24 Aug 2016

Sooo for a very long time me and the wife wanted to try some dogging, sooo the closest we got was to watch a guy wank while we watched in a graveyard, and that exploded us creatively on how, what, and where - and graveyard dude - if you ever read this we would love you to watch and wank next time while we are at it. So a couple contacted us for dogging and wife was not available, but they said that's cool, i can still cum watch as they prefer it that way, so met up in what seemed like a very dodgy spot, but when nature calls - well let's just say i felt like Tarzan with my cock out yelling his awesome cry aaaaaahhahhaaaaa-haaahaaahaahaaaaaa. First the hot woman went down on the guy for a while and i was in my car watching from the passenger side while she was kneeling in the doggy position, the guy's hand was stretching her open for me to enjoy a great show, he then got out and so did she, he bent her over the seat and fucked her so inspiringly i had to hold back not to cum, he then got out the way and started playing with her beautiful wet pussy and i couldn't keep it in any longer so i tried to stop but my cock had a mind of its own and rebelled against my wishes, watching her open and vulnerable like that ..... well i just came all over my steering wheel, the guy then turned her a little and fucked her some more and this time i had a great view from the side wow wow wow!! He then gave it his all while she was moaning so sexy i got hard again......... so dogging is alive and well and i loved every second of it. Thanks to my first couple, you guys were rock stars!!