Written by kobusneimand

27 Nov 2014

I invite you and Johan over for dinner one night. On arrival you see Mark, Devon, myself, Bruce, Leighton and Carlos in the lounge. We sit around having a couple of drinks talking. It doesn’t dawn on you till we are about to start dinner that you are the only girl, and a fucking hot sexy one at that!

As we are about to sit down for dinner I announce to you that we are going to play strip dinner!! (Everyone is in on it except you so it’s a bit of a surprise). This involves all members removing some clothing for each course of dinner. All the guys have been dying to see your sexy little body under those tight clothes you’ve got on. So before starters we all have to remove our tops, you seem a bit shy and weary at first but then decide to play along, so off comes, with the help from some of the guys, your tight little black top. We are all rewarded with a view of a beautiful full set of tits in a sexy black bra with a sexy tight stomach leading our eyes further down. We convince you that since we are completely topless you need to be as well!!! So you slowly unclip the clip on your bra and allow your big firm round tits to hang free.

You seem very self conscious at first with all of us and just you. But all the guys have well built bodies and the guys are getting SO horny now the conversation during starters is one tracked. …..Sex! But its just general chat and joking about it, nothing too serious. We all sit chatting and drinking.

After starters we all sit and chat for a while before getting up and clearing the table for main course, we all seem pretty relaxed now and you are strolling around quite confidently while you drive us wild with that sexy body, leaning between us to pick up plates and fill drinks. The guys are a bit nervous to touch you just yet, but are really enjoying the view as you lean over.

Mains start, now you are wondering what's next?

Before main’s is served we need to remove some more clothing………. So off come the pants! All the guys stand up and pull their pants off… you sit there staring at all our hard-ons in our underwear and you get this flash through your mind of what it would be like to shag all of us. The thought makes you SO TOTALLY horny. You sit there not quite sure where this will lead to but decide “what the hell”

We all watch as you get up from your seat and slowly unzip your pants and pull them down over your sexy slim thighs. Your pants are tight and you battle to pull them off but you manage. We all stand there staring at your hot sexy little body, wearing a petite little g-string. You’ve got enough courage now and you do a slow turn showing off your body to us and casually say “enjoying this boys?” with a naughty smile on your face. We all laugh at your comment as you sit down wearing just our underwear.

We eat main course with one topic of conversation…..shagging!….. and how the 6 of us are going to shag your brains out and fill your sexy hot tight little body with loads of hot cum! You think it’s very naughty but all clean good fun and think nothing more will come of it so you play along innocently, teasing us with different positions you’d like us to shag you in and how you’d love to be covered in all the hot cum. We are all admiring your beautifully toned, tight, sexy little body, wondering if you can handle 6 big cocks?

At the end of mains we are all quite relaxed again and help clear the table for dessert. Now you seem to be a bit worried as you realize that you’ve been teasing us and we are so totally horny for you and you’ll need to take off your last item of clothing… but then you think so will we!!! And from what you can see under our underwear you might just enjoy the view, as we sure will enjoy you…..

So as dessert is about to be served I say that it’s time to remove the last of the clothes. You watch on, excited to see all our ROCK HARD cocks. As we all take our underwear off, you get a wave of butterflies through your body, looking at 7 Hard COCKS, each guy shaven. We all wait for you, who seems a bit nervous of what the outcome might be. You need some encouragement but it adds to the fun of it…. We even offer to help but you assure us it’s quite fine, you can manage!!

You are facing all of us as you slide your thumbs into the straps of your g-string and slowly wiggle it down. We can start to see the makings of a very neatly shaved strip but as you slide the g-string further down you keep your legs straight as you bend down to slide your g-string off, we can’t see anything except a set of very long slim legs, a very curvaceous back and hips as you are bending in the way. As you stand up you reveal a perfectly shaved brazilian leading down to a very cute little pussy that is already glistening wet! We all stand there for a moment in awe as we admire your completely naked, perfectly shaped body, with your tight little brazilian shaved pussy, firm tits and very sexy glisening wet pussy. Your body is just oozing sex appeal. Someone cracks a sexual joke and we all laugh, breaking the silence.

We all manage to contain ourselves as we sit down to eat dessert.

You are sitting between Bruce and Devon at the table and can’t stop staring at their hard cocks, and Devons completely clean shaven! Johan notices that you are enjoying the view asks if you’d like to feel their hard cocks? You say “Mmmmmm, that sounds excellent” you pause for a moment, not quite sure and then lean over, taking his big hard cock in your hand and rubbing it slowly as we all watch in anticipation that you are going to suck him, but you don’t. Bruce leans over and runs his hand up your sexy flat stomach and over your boobs. As he does this your stomach gets butterflies and you say to him jokingly “now now, you can play later, eat your dessert” and you sit up and take a slow lick of your ice cream off your spoon.

The conversation is even more sexual now with everyone naked and as horny as hell, you included. You are teasing us so much with your talk, its driving us all wild. But we are not convinced yet that you have bought into the “shag all of us, fill you up with cum” idea yet. During dessert you decide that you need some fun. So you take some of your ice cream and smear it over your big firm tits, You ask Bruce and Devon to lick it off, they both lean in slowly lick your nipples clean as you sit there holding their heads, looking at the other guys, as you get these 2 to run there tongue over your sexy firm tits. Some of the ice cream melts and runs down your tummy into your brazilian, Devon slowly slides his tongue down your sexy tummy to lick it up, you groan a very quiet groan as you feel his tongue slide further down your body, his hand running up your inner leg as he does. He slowly licks your brazilian clean and runs his tongue back up your stomach, gives you gentle kiss on the lips and turns back to eat his dessert. But you are so horny you feel like you gonna explode with just the thought of having 6 naked, willing guys at your peril. We finish dessert and the conversation carries on as it has been, but now you know that what we have been saying about filling you with hot cum wasn’t just idle talk, we meant it!! The thought drives you totally wild and you can’t resist our big hard cocks anymore.

You down the last of your wine and slide your chair back slightly, we all think you are getting up, but you don’t…….. You lean over and take Bruce’s cock in you hand, noticing his short shaven hair, you lean over more as you slide his rock hard cock slowly into your mouth. Bruce gasps as he feels your tongue slide up and down his cock. You feel his cock swell and harden quickly in your mouth as he sits there enjoying the blow job.

With you leaning over on your side in your chair Devon had a perfect view of your cute little bum and wet little pussy. Suddenly you feel a hand caressing your arse as you suck Bruce. Devon slowly slides his hand down your arse and over your tight wet pussy lips. He starts caressing your pussy with his hand as your rhythm on Bruce continues. Devon then lifts your top leg up, spreading your legs and rolling you slightly onto your back. As he lifts your leg we all get a very good look at your hot wet steamy pussy. Devon holds your one leg up as you feel him caressing your pussy, his finger running between the lips. He then slides his finger into your wet pussy, and you moan with delight as he slides his finger in and out your steamy wet pussy. Devon starts to lick your clit while he still slowly slides his finger in n out your wet hot pussy. Bruce’s cock is rock hard now as you suck him while he caresses your big firm tits gently. The thought of what is happening is too much and you feel this feeling building in you as you start to climax. You groan with pleasure as you feel it building higher and higher. You start sucking Bruce’s cock harder n harder, you on the edge as Devon gives your clit one last lick it pushes you over the edge and you let out this deep moan as your back arches and you EXPLODE in a huge orgasm, unable to scream as Bruce’s cock is deep in your mouth, you writhe in pleasure as you let go completely, sucking Bruce’s cock so hard n fast forcing your pussy into Devon’s face as you continue to cum, your body quivering in exctasy. Your rhythm slows as the orgasm subsides and you slowly recover from it.

Once you have recovered you sit up, push Bruce’s chair back. You stand over him and holding his rock HARD COCK in your hand you guide it slowly into your wet hot tight little pussy. You sit down on him slowly allowing his cock to slowly slide into you, you quiver at the enjoyment of having his hard cock filling up your pussy. You get a nice slow long rhythm going with Bruce as Mark and Devon come and stand either side of Bruce’s chair, you take their cocks in your hands as Bruce’s hold your hips and helps control your rhythm of his hard cock sliding in n out your tight little pussy. You lean over to Mark's side and take his rock hard cock in your mouth, you run your tongue up n down his shaft as you slide his cock deep into your mouth. You take a moment to get used to the feeling of having a big hard cock in your wet little pussy and your mouth at the same time. Once you get the hang of it you swop over and start sucking Devon’s cock. Johan and I are standing there watching you swallow these 3 cocks like a pro as we caress your firm little body with our hands, my hands running down over your bum and massaging it as you slide up n down on Bruce’s cock! Johan caressing your boobs. You back to sucking Mark and start to wonder what you are going to do when Bruce wants to cum, hoping he’ll last a while longer, you carry on sucking n fucking the 3 of them. Then you feel Bruce’s cock start swell, his pace starts to quicken and before you can really think about it he lets out this groan as he forces his ROCK HARD SWOLLEN COCK deep into your tight wet pussy. With his last thrust you feel him EXPLODE his HOT CUM deep in your pussy as you suck Mark harder and deeper you groan with the thought of the naughtiness of the situation. You can feel Bruce’s pulsating swollen cock drenching the inside of your pussy as he sprays his hot cum into you. You love the feeling of having a guy cum deep in your tight little pussy.

You sit up with this naughty grin on your face as you realize “what you do for one you must do for all!!” and will now have 6 guys filling your tight hot wet pussy with loads of hot wet CUM, you get butterflies at the thought of the naughtiness factor!

You slide up n down Bruce’s pulsing cock allowing him to recover from his explosion and you are enjoying him still shagging you while his cum slowly leaks past your tight lips, lubricating as it does, running over his shaven cock and balls.

You slide off Bruce slowly holding his cock as you do so.

You then stand up and sit on the edge of the dinner table, placing each foot on a chair with your legs spread open, inviting the next cock in. Your brazilian shaved pussy is now dripping wet with a load of hot cum as it runs down onto your arse. Mark steps forward and guiding his cock, slowly pushes it against your cum covered lips, they part and we all watch as his big hard cock disappears into your pussy. You lean back arching your back as you lie down on the edge of the table, Mark sets good rhythm, sliding his cock in n out your cum drenched pussy. Johan and Carlos come stand next to the table at your head, you look at Carlos’s cock, completely shaven smooth, his balls as well. You can’t believe how HUGE it is, you wonder if it’s going to fit into your tight little pussy……. But you take their cocks in your hand and start to suck them slowly anyway. You are groaning as Mark fucks you while you suck Carlos’s MONSTER cock, enjoying how smooth it feels completely shaven, as your fingers caress his balls. I caress your firm tits and stomach. Your tits are bouncing in perfect rhythm as Marks pace is perfect for you. After a while of sucking Johan and Carlos’s cocks, you feel Mark starting to swell, you know what’s about to happen and the thought of a second guy cumming in your tight pussy starts to push you over the edge. Marks pace quickens as both your orgasms build rapidly. You arch your back more to try to get every last bit of feeling out of Mark's HARD cock. Mark starts to thrust hard as he’s on the verge of exploding. You feel this hot wave flow through your body as you start to EXPLODE in an orgasm, your pussy tightens around Marks swollen cock and it pushes him over the edge as he EXPLODES his load of hot CUM deep into your pussy. You both let out a scream of delight as you cum together thrusting against each other as you feel his cock spraying loads of hot cum into your tight little pussy, forcing more cum out, With every thrust Mark slams up tight against you with his pelvis and forces more cum out your drenched pussy and all over your now drenched lips, bum and inner thighs! Marks slows down and recovers with a slow deep pace, you groan as you start sucking Carlos’s monster cock again knowing that you are going to fuck his HUGE cock next! Mark slides slowly out of your cum drenched pussy.

You sit up and look down at your pussy, it’s covered it hot wet cum……. And you love it!!

You get off the table and kneel on one of the chairs but face the table (and over the corner so you can suck cock while having it doggy style!)

You wait (a bit nervously) for Carlos to walk around behind you; he puts his one hand on your arse as he holds his cock in the other to guide it in. We all wonder if his MASSIVE HARD COCK is going to fit into that cute tight little cum filled brazilian shaved pussy! You look over your shoulder as he presses his HUGE cock against your cum drenched pussy lips, your lips part as his head slowly disappears into your pussy. You feel your pussy swell as his hard shaft slides into you, forcing some more cum out. It feels SO SO good to have such a huge cock in your pussy and you let off a small groan of delight. Your tight little pussy swallows the ENTIRE length of his HUGE cock like a champion and you start groaning as you feel his MONSTER COCK slide in n out your tight little pussy, rubbing your G SPOT with every stroke. his smooth skin, pushing up tight against your arse as He starts off with slow, deliberate strokes. You look forward to see whose big hard cock you can swallow. Devon and Johan are standing there waiting to feel your tongue running up n down their shafts as Carlos fucks you! You’re barely able to concentrate on sucking them as you can stop thinking about how well your pussy swallowed Carlos’s cock and how good it feels to have such a HUGE cock fill you up as you’ve never had such a big cock in that cute, tight, little pussy before! But you suck Johan and Devon like a Pro, loving the short shaved feeling of his cock, and long slow deep strokes in rhythm to Carlos, groaning with every time Carlos slides his HUGE cock into your TIGHT little pussy. Carlos’s cock is so MASSIVE that it forces almost all the cum past your now super tight lips and out your pussy. You can feel it running down your lips into your brazilian. Suddenly you feel a familiar feeling…… you realize that I am fingering your cum drenched clit, watching Carlos’s cock slide in n out your swollen little pussy. I can’t believe that your tight little pussy manages to swallow such a huge cock with such ease. The feeling of Carlos’s MASSIVE COCK fucking you and me fingering your drenched clit is too much and you can feel a MASSIVE orgasm coming on. You feel it building slowly deep inside you. You start to thrust back against Carlos, your groans intensify, the pace quickens. Carlos can feel the orgasm coming on and starts to thrust harder and faster. As you feel the orgasm building, Johan grabs you around the throat and starts to asphixiate you. The sensation grows rapidly now and you know it’s going to be a big one! You start sucking Devon’s cock harder and deeper now, you want more cock! You can’t get enough! You feel Carlos’s cock starting to swell, you know he’s close too! His cock swells more and it starts pushing you over the edge, you can’t hold back anymore and are going to explode. You give a final few thrusts back as Carlos thrusts his MASSIVE COCK deep into your pussy, you tighten your pussy muscles around his cock, Carlos feels this and is so close he just lets go. You let out this scream as you EXPLODE in the HUGEST orgasm. As you feel this hot flush run through your body, quivering in pleasure and groaning with delight as you feel Carlos’s cock give a hard thrust, pressing his pelvis up tight against your cute little arse, his cock swells, pulses and EXPLODES a load of HOT, WET CUM deep into that tight little orgasming pussy of yours, the feeling of his MASSIVE cock EXPLODING deep in your tight pussy, Johan, asphixiating you and Devons cock in your mouth intensifies your orgasm and you let off this huge scream as he cums, thrusting hard against his cock as your back arches and you EXPLODE in a second orgasm, harder than the first one! Your whole body tensing up, you feel his cock pulse again and EXPLODE a second load, spraying it deep into you. You feel him thrust deep again, pressing up tight against your arse, his cock pulsing and EXPLODING a 3rd load of hot cum deep into your now completely cum drenched super tight orgasming hot pussy! Forcing more cum out your pussy as he sprays more hot cum into your tight cock filled pussy. As he cums with the third load you feel your orgasm subsiding and go weak at the knees, but Carlos holds you up.

That was the HUGEST orgasm you’ve ever had, along with the HUGEST cock in your pussy and the HUGEST load of cum in your pussy!!

Carlos allows both of you to recover as he slows his strokes to a slow deep motion as you groan while slowly sucking Devon’s cock again. You can feel all the hot cum oozing slowly out of your cum filled little pussy and running down into your brazilian. Carlos slides his swollen cock out your tight cum drenched pussy. You look back at his cock and him, saying “Fuck! That was excellent!!” and can’t believe how good his huge cock felt in you.

Devon walks around behind you and guides his cock slowly into your swollen, cum drenched, tight little pussy. You start sucking Johan again as Devon sets up a rhythm. After a short time Devon stops and pulls out, you think nothing of it and carry on sucking Johan. You feel him start again, but it’s a very different rhythm. After a while you look back and see it’s not Devon shagging you but……. Craig! He was never at dinner and the surprise gives this naughty groan and smile as it feels so good to fuck him! You look forward and see Johan,You take his hard cock and slide it slowly into your mouth, he gives a small groan as he feels your tongue and lips slide up and down his hardening shaft. You are really enjoying having all these cocks at your peril. After a while of getting a good rhythm going between Johan and Devon you start to feel Craig thrusting harder into your drenched pussy. You know he’s about to cum, you feel his cock start to swell and his thrusts start to go deep and hard. As he’s about to cum you feel him pull out and EXPLODE his load of hot, wet cum onto your arse, pussy and a bit onto your back! Some of what lands on your arse slowly run down between your bum cheeks over your arse and onto your pussy as you suck Johan’s hard cock. You know Craig is completely drenching your arse and pussy in HOT WET CUM!.... and you love it!!!.... you feel it running down your sexy bum, over your drenched pussy and dripping off! You don’t wanna waste any so you look back over your shoulder and smear it all over your arse and upper thighs!!! You are loving all this attention and love having all these hard cocks filling and covering your sexy body with hot cum, you can’t get enough!

You give off this naughty little giggle as you look forward at Devon and say that you wanna fuck him!

You get off the chair and sit back on the table, placing each leg on a chair. Devon walks around and stands between your legs. In front of him is the sexiest, tightest toned little body and a glisteningly cum drenched brazilian shaved tight little pussy just begging to be fucked! You take his cock and slide it slowly into your drenched pussy, once his head has parted your lips you lean back and allow him to slide his rock hard shaft into you. You can feel all the cum lubricating his cock as he slides in and out your tight, cute pussy. You lean all the way back onto your back as Johan and I stand either side of you. You look over at my cock, noticing I am shaven, not completely, but short and well groomed. You take my semi-hard cock and slide it slowly into your mouth, feeling it swell as you wrap your tongue around it, knowing how much I love your blowjobs cos you are so good at them! Devon has a brilliant rhythm going as you feel his pelvis coming up hard against your pussy as his big hard cock thrusts deep into your pussy, rubbing your G SPOT with every stroke. You feel his pace start to quicken as you swop from my cock to Johan’s. You feel Devon’s cock start to swell as his pace quickens, he gives one last hard deep thrust as he’s about to cum. He pulls his hard cock out and EXPLODES his hot load over your body. He sprays it all over your already drenched pussy, onto your perfectly shaved brazilian, your inner thighs, onto your sexy stomach and a quite a bit onto your tits! You look down as he slides his pulsing cock back into your drenched little pussy. You see all his hot cum sprayed over your body. You let out this groan of naughtiness as you run your fingers over your hot sexy tight little cum drenched body, smearing the cum all over! Leaving this glistening layer of hot wet cum smeared all over your body, your brazilian completely DRENCHED in HOT WET CUM! Devon gives a couple of strokes as he recovers from his explosion. He stops and slowly slides his cock out, it completely covered in cum, you lean over and take it, sliding it slowly into your mouth, licking all the cum off it as you do. Once finished you look at Johan and tell him he’s next!

Johan lies down on the table and you climb on top of him, facing his feet, taking his cock in your hand and slowly sitting down on top of his cock, feeling it slide so effortlessly into your drenched pussy. Once it’s in you can feel all the other guys cum leaking out as you lean forward and start sliding up and down on him slowly, in complete control. Devon comes and stands in front of you and lets you suck him as you fuck Johan’s brains out. I’m standing behind you watching your cute little arse bounce as you bounce up and down on Johan as his cock disappears in and out your tight little pussy. Johan caresses your tits as you bounce on top of him. You feel him starting to swell and know what he wants….. faster rhythm! You give it to him. You start to suck Devon harder as you beg for more of Johan’s cock in you and want him to explode his load deep in your pussy! You feel Devon grab you tight around the throat as Johan thrusts back, slidingup and down on him, you know he’s about to cum, you feel him swell more, he gives one last thrust and you thrust down on him, he holds you down as you feel his big hard cock pulse and then EXPLODE in you, as you sit up on him, his cock deep in your pussy as he drenches the inside of your pussy with another load of hot cum. He lets out a scream as he explodes in you, your pussy swallowing his ENTIRE cock. You sit straight up on him for a while, sliding back and forth, keeping his cock deep in you, slowly allowing Johan to get his breath back as he lies there in total satisfaction of blowing his load deep in your cute little brazilian shaved cum drenched pussy!

You stop sucking Devon’s cock now and slowly slide off Johan’s cock, turning around and slowly licking his cock clean of cum, tasting all the others guys cum on his cock as you do.

Just Leighton and I left.

We have a plan for you…………

You to sit on the edge of the table placing each leg on a chair as you know it’s my favorite position.

I walk around stand in front of you, amazed at how well you have swallowed all 6 of the cocks and how you’ve totally enjoyed having multiple guys exploding deep in your pussy. You look so sexy and your pussy started off all clean and very neat before dinner, now you and your cute, tight little pussy is just drenched and filled to the brim with hot cum! I look up at you as I see the enjoyment on your face as you lean back and lie on the table. I hold your legs as I pull you closer the edge and take my big rock hard cock and guide it slowly into your now super cum drenched pussy! As my cock slides in more cum oozes out and runs down onto your arse. I love how tight your pussy is and it feels so good to be deep in you. Leighton comes and stands next to you, you take his cock and start to suck it slowly in rhythm to my cock sliding in and out your tight little pussy. The three of us get a good rhythm going and you are loving the 2 cocks! Groaning and writhing in pleasure as you suck and fuck us broken. You start to feel another orgasm coming on and notice that I am quickening the rhythm, you wondering if you can cum together with me when you notice that Leighton’s cock is starting swell in your mouth and realize that you could have a 3 way orgasm! You groan at the thought of it. You start to suck Leighton harder and faster as you thrusts harder against my swelling cock with your pussy as you feel your orgasm building. You realize that you are going to get us to cum together as we fuck your brains out while sucking Leighton’s fast swelling hard cock. You feel the orgasm is on the verge and can’t hold back anymore, you tighten your already very tight pussy around my ROCK HARD SWELLING COCK, this starts to push me over the edge as you suck Leighton hard, wrapping your tongue around his swelling shaft and push him over the edge. You feel me thrust a final hard deep thrust and you feel your orgasm and let go, suck Leighton’s cock deep into your mouth you feel him swell, groan, and thrust, you feel this flush of heat run through your body as you quiver EXPLODE in a HUGE orgasm, just as you orgasm Leighton and I EXPLODE in you, my HARD COCK PULSING into your tight wet hot pussy, you feel me spraying your pussy, drenching it in hot cum, Leighton EXPLODING a load of HOT WET cum into your mouth, filling it up with a big load as you feel his cock pulse in your mouth. You let of this huge groan, unable to scream as your mouth is filled with Leightons’s cock and a load of his hot cum, quivering from your orgasm as your body goes weak and a hot flush runs through your body. My cock exploding hot cum deep into your drenched pussy, forcing more out as I do. I pull you in tight against me as you are still orgasming and the thought of having us fill you up increases the feeling. You try screaming with pleasure but can’t as you are loving sucking every last drop out Leightons’s pulsing cock!

You finish cumming and slide Leightons’s cock out your cum filled mouth, you turn and look at me as I slow my rhythm down, I recover from shagging your brains out! You put your hand around the back of my head and pull me down towards you to give me a kiss, I do and as my lips touch yours I can taste Leighton’s cum on them, you slide your tongue slowly into my mouth and give me a long slow passionate kiss.

When you finish, I pull out of you and look at how drenched in cum your hot tight brazilian shaved little pussy is from 7 guys!!!

As you sit up and look down at your pussy, Carlos asks if you want to shag his MONSTER cock again as we all saw how much you enjoyed it………………. You think for a moment to remember how good it felt and say “sure” with this naughty smile on your face.

So Carlos climbs on the table and lies on his back. You climb on the table and still can’t believe how MASSIVE his cock is! You climb over him, with all of us watching as you pick his rock hard, MONSTER cock up in your hand, Carlos places his hands on your hips as you sit down slowly on it with your very sexy, tight, gorgeous, toned, cum drenched little body. You feel his head part your lips as you continue to sit slowly, you feel his head penetrate, sliding into your cum filled pussy. Cum starts to leak out slowly as you continue to go down. You can feel his shaft sliding past your lips, you let his cock go and place your hands on his chest as you feel his shaft slowly sliding into your tight little pussy. Once his shaft is in you slide all the way down his MASSIVE COCK. I’m standing behind you for the best view. His HUGE cock just slowly disappears into your pussy, your swollen pussy lips tight around his cock. We all can’t believe how well your tight little pussy swallows it, your lips tight around the base of his shaft. You sit there, for a moment, his cock completely swallowed, your eyes shut with this look of total pleasure on your face. You start to slide up and down his cock, LONG, slow full strokes of his cock. Each time I see you slide down, amazed at how a pussy that tight and that little can swallow such a HUGE cock with such ease! You start to groan with pleasure as Carlos’s MASSIVE cock fills your pussy with pleasure. You can feel an orgasm building inside with every stroke of Carlos’s cock against your G SPOT. You sit up straight sliding back and forth, swallowing his cock and not allowing it out, still standing behind you I can’t even see the base of his MASSIVE cock its so deep in your tight little pussy. Feeling his HUGE ROCK HARD COCK so deep in you as you thrust back and forth rubbing your clit on his body feels SO good, you can’t hold back anymore and you start to thrust hard down on him, pressing his pelvis hard into yours, you can feel it coming and coming quickly, you feel Carlos’s cock start to swell Massively and you know he’s going to cum, you just wonder if its going to be as much as the last one, you don’t care, his cock just feels SO GOOD. You are about to explode when you feel Carlos tense up, he holds you tight on him, his MONSTER cock so DEEP, your hot little pussy has swallowed his entire cock, his cock swells and he EXPLODES a HUGE load into you as you EXPLODE in a HUGE orgasm too. You scream with the intense feeling running through your body. You can feel with every thrust Carlos’s cock spraying more HOT CUM as he explodes deep in your cute hot pussy, filling you up to the brim! You orgasm so hard that you force a whole lot out past his massive cock, and as you slide down, unable to hold yourself up, you feel it squirting out your pussy and onto your inner thighs and all over him! You collapse onto him as you finish cumming as he continues slowly thrust you. You’ve never had a load that big explode in you before! It feels like 3 or 4 guys cumming in you at once! You quiver as you lie there recovering from Carlos just giving you the FUCK of your LIFE with his MASSIVE cock, the BIGGEST COCK and BIGGEST CUM LOAD you’ve ever had in one go!

You can feel the cum leaking slowly out your swollen pussy as you sit up slowly, still a bit shakey from your orgasm. You sit there feeling Carlos’s cock pulsating in you as he recovers. His cock stops pulsing, you slide his swollen cock out of you. As you slide it out you can’t believe that a cock that size fitted into your small tight pussy!

Once you have finished sucking Carlos clean you look at all of us standing there, having watched you have the BEST fuck of your life with him and the 7 of us.

Kneeling on the table you look at your pussy, its all swollen and completely drenched and you are soaked in HOT CUM, your tits, stomach, brazilian, arse, inner thighs, a bit on your back, in your mouth, The table covered in cum, the chair too………….. But best of all, 8 satisfied COCKS that filled the tightest, cutest, most perfectly brazilian shaved pussy on the sexiest most gorgeous body up with cum, and a MONSTER COCK giving you the best fuck of your life… twice!!!!!

You loved every moment and want more cock and cum…….

Kneeling on the table, completely covered in cum, still massaging Carlos’s swollen cock in your hand you say to us with this naughty smile “That felt so Fucking good boys, I wanna Shag you all again!”, we all laugh but then realize you are being serious!! We all look at each other and agree that you are definitely worth a second round as we definitely did not get to fuck you enough.