Written by faheem

17 Jul 2012

Terri has worked in our firm about two years now. We’ve become pretty good friends since then as

we have worked on several projects together. We would go to lunch together a good bit and discuss

work, our families and spouses. Terri is a very good-looking woman in her mid-40’s, nice trim body

that she keeps fit with a mighty fine ass and great legs. Over the past few months our conversations

had become deeper and more personal. She started asking me about my marriage and our

relationship. She even started asking me about our fantasies and if we had ever tried various things.

It wasn’t so much prying into what we did but she was asking to compare it to her and her husband’s


Terri started telling me more about some of her and her husband’s fantasies. She was telling me that

they both get really turned on for her to “accidentally” let other guys get a peak at her either up her

skirt or a delivery guy seeing her in her panties and bra or some other similar scenario. She would tell

me about these happenings and then ask if I thought that was bad or did I think she was a slut for

doing this. I told her no way, if it makes you and your husband happy then go for it. “It sounds pretty

damn hot to me,” I added. You see, Terri and her husband are basically pretty conservative people

from what I could tell and these little thrills were a big stretch for them. She asked me if I would get

turned on for my wife to get seen naked or partial naked by another guy. I told her that I would and

the idea is really hot but my wife would not go for that.

One Monday, Terri came in to work and was just beaming and told me that she really needed to talk

to me at lunch. Lunchtime rolled around and we went out to a local sandwich shop. “So what’s the

news you have for me? Did you flash some unsuspecting guy this weekend?” I asked. She chuckled

and said, “No, better. Our neighbor Mark felt me up in the hot tub Saturday night.”

She went on to tell me that she and her husband went to a neighbor’s house for dinner and they all

ended up on the hot tub. After a few drinks the guy started rubbing up to her, first his leg rubbed up

against hers and then his hand found its way to her thigh. This startled her and she didn’t know what

to do. She looked at her husband Dan but he didn’t know anything was going on. His attention was

focused on talking to Mark’s wife Sandy and her big boobs that were barely covered by her little bikini

top. Terri knew that she should move Mark’s hand away but it did feel so good there and she was

enjoying the attention. Maybe it was the wine, she didn’t know but she let his hand stay even though

he was now rubbing it up and down her thigh. Soon Mark’s hand slipped down between Terri’s legs

and she jumped a little from the surprise. She knew that this was getting a little too friendly and she

should stop it now, but instead she spread her legs slightly. What was she doing she thought, she

was letting her neighbor feel between her legs as her husband was three feet way in the hot tub with

them. But guilt became secondary when Mark’s finger moved her bikini bottom aside and found her

clean-shaved and now juicy pussy lips. The electricity shot through her from her clit up through her

body. As he rubbed her clit she could feel her breathing getting heavier, her toes were curling up as

she was headed to her peak. Her fear that Dan and Sandy would get wise to the happenings brought

her back to reality, so she closed her legs and pushed Mark’s hand away. She sat there and chugged

the rest of her glass of wine. She and Mark continued to talk but she couldn’t look him in the eye. She

wondered if she had done the right thing by stopping. It felt so good but she knew it was so wrong.

The rest of the night was uneventful and soon she suggested to Dan that they get home.

The next morning she woke early with feelings of guilt but also with wetness down below as she

thought about Mark playing with her clit. As she sat in bed drinking a cup of coffee her hand almost

instinctively made its way into her pajama pants and rubbed that wetness a bit as Dan was asleep

next to her. Her rubbing grew quicker and she put two fingers deep inside. She needed to cum but

didn’t want to risk waking Dan. As she was reaching her climax she was struggling to muffle her

sounds and restrain her legs from shaking, as the peak was so intense. She hadn’t had an orgasm

like that in sometime. Minutes later Dan woke up and Terri got them both a cup of coffee. As they sat

there in bed she began to tell Dan what had happened under the water in the hot tub. Terri was

expecting Dan to get mad at Mark but instead he was getting aroused as she detailed the way Mark’s

hand was roaming under water and playing with her pussy. Dan’s cock was growing as she told her

story. They began to talk about the possibility of Terri actually having sex with another guy and they

both were getting very aroused and ended up “fucking like we were on our honeymoon” as she

described it.

“Do you think I’m sleazy by letting Mark do that?” Terri asked me. “Like I’ve told you before, if you and

Dan are OK with it then that’s all that matters. No, I don’t think you are wrong or sleazy by doing that.

You enjoyed it didn’t you?” was my reply. “Oh yes, it felt SO good when he was rubbing me down


“And listening to your story has been a stimulating lunch for me and I might just have to do some

rubbing of my own when I get home,” I said.

“Oh my,” is all she said blushingly.

“We did have some more discussion later in the day about me having sex with another man and Dan

watching. He thinks that would be a huge turn-on, but I don’t know if I’m ready for that.”

“Do you need a volunteer?” I asked as I raised my hand.

“Really?” You would? Well, I will keep that in mind if we ever really pursue the idea. “ She said with a

little laughter in her voice.

“Would you want to let your wife have sex with another man as you watched?” She asked.

“I don’t how I would feel about that. I think it would be hot and I have thought about sometimes. But I

don’t think she would never go for that. The most exciting sex she wants is doing it on our boat out on

the lake in the middle of the day.” I said. “But that volunteer offer is still there for ya,” I added jokingly.

Over the next couple of months, Terri and I didn’t have much time to talk. We were both very busy on

separate projects but occasionally we did go to lunch together. Terri never did bring up any more

discussions of her and Dan’s fantasies during this time and I didn’t mention the subject either.

Well summer is here now and that means getting out on the lake for some boating. Like I said, my

wife’s Jill’s biggest turn on is for us to take the boat out, find an empty cove, and drop anchor and

play. She loves to get naked and swim, lay out in the sun, drink a little wine and of course we end up

having some great sex.

Jill knew of Terri but had never met her. In my discussions with her about my work I had talked about

Terri and us working together and going to lunch together sometimes. So one night during dinner Jill

said why don’t you invite your friend Terri and her husband out here this Saturday and let’s spend the

day on the water. “That sounds good, I’ll talk to her tomorrow about it.” My guess is that Jill was

thinking that it was about time that she meets this woman that I spend a lot of time with at work.

Terri was excited when I asked her about them coming out to the lake. “I was wondering if we would

ever get an invite out to your lake. We will be there Saturday morning and look forward to it. Dan

loves being on the water.”

Saturday morning arrived and Terri and Dan arrived about 10:00 AM. We loaded up a cooler full of

beer, wine and food onto the boat and headed off to find a cove to anchor in. After cruising around

showing Terri and Dan some of the lake we found a good cove to drop anchor.

I popped the top on a couple of beers for Dan and poured some wine for the girls and it was time to

chill and enjoy the day.

Being a hot, sunny day it didn’t take long before the girls decided it was time to get in the water and

cool off. As Terri bent over to get a float her beautiful ass was pointed straight at me and she

thankfully took her sweet time in that position. This gave me a great view that I took advantage of as I

could see a little pussy lip escaping from the small bikini bottom she had on. I glanced over at Dan to

see if he noticed me looking at his wife and he was just grinning at me. So, I guess that he does enjoy

having guys having a peek at her.

So the girls swam about in the water and laid out on floats as Dan and I drank our beer and talked

college football. After awhile Jill called to me to refill their cups with more wine. I got up and grabbed

the wine bottle from the cooler went to side of the boat to pour their wine and got a very pleasant

surprise. Both girls had taken off their tops. I said, “Well I see that y’all have gotten more


“I was telling Terri how we like to come here sometimes and skinny dip and play so we just decided

that we would get started. “ Jill replied.

“Hey, you wont hear any complaining from us will they Dan?”

“No complaining here, y’all look really good there.” Said Dan

And they did look good. I couldn’t keep from staring at Terri laying there with her nice tits exposed in

the sunshine. I’m guessing she is about a nice B-cup, her nipples are perfect size and very erect and

she had very nice tan lines. Here was a woman that I had worked with for almost two years in the

office and now I was looking at her; bare-chested laying there with a wine glass in one hand while the

other slashes water on her to cool her off. And more than likely to tease me some more.

Dan and I decided that it was time to get wet so we dove in and played around with our wives in the

water. Jill slid off of her raft to get in the water with me. She hugged me and planted a big kiss on me

with her bare tits pressed against me. She reached down and started to rub my cock through my

shorts. I couldn’t believe this is my wife. First, to be topless out here in front of another man and now

kissing on me and playing with my cock in front of a couple she had just met two hours ago. I glanced

over at Terri and Dan and they are in the water playing too. I could tell that everyone was loosening

up good. Jill reached down inside my shorts and wrapped her hand around me and started stroking

me. She whispered in my ear, “Isn’t this fun? I like your friends.” She gave my cock one more hard

squeeze then pulled her hand out of my shorts and went back to her float. What a tease!

After several minutes of this playing, Dan climbed the ladder to the boat and said that he needs

another beer and asked if I wanted one. “Sure, I’ll come up there and get it.”

Soon after, Jill and Terri climbed aboard also with their bikini tops in their hands. After drying off a

little and getting another glass of wine Terri came and sat down on the bench seat that I was on and

Jill sat down in the front of the boat where Dan was.

“Well, Terri how do you like it our here on our lake? I told you it was nice didn’t I?” I asked.

“Oh, this is really nice. The water is great and I like how it is not too crowded and we can find a

private little cove like this.” She replied. “And it’s looking like you and Dan are liking something from

the looks of the bulge in your swim trunks.”

We all let out a laugh and Dan spoke up, “You can’t blame us with you two good-looking things sitting

there with your boobs out and teasing us like you are.”

Jill chimed in with, “How come Terri and I are sitting here with our tits out and y’all aren’t showing us

any of your goods.”

“We have our tops off too.” I said with a grin.

“Doesn’t count.” Said Terri, “Get those shorts off, it’s only fair. “

“Well, if Dan and I take our shorts off we will be naked but y’all wont.” The words weren’t out of my

mouth good and Terri stood up and wiggled out of her little bikini bottom. “Come on big boy, off with

yours now.” She said looking at me.

I was staring at her clean-shaven pussy and hardly heard what she said but without even thinking

about it I stood up and pulled my shorts off and kicked them over to her. She picked them up and

spun them around on a fingertip as if they were a prize.

Jill drank down the rest of her wine and said, “I think I want to join this party, how about you Dan?”

And then pulled her bottoms off exposing her shaven pussy with just a little landing strip at above.

Dan just sat there mainly watching his wife dancing around shaking her ass in the back of the boat

with me. I looked in his direction to get his response to Terri’s action just in time to see my wife Jill

telling him, “Come on Dan and join the party, “ as she tugged at the waistband of his shorts. It

definitely must have been the wine that was loosening her up. Dan pulled his shorts down without

saying a thing trying to keep an eye on Terri and I and also taking peeks at Jill who is now refilling her

wine glass.

“You alright up there babe?” I asked Jill.

“Oh I am doing just fine, just enjoying the view honey and having fun.” Jill replied.

I reached into the cooler and got me a beer and handed another to Dan who hadn’t spoken a word

but was keeping an eye on Terri.

Before I sat back down Terri reached out and wrapped her hand around my cock that was standing

out straight and gave it a couple of slow strokes. “Jill, I think that Mike likes the view too.”

Jill answered, “Yes, I see he does. It would be a shame for that hard dick to go to waste wouldn’t it


As if that was a signal Terri pushed me down on the seat and got down on her knees in front of me

never losing grip on my cock. She continued to stroke me real slow. She looked up at me, “That feel

good Mike?” “Oh yes Terri, that feels awesome.”

I looked at the front of the boat to see Jill now had her legs spread and was slowly rubbing her clit as

she continued to sip from her wine glass all the while watching Terri playing with my dick. Dan was

pulling on his cock watching his wife plays with me.

Terri stuck her tongue out and lightly licked the head of my dick cleaning the pre-cum off as she

looked at me and gave me a wink. She then ran her tongue down the backside of my cock to my

clean-shaven balls then up again to the head. Once at the head she opened her mouth and took it all

in, down as far as she could go. Oh, her wet mouth felt so good on me. She pulled up to the head and

just sucked real hard. Again she looked up at me and winked. I thought I was going to blow my load

right then. She definitely knew what she was doing. This was not the shy, seemingly straight-laced

woman I knew at work. I reached down and began rubbing one of her erect nipples and she reached

down and began playing with her pussy. Terri had my balls in her hand and massaged them then she

ran her tongue down my shaft until she could suck a ball in her mouth. “Mmm, oh that’s good Terri.”

She then wrapped her lips around me again and I grabbed her head and bobbed it up and down on

my shaft. I saw her hand moving faster on her clit. Her moans with my cock still in her mouth felt so


I looked at Jill and she now had two fingers buried deep in her pussy and I could see the wetness

shining in the sunlight. Her other hand was massaging a tit. Dan was stroking his cock and he was

focused on his wife sucking on this other man’s cock that he had just met.

Terri took my dick out of her mouth, looked up at me and said, “You ready to fuck my wet cunt now?”

“Oh hell yes I’m ready.” Terri turned her head to look Dan in the eye as if to say, “here it comes babe,

this is what you have been wanting.” I looked at Jill with a questioning look for approval and she

looked back with a smile, took her fingers out of her pussy and licked her juices.

Terri got up and turned around, sat back on me and began rubbing her ass in my hard cock. I could

feel her wet pussy sliding up and down my hardness. “Oh my God.” She moaned. I guided my cock to

her pussy lips. She rocked back and forth for a bit rubbing her clit and pussy lips on me. Then she

thrust herself down onto my hard member and let out “Oh my God, Oh Yes, Fuck me!” I grabbed her

by her hips and pushed up against her as hard as I could each time she sat down on my dick. We

were both sweating profusely and the boat was rocking. You could hear her ass slapping down on me

with each thrust. I looked down and watched her pussy slide up and down my shaft, her juices

covering me. I could feel her pussy tighten around me and she was bouncing faster and faster and

then she sat down hard and held that position. She grabbed my legs and held on tight as her body

shook. “Oh YES, yes, YES!”

“Oh my, damn that was good. Whew.” Terri said struggling to catch her breath. She remained sitting

on my cock buried deep in her wet pussy. I had my arms wrapped around her and was massaging

her tits.

She lifted her head and looked at Jill who had been rubbing her own clit while watching the fucking

going on in the back of the boat. “Jill baby, I think that Dan needs some help there.” Terri said.

“It would be my pleasure Terri, that dick of his looks yummy.” My wife replied.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, here was my wife kneeling down in front of another man stroking his hard

cock and licking the head.

Terri began to rock back and forth on my cock still buried deep in her while she watched her husband

getting his cock sucked. Jill was now bobbing her head up and down in Dan’s cock sucking it good

like I know she can.

I needed to fuck Terri’s pussy some more so I pulled her down to the bench seat and spread her legs

wide. As I looked down at that wet pussy of hers, it just looked so good I had to taste it. So I got down

on my knees and ran my tongue from her cute little brown hole up to her swollen clit. “Oh yes Mike,”

she called out. My tongue flicked her button from side to side then I sucked it in my mouth and teased

it with my tongue some more. Terri was able to reach down and grab my cock and was rubbing the

head. I knew I couldn’t last much longer like this and so I somewhat reluctantly left the sweet musky

taste of her pussy that I had my face buried into so I could penetrate it once more.

My cock easily slid right in her very wet pussy and after a few slow, shallow strokes I began thrusting

deep and hard. I needed to cum and I felt it building.

Dan had Jill lying down on the floor. He was on her and I watched as his cock slid into my wife Jill’s

pussy. Terri quickly glanced at them and watched them fuck as I was thrusting harder and harder into

her pussy. She then wrapped her arms around me and pulled me tightly to her. “Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh

Fuck!” She said, wrapping her legs around my waist as I felt my first eruption of cum empty into her. I

grabbed her hips and held her into me as another stream pulsed from my cock into her wetness. Her

legs were wrapped around me and had me held tight as a vise. We lay there; both my cock and her

pussy were throbbing as they were interlocked. Sweat covered our bodies.

The boat was still rocking and it reminded us to look at our spouses who were deep into their own

ecstasy. Jill now had gotten on top of Dan and was riding him, grinding her pussy onto his cock. I

could tell that she was about to cum as she was quickening her thrusts with her ass. Soft moans were

coming from Jill as she rode his cock. She leaned down on him and grabbed him around the neck

and held tight. His hips rose up to meet her pussy. “Oh God.” Jill yelled as I could see her driving her

pussy down on Dan’s cock. Her ass cheeks quivered as she came hard. Dan let out a loud moan as

he came, shooting his juice into Jill’s pussy.

“Oh my gosh.” Is all Jill could say as she was still slowly moving her hips on Dan.

We all four stayed in our positions coupled together in bliss that we all individually had fantasized

about. The boat was still slowly rocking.

After several minutes of somewhat awkward silence, I said, “I need a beer and a dip in the lake to

cool down.”

“That sounds good. “ Dan said as Jill crawled off of him with cum dripping down her leg.

I handed him a beer and took a big chug from mine. I looked around and saw no boats around so I

jumped in the water to cool off. Closely followed by Dan. He and I just looked at each other and

grinned and I knew that we were all cool about what had just happened. I looked up at the boat and

Jill and Terri were standing there each with a bottled water in hand talking. Soon the two naked

women hugged and then jumped in the water with us.

Jill swam over to me hugged me and wrapped her legs around my waist placing my semi-hard cock

against her swollen pussy. “When we get home tonight, I want you to fuck my pussy so hard. You

looked so hot fucking Terri.”

“You got it babe, you gonna fuck me hard like you just did Dan?”

“What do you think?”