As they pulled out, their thick, hot cum poured out of me. I couldn't wait for round 2.