21 Jun 2018

It was a winter Friday. It was you, my love, my girlfriend, my slave’s birthday. This was your surprise birthday bash, or, better put, a bang. We have discussed many things we wanted to try. This was the one thing you wanted, but also did not want to do, the gangbang. I have planned this for some time and you had no idea what was coming. In this case, maybe, cumming! Well it was raining and it was freezing outside. You were late, and we were four nervous guys, waiting for that knock at the door. I planned it cleverly, and invited married guys, so that no-one can spill the beans without consequences for everyone. There was Johan, tall, fit and huge, yes in posture and cock size. He had stamina and made the girls scream with pleasure and ecstasy on our weekends off when we attended police collage. Jacques and Riaan were average built in all except the genital department. In addition, me, Mr capable, if I may put it that way.

The knock, although were all waiting for it, was still bit of a shock, as it went dead quiet. You came in the door, dropped your coat, sliding it off your body. As instructed by your master (me), you were dressed in lingerie, heels, and a blindfold. You had no idea that anyone else was there but me. I noticed the guys were staring at your beauty. Your 34C cups were inviting, and your curvy hips look sexy, slightly exposed. Your bubble butt came perfectly into our view. Your stunning smile was nearly too much for us to absorb. At that moment, you were the perfect centrefold. The dream girl. We all wanted you.

“You are late and I have to correct you,” I told you, knowing you enjoy it when I am forceful.

You knew what you had to do. We have played this game before - or so you thought. A flash of embarrassment made the flesh on your chest and face red. I know you were also turned on by our game. Without further instruction, you put your arms behind your back, grabbing your left forearm with your right hand and vice versa. I took rope and tied your hands and elbows together like so many times before. I noticed your chest was a shade of pink. Yes, you were turned on. I know the signs. If I were to touch your pussy now it would have been hot like an oven ………….. and wet. I led you blindfolded to the couch, made you lean forward with your stomach on the backrest. The other men were dumbstruck with your beauty and sexuality. As I watch, their eyes fixed on you, I wondered who was going to be in charge. They were lost. The expectation was high and the situation was explosive. None of the horny men could move, mesmerised by the scene in front of them.

I gave you a smack on the ass, and my handprint appeared in red on your ass cheek. You bite your lower lip again and push your thighs together as if you want to prevent your juices escaping. Without saying a word, I took scissors and after two snips, your panties floated in slow motion to the floor. We all stopped breathing, as your beautiful ass was exposed to us. My second shot on your bare ass got the men breathing again.

“Thank you master” was the only sound breaking the silence in the room.

Johan got into place first, and his red hand imprint was left on your bare ass. As Riaan’s hand landed on your ass, Jacques grabbed your nipple and twisted it. I think your birthday party has gotten underway. With the pain, I knew you experience lots of pleasure too. I pulled you upright. Riaan and Jacques started playing with your erect sensitive nipples. Pinching and twisting your nipples.

A soft moan escaped your mouth as I noticed you opening your legs as an invite. Johan was the first to react. His hand played around your mound. The other two mouths were all over your erect nipples. “I have never felt a pussy so hot,” Johan said aloud. Up until that point you were so in ecstasy, you had not realised there are too many mouths playing with your nipples. I notice the frown on your forehead, so I leaned forward whispering in your ear: “Happy birthday baby,” and pushed my hard cock into your mouth.

At this stage you were so worked up, you did not want to stop. I could see your face turning red around my cock. Embarrassed, but never missing a beat. Moaning when Johan picked you up and my cock slipped out of your mouth. When he placed you on our bed, cutting your hands free, making you stand on your hands and knees, removing the blindfold I could see the conflict in your eyes. It was not there long, as Johan teased your pussy and the conflict was replaced with lust. We refused to give your body a chance to recover, and give you time to think about it.

I realised the next question would make or break the evening.

“Do you want us to stop?” I asked, with Johan’s hand working inside your pussy, knowing what you like by your reaction. With precision, Johan’s hands were pleasuring you. One hand’s fingers playing with your clit. Flicking and rubbing it between his fingers. The other hand’s finger made a "come here" action, working on your g-spot. You told me later that you realised up until that point that you still had the control, but also if you let it go, you would lose the opportunity to control situation. Somewhere there all the guys got naked, and your only item of clothing was your bra, now around your waist.

You did not answer but softly licked and kissed the purple head of Riaan’s cock in front of your face. Your mouth went open just a fraction. Riaan did not wait for your answer, pushing his cock into your mouth. Just the head slowly penetrated your mouth, and then your eyes turned to me. I believe you were looking to get an okay from me. Riaan made your mouth stretch wide open as he worked himself in deeper. As he pulled out, I notice his purple head was dripping wet from your saliva. “This feels fantastic,” Riaan moaned, his eyes closed, “the best bj I ever had”. With that, your eyes closed as you experienced your first major orgasm on Johan’s hands. Your body went into a shake and your legs closed on Johan’s hand. Johan removed his hand from your pussy. His whole hand was covered with your juices.

With his wet fingers he started to play with your nipples. The aroma of your excitement hanging in the air. I think it made all of us go a bit mad. Now Johan and I were both playing with a nipple. Ruff and eager, pinching them to a sensitive stiffness. Jacques moved in behind you. You were moaning onto Riaan’s cock when Jacques rub his cock up and down your slit. He teased your clit with the head of his hard cock, rubbing it over your clit. Small sweat droplets appeared on your face and back.

“She has a wonderful mouth” came from Riaan, as he worked his cock down your throat. I notice a bit of tears forming in the corner of your eyes as you struggle to accommodate his cock down your throat. Then I noticed Jacques squeezing his cock past your pussy lips. I notice your pussy stretching over his hardness. He soon find his rhythm, giving 3 short stabs into you and next one he pushed his whole cock into your pussy. Next he pulled out his whole cock, left his wet purple head resting at your opening, before thrusting it back inside your pussy. The fourth time he pushed the whole length of his cock inside you, with your bodies colliding. Your ass shaking and sweat rivers running from your nose and forehead.

On the other side of you, Riaan enjoyed every fourth thrust as your mouth got push over his cock until his balls were right by your chin. Then without any suggestion, they both pulled out of you every couple of minutes and swopped positions. I notice you enjoyed tasting yourself on their cocks as they swopped. I believe, partly because of the anticipation and partly because you were tired, you suddenly had an extreme orgasm. Your body went into fits and shakes, as if it was never going to end. At one of the swops, Johan flipped you on your back. Your head was hanging off the bed, it created a new sensation for you and the person’s cock you were sucking. Johan slipped his finger over your clit making you moan with pleasure. At his stage, you were sucking Riaan’s cock, giving him pleasure, moaning onto his cock. Without warning, Riaan lost control and ropes of semen went down your throat. He had a big orgasm and you could not handle it all as some of his semen escaped at the corners of your mouth. Because of Johan’s finger and partly because of Riaan who was cumming in your mouth, you had another orgasm and your pussy clamped down around Jacques' cock and he too lost control. He pulled out of you just in time, and his first rope of semen landed on your breast. The second rope of semen flew between your breasts and hit your chin. Steadily every rope got less violent.

Now there were just two of us, who had not yet had an orgasm. Johan was quick in pulling you to your feet. He took a towel and started to clean you, and before he cleaned off all Jacques' cum, he surprised us all, sucking some of the cum from your left nipple. You liked it, I noticed as you opened your eyes, looking straight at me again. You had a wild look in your eyes. Biting your lower lip hard, and your hand grabbing him by the hair and pushing his mouth over your nipple. With this encouragement, he grabbed your other breast hard, pulling and twisting your nipple. Playing was over for you, and by pulling him by the hair off your nipple, you two kissed with aggression, your hand still gripping his hair.

The action now started to get serious. I must admit that I was a bit jealous. During that kiss you turned Johan around so that his back was to the bed. Pulling his hair back, you broke the kiss and pushed him hard so that he fell backwards onto the bed. As he tried to get up you jumped on him.

“Now where the hell do you think you are going” you said and pushed him down. Kissing him again with lots of aggression. You then grabbed his massive cock and placed it by the entrance of your wet pussy. I had a good view of his big purple head, parting your pussy lips as you lowered yourself onto his cock. You struggled to get his cock inside of you, as I noticed his cock bending from the pressure it had to endure. “FUUUUCCCK” you screamed as your pussy stretched over his cock. You lowered yourself slowly. You were in complete control. Pinning Riaan’s hands above his head. Moaning loudly as his cock moved into you. Having all the control, you have not let his cock completely inside you, and started pumping up and down. From my point of view, I could see his cock going deeper inside you, each time you went down. Besides your moaning, it was dead quiet.

“She is the sexiest creature I have ever laid my eyes on” Jacques' voice broke the silence. I then notice their dicks were hard again.

It must have inspired you because you started to fuck Johan’s cock violently. You really went all out, and fucked him hard. I nearly experience it in slow motion as you bounce up and down on his cock. I've never seen a pussy stretch so much around a cock. Johan stopped you, and pulled his cock slowly out of your pussy. His cock was wet from your juices. He rolled you over on your back. He hooked your knees behind his shoulders, and moved his huge cock to your pussy. Your round butt was now also exposed, sticking between his legs. He slid his hard member over your clit and over the opening of your pussy. Your anticipation was just too big, I noticed the look of you losing control over your body, and you started to shake in another orgasm. Johan did not wait for you to recover, and pushed his massive head past your pussy lips. He was big, and as he pulled his cock slowly out of you I could see your pussy clamping around his cock. Your body and hair were wet from sweat by now. His cock has not even been fully inside you, but I can see you tried to meet him when he pushed inside you. Johan was teasing you by not pushing all the way in to you, while the rest of us were mesmerised. I heard you whisper but could not hear what you were saying. Later you told me you asked him to fuck you, and he told you that you must ask nicely.

That was when we heard you plea “Please, please, ppllleeeaaassseee.” Johan looked at me and said “you like what you see?” and I just nodded yes. “You know she is begging for my cock?” he said, maybe to embarrass you a bit. Showing you who was really in charge. Then you closed your eyes again as Johan pushed his cock balls deep into you. His finger playing at the same time with your ass. While he fucked you very slowly, stretching your pussy, he lubricated his fingers with your love juices, rubbing it into your asshole. Johan gave me an indication to take over from his fingers. I took some lubrication, and pressed the cold substance onto your asshole. I started slowly working my fingers inside you while Johan's cock was sliding with a good rhythm in and out of you. When my fingers were sliding in and out of your ass, Johan suddenly rolled over.

You were on top again. Your knees now next to his hips. Your tits pressed against his chest. Johan held you down, not allowing you to move on his cock. He whispered something in your ear again. I actually thought, you even got redder in your face. I was wondering what he said to you. You said something very softly but no one could hear what you were saying. “Louder” came the instruction from Johan who was clearly taking charge now. “Please fuck my ass” came your plea. You told me later he said the fucking would end now if you do not plea for me to fuck your ass.

I noticed you were embarrassed. I knelt behind you. I leant forward, pressing my extremely hard cock against your asshole. You were tense, clamping your ass closed. Not letting the intrusion happen. I just held my cock pressed against your ass. You relaxed slightly, just enough for the head of my cock to enter you. Your head came up just as the intrusion became a reality. I noticed you grabbing hold of Johan’s shoulders. Your fists were white, as your nails were eating into his flesh. I did not push in further as it felt as if my cock was put into a vice. A moan came from Johan, making me realise that even your pussy was gripping around his cock.

As soon as you start relaxing, I pushed in a bit deeper until again my cock was forced to a halt. This happened three more times, that I had to stop for you to get used to the intrusion. Now I was totally inside of you, and pumped with short strokes. You became more into the new situation, pulling forward and then pushing back onto my cock. In the process, you were fucking both of us. Then Jacques and Riaan grabbed your arms, taking away your control.

They controlled the situation, lifting you up and pushing you hard down. You enjoyed being dominated like this. I believed it was through this, more than the pleasure, that we gave you your biggest orgasm of the night. Your eyes rolled back in your head, and then you closed them slowly and as if out of nowhere you clamped down on our cocks, even making Johan moan loudly, and you started to shake uncontrollably. I nearly lost it right there but willed my orgasm away because I did not want to come before Johan. It was only once your orgasm died down that I felt his cock jumping in your pussy through the thin membrane that divided us. I started to pull out further until just my head was in you and pushing hard back into you. Then you opened your eyes and did what you always do if you want me to cum.

You gripped my cock with your muscles. Grinding your teeth, you simply said, “Fuck me. Fuck my ass hard” and so I did. I looked down as my cock was pushing in and out of you. I went into a blissful orgasm.

We all just lay down, sweat running from our bodies. Much later, I picked you up and with the help of the other guys I put your exhausted body under the blankets. You did not even wake up. All of us guys washed the sweat off our bodies, and greeted at the door. They sent you an sms to thank you and ensure that this venture will remain a secret.

We did braai as a group again, all the men and their wives, and you walked around with a cheeky smile at the corners of your mouth. It did not matter what happened that night, you had a little dirty secret……………………………………………………………...