Written by CaptainandhisC

04 Jun 2015

Candy’s Surprise

Candy skips up the steps, her heart light and bouncy as her ample breasts barely contained inside her t-shirt. She has been waiting for her shift to finish all day, anticipation building inside her as the minutes ponderously dragged by.

Her husband, Fred was returning from a business trip that evening. They had not seen each other for over a week. Her body ached to feel his against her. She had been imagining his kisses all day long.

She closed the door behind her and walked swiftly to the kitchen. She glanced at the clock on the wall. He would be home in the next half an hour or so. She turned the stereo system on, the sultry sound of Lana Del Rey filling the silent house. Her clit was already swollen in anticipation and the music made her even hornier.

She poured a glass of white wine and took it with her to the bathroom. She shed her clothes as she walked down the passage, leaving a trail of discarded shirt, skirt and underwear behind her.

After a quick shower she pondered what to wear for Fred when he arrives. She chose a lacy leopard print, red laced thong and bra. She smiled, it was her favourite pair and Fred loved them almost as much as he loved taking them off.

She chose a short summery dress, black with white polka dots. The dress showcased her cleavage and was short enough to be just on the right side of decent. Finally she slipped into pair of ridiculously high heeled strappy red shoes. Fred called them her “fuck-me” shoes.

A sound from the front of the house signalled Fred’s arrival as Candy finished applying the brightest red lipstick she had. Candy shrieked and set off down the passage, nearly killing herself on the high heels as she did so.

She rounded the corner and stopped dead in her tracks.

Her heart sank to her pretty shoes.

Fred stood in the kitchen, his tall, lanky, handsome frame a picture of perfection but he was not alone. He was pouring wine into four glasses. One for him and three for each of what must be work colleagues crowding inside the kitchen.

Fred looked up and a broad grin spread on his face when he saw her, then vanished as suddenly from his face when he saw the expression on hers.

“Candy, I missed you!” He shouted and ran towards her. She felt a little bit better when he wrapped her in his arms and hugged her close to him.

He muzzled his face in her neck and whispered, “Sorry about this baby. I had no choice. They missed their flight and now can only fly back early tomorrow morning so I had no choice but to invite them here.”

Fred released her from his grip and introduced her to his out of town colleagues, Fabian (a good looking, athletic man), George (the eldest of the three with greying hair around his temples) and Steven (the youngest, sporting a boyish grin framed by long, dishevelled hair).

It was obvious that all four men had a hard time diverting their eyes from Candy.

And, as much as it was disappointing to not be able to take her man to bed immediately, Candy quite liked the three men, each of them a different age, build and physique but all three quite attractive. Deciding to make the best of the situation Candy did what she did best, which was to look good, be flirtatious and have fun.

She skipped between the three men and gave each a peck on the cheek, making sure that she takes just long enough to allow her scent to waft deliciously in their smiling faces.

“No wine for me honey?” She asked Fred.

Fred poured her a glass. She wrapped her delicate fingers around it, moved around the edge of the kitchen counter (in the most seductive way possible – which was, to put it euphemistically, quite seductive) and joined Fred on the other side of the counter.

She snuggled close to him, letting her hand slip to his crotch and said, “Well, since you boys are now keeping me away from my delicious man for a little while longer, I may as well be useful and organise dinner. You are staying for dinner, I hope!”

The boys expressed their desire to stay for dinner but Fred was having none of Candy cooking, explaining that he had seen so little of her that he would not want her to be alone in the kitchen. “We’ll order take-out pizza or something later”, he said, “I want you with us and not in the kitchen.”

“Well, I would be delighted to keep you boys’ company then.”

Fred steered the group outside, onto the patio. It was a sunny summer’s afternoon, ideal for sitting outside.

The boys dragged their deck chairs in a semi-circle facing the pool. Candy sat on Fred’s lap. The boys could not help but notice her short dress riding up on her milky white thighs and the bra strap showing under her armpit.

Conversation flowed easily and soon Candy felt comfortable in the company of Fabian, Steve and George. She had always loved being the centre of attention and there was no doubt who all the attention was focussed on as the afternoon drew on.

The wine flowed too and an hour or so after they had moved to the patio Candy could feel the warm glow of the alcohol flowing through her. She felt relaxed and, inspired and flattered by the increasingly open admiration from the three boys and the fact that Fred did not seem to mind the attention lavished on her, the frustration of not having been able to jump her man immediately after he had gotten home, started to abate.

In its place was the growing wetness in her loins, the occasional twitch in her pussy and the twinge of excitement that elevated her already heightened state of horny-ness to a state of intense arousal.

Fred was also not shy in showing his affection for his wife. He stroked her legs as she sat on his lap, pushing the hem of her dress ever higher as his hands roamed ever closer and closer to her fiery loins.

Candy flung her arms around his neck and whenever there was a lull in the conversation she planted long, passionate kisses on Fred’s lips. She could tell that Fred was highly aroused too, feeling his cock stiffen against her buttocks as it strained against the confinement of his pants.

Candy enjoyed Fred’s reaction. He obviously enjoyed showing their affection in front of an audience.

Steve, the youngest of the guests asked if anyone minded if he had a quick dip in the pool. Candy was thrilled at the thought of seeing the young, muscular man without his shirt. Steve pulled his shirt over his head and slipped out of his work pants. He wore black briefs underneath that stretched over his pert buttocks. He was flat stomached and his shoulders and arms were toned and muscular.

Steve dove into the water and splashed around, encouraging the others to join in. George and Fabian followed suit, stripping down to their underwear. Candy was excited to see a huge bulge in George’s briefs, signalling that he was very well endowed.

Candy loved cock and it has been a while since she had a big one. Since marrying Fred she had been more or less faithful (a drunken hook up after a work party with a co-worker was just a mistake as far as she was concerned) and she started fantasising about the three men splashing in the pool.

“Come on in you two. The water is warm!” Steve shouted, standing waist deep in the water, droplets of water clinging glittery in the sunlight to his athletic upper body.

“Let’s swim Candy.” Fred said.

Fred stood up and stripped to his briefs. Candy stood close to him and stroked his cock through the material of his briefs. “I’d love to honey. But I need to go fetch a costume first. I don’t want to ruin my underwear in the chlorine water.”

“Just swim naked.” Fred said with a giggle.

Candy’s head reeled, partly from the wine, partly from Fred’s suggestion. Was he joking, was he serious?

Naked in the pool with Fred and three strange men?

“Very funny honey.” She said.

“I’m not joking. You are not shy now all of a sudden are you?” Fred said and he winked at her.

Candy’s legs quivered with excitement.

“OK.” She said and planted a kiss on his mouth, “If you are fine with it, I am. You know how I like skinny dipping.”

“And showing off your body.”

“Yes, and showing off my body. Shall we have some fun with your colleagues then?”

Fred squeezed her buttocks reassuringly.

He looked over her shoulder at the three men in the pool and shouted. “OK, we’re coming in.”

Fred dove into the pool and joined the other three in the middle. They were all looking expectantly at her now.

Candy lifted the dress over her head. The boys whistled and clapped their hands.

“I don’t want to ruin my underwear!” She said, looking straight at them, “do you guys mind if I take it off?”

A chorus of support erupted from the pool. Candy removed her bra and stepped out of her thong. Dressed only in her strappy red heels she twirled around, bouncing her double DD breasts for effect. Vociferous applause spurred her on.

She looked at Fred, making sure that he was still OK with this. He smiled back at her. It spurred her on. She felt so sexy and wanted. The centre of attention.

She turned her back on the men and slid her hands down the length of her legs, slowly loosening the straps on her heels, fully aware that she was not only giving the boys full view of her butt but also a tantalising peak at her swollen pussy lips between her legs.

She stepped out of her heels, turned and waded slowly into the pool. The water was indeed warm. She waded to Fred, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. He snaked his arms around her, cupping her buttocks under the water, squeezing her soft flesh just the way she liked it. Their bodies pressed together and she felt his cock, hard in his wet briefs, press against her belly. Without breaking her kiss, she snaked a hand between their bodies and rubbed his cock. She giggled when it quivered under her touch.

She nibbled at his ear and whispered, “I love you honey.”

Then she turned abruptly away and faced the rest. They stood in a semi-circle, a respectful distance away, their eyes trained on her but mostly on her breasts, which seemed to float on the water.

She stood, halfway between Fred behind her and the three men. She raised her arms and stroked her hair, knowing full well that this caused her breasts to rise, her nipple stand clearly visible above the water line.

She turned to George, the oldest of the three and said, “Wow, the water is really nice isn’t it? It’s nearly as wet as my pussy.”

She waded towards George and trailed her finger across his chest.

She licked her lips and said, “Do you want to feel how wet my pussy is?”

She took his hand and guided him between her legs. She spread her legs and whimpered as his fingers splayed her pussy lips open and a finger slid into her wet pussy.

She leaned against him, feeling his heart thump in his chest, as fast as her own as he slid his finger in and out of her pussy. She looked up and kissed him, just a gentle brush of the lips at first but then, quickly, their mouths open and their tongues flicking.

She broke away from George and turned to Fabian. She walked towards him and said, “Do you also want to feel just how wet I am or are you happy to just take George’s word for it?”

Fabian was clearly not going to take George’s say so. His hand snaked between her spread legs and she gasped as he rubbed her clit with this thumb while inserting a finger inside her. She loved how it felt to be fingered under water, the water sloshing in and out of her pussy with his finger.

Fred moved closer and stood behind her. She felt his cock press against her lower back. She knew it was him without having to look behind her. He rubbed her shoulders as she leant in and kissed Fabian. As their tongues met, Fred slipped his hands around her waist and cupped her breasts. Her nipples pressed against his palms as he squeezed and pulled at her breasts. She loved the way that Fred played with her breasts. They were so sensitive and he knew just how she liked it, firm not hard but not soft and flabby either.

She turned away from Fabian and twisted her upper body sideways, facing Steve, who had also moved closer. “We don’t want Steve here to be left out now, do we? That wouldn’t be fair would it. And you have such a yummy young body too, I would never dream of leaving you out.”

Fred moved his hands away from her breasts, gripping her around her waist now. Fabian slipped a second finger inside her pussy.

“Well Steve, it seems that Fabian likes having his fingers inside my pussy quite a lot.” Candy giggled, “And I must say I like it quite a bit too, so perhaps you would be so kind so as to play with my clit a little bit?”

Steve wasted no time in sliding his hand down her body and onto her clit. She giggled and said, “Ooh, I like that, so much attention. Now if only you could lean forward and suckle my nipples, it would be perfect.”

Steve leant forward and suckled her nipples, alternating from side to side. Candy craned her neck back and kissed Fred standing behind her. “This is so hot Candy.” He said in her ear.

Yes, she thought, it was quite hot.

But what she really wanted was cock. And there seemed to be plenty of that around.

“Why am I the only one in the pool without any clothes on?” Candy asked. “Let’s get you boys naked too.”

She turned round and pushed Fred’s briefs down. God, how she missed his cock. He nearly fell over trying to step out of his wet briefs in the water. Once free of the briefs, Candy steered him to the shallow side of the pool. He sat down on the ledge and spread his legs, his cock pointing upwards, hard and thick, his clean shaven balls and genital area glistening as the late afternoon sun shone on the droplets of water accumulated on his skin.

Candy knelt on the step of the pool and took his cock in her mouth. She loved sucking cock. She loved sucking Fred’s cock most of all. Fred leant back, steading himself on his arms, outstretched behind him, palms flat on the tiles surrounding the pool.

She looked over her shoulder and said to the three men watching her from behind. “You too guys, get out of those wet briefs so that I can suck your cocks too.”

There was a commotion and a splashing of water behind her as the three men feverishly shed their briefs.

“Come sit down here on the ledge.” Candy instructed.

She gave Fred’s cock a last lick, then said to him “I need your cock in my pussy Fred. God, how I have missed your cock in my pussy Fred. Fuck me while I suck these cocks.”

Fred moved behind Candy. Candy shifted position so that she knelt with her knees on the top step at the shallow end of the pool, her breasts suspended above the waterline. She spread her knees as far apart as she could, allowing Fred easy access to her pussy.

Steve sat in Fred’s place, his long, thin, slightly curved cock direct in line with Candy’s eyes. She licked the tip of his cock, a swirling wet smear of tongue that made his cock quiver in anticipation. She looked up into his eyes and smiled when she saw his dreamy look. Keeping her eyes upturned and locked on his, she lowered her head onto his cock, letting his cock slide all the way into the back of her throat.

She grunted, her voice muffled by the cock penetrating her mouth when Fred slid his cock into her pussy. She was so wet that he slid balls deep into her with ease in one long, stupendously pleasurable thrust. God, how she loved being impaled on Fred’s cock.

George and Fabian moved to either side of her and while she sucked Steve’s cock and Fred fucked her pussy from behind, each played with one of her breasts, tweaking and pulling at her nipples. George ran his hand along her back and the sensory overload of so many hands touching her, sent her into a state of blissful oblivion.

She felt completely and utterly free, ready to take each of the men’s cocks, insatiable, wanting, needing and craving more and more.

Fred fucked her with the frenzy one would expect from someone who had missed his wife for more than a week. He slapped her butt as he pushed in and out of her. She liked it when he did that and she made suitably sounds to let him know how much she liked it and how much she missed him.

Fred knew how to please her. He thrust shallow, then deep, hard, then fast, rotating his penis inside her, thrusting at different angles, just the way she liked to be fucked.

“Shit baby, I am so horny and I haven’t had pussy in so long, I am going to cum!” Fred shouted and pulled out of her. He scurried up the steps and stood next to Steve. Candy spat Steve’s cock from her mouth and looked up at Fred. “Take Steve’s place. I want to taste your sweet cum baby.”

She pulled Steve’s cock gently in her hand and said, “And why don’t you go stick that in my pussy while my husband sprays his cum in my mouth?”

Steve leapt up and splashed through the water to take up the position vacated by Fred. Fred sat down and his butt barely touched the pool tiles or Candy sucked his cock into her mouth. He loved the way she sucked cock, with gusto and with skill that could only be the result of true dedication and considerable practice.

Fred did not last long. Candy’s considerable skill and his abstinence caused eruption to well. He fought it, fighting to keep his cum inside and prolong the pleasure but as Steve plunged his long cock into Candy’s pussy Fred exploded into Candy’s mouth.

Candy looked into Fred’s eyes as he spurted cum in her mouth. She loved it when he came in her mouth. She gobbled every drop, then cleaned his cock with her tongue.

Steve was getting in his stride, slamming and thrusting his cock into Candy’s wet pussy with loud squelching sounds. Candy shuddered and whimpered, “God that feels so good Steve, I am going to cum.”

Fred got up and Fabian took his place. His cock was short but thick, thicker than any cock Candy had ever had. She closed her mouth around his cock and closed her eyes as her first orgasm swept through her body, making her tingle from head to toe.

Fred stood outside the pool, water dripping from his wet body. He watched as his wife, spit roasted between Fabian and Steve writhed and wriggled in pleasure. He smiled and had an idea. Drying himself quickly he ran naked into the house and emerged a short while later with his camera.

Candy was still suspended between Fabian’s cock in her mouth and Steve’s cock in her pussy. Fred snapped a quick shot, then walked closer, standing with his feet in the water, on the first step leading into the pool. He motioned for George to move closer. George moved next to Candy. He slipped a hand under her body and played with her clit as Steve fucked her pussy.

Fred snapped a photo.

Candy let go of Fabian’s cock and turned to look at Fred. Her eyes had a dreamy look in them. He snapped a photo of her face. “Fuck, I am going to cum again!” she whispered.

“You look so damn sexy honey, a cock in your mouth, a cock in your pussy and a hand playing with your clit.” Fred said.

“I am ready to cum!” Steve announced, “Where do you want it Candy?”

“On my face, cum on my face and tits!” Candy panted.

“Wait, I need to get this on film!” Fred shouted excitedly, fumbling with the camera to switch it to video mode.

Steve exited Candy’s pussy. His cock was swollen and glistened with her pussy juice, her milky white cream clinging to his erect member. Fred trained the camera on Steve’s cock and followed it as Steve moved up the step and onto the patio tiles surrounding the pool.

Candy rose too, Fabian’s cock covered in her saliva and slobber. She lifted her upper body, standing on her knees now. Fabian moved to the side so that Steve could stand in front of and above Candy. Candy reached up and cupped Steve’s balls in her hand while Steve pumped his fist up and down his pussy cream lubricated cock.

Fred trained the video camera on Candy’s face, the tip of Steve’s cock visible in the corner of the screen. “Cum on my face big Steve. Cover my face and tits in your creamy cum!” Candy spurred him on.

That was all Steve needed to bring his cock to erupt. He grunted and gave a boyish little squeal as his cock spurted streams of glittering cum onto Candy’s upturned face. Fred zoomed in on Candy’s face, catching her flinching slightly under the onslaught of warm cum.

“Amazing, that looks freaking amazing!” Fred exclaimed as Steve’s cock finally stopped ejecting semen all over Candy. Cum clung to her forehead, cheeks, lips, welled up above her eyelids and dripped down her chin, accumulating in the cleft between her heavenly breasts.

Fred made sure he captured it all on film. His cock, flaccid earlier after he had ejaculated into her mouth was stirring again, the image of his wife’s face smeared in cum making him hard again. Candy licked the cum around her lips with her tongue. Fred bent down and kissed her. “I love you my darling.” He said softly.

Candy rose and turned 360 degrees, showing off her cum covered face to the men standing around her. She loved being covered in cum. She loved drinking cum. She loved that Fred loved it too.

She stepped out of the pool, grabbing George’s cock in her hand, pulling him behind her. As she passed Fabian, she wrapped her fist around his cock and gently pulled him along too. She released their cocks as she reached a sun lounger. She lay down on her back and said “Fabian, would you be so kind as to fuck my wet little pussy and George, I want to take that massive cock of yours as far down my throat as I can while Fabian here fucks me senseless.”

“Holy fuck, you are such a slut!” Fred beamed at her, “It’s awesome, I love that baby.”

Fabian positioned himself between Candy’s legs. She lifted her legs up, resting them on Fabian’s muscular shoulders and groaned with pleasure as he pushed his thick cock into her.

“Wow, that feels so different,” Candy said as Fabian pushed into her hungry pussy, “I have never had a cock as thick as that!”

She turned her face sideways, feeling cum running in a different direction from her face as she did so. George knelt next to her face. He was well endowed to the point of almost being too big. Good God, thought Candy, how much of that can I get in my mouth?

Quite a bit, it turned out. George pushed into her mouth, filling her up the way she loved to be filled, feeling his cock quiver and pulse in her mouth, running her tongue along the unexplored, strange and new ridge and ripples of his cock.

Fred snapped more photographs. There was something hugely erotic about watching his wife, face covered in cum, taking two huge cocks from both ends.

Steve sat down, his cock spent, empty, hanging limp between his legs and lit a cigarette. He watched as Fabian fucked Candy to moans growing louder, muffled by George’s anaconda in her mouth.

“Play with your clit baby, play with your clit while Fabian fucks you.” Fred said as he trained the camera between his wife’s legs, watching through the little digital screen as Fabian’s cock pushed in and out of her swollen pussy lips, her pussy juice glistening wet in the last rays of the setting sun.

Candy slipped her hand between her legs and rubbed her clit, first up and down, then in faster narrowing circular movements. Fred watched as cum continued to stream down her face, as her breasts heaved under her laboured breathing. His wife had never looked as sexy, has never been as desirable to him as she looked then. His cock was rock hard between his legs now.

Fabian grunted and pulled out of Candy. Seconds later he spurted streams of semen onto her stomach and breasts. Thick, white rivers of cum streaked across her belly and breasts. Fred was speechless, barely remembering to snap photos of his cum covered wife.

George extracted his cock from Candy’s mouth. He took Fabian’s place between her legs. He pushed the head of his gigantic cock into her pussy and stopped, leaving just the tip of his enormous cock inside her.

Candy giggled, her eyes glazed now but she was not sated yet. It was as if a tap of desire had been turned open inside her. She wanted more and more. More cock, more cum, more orgasms.

Fabian let Candy lick his cock clean. She smacked her lips as she did so and said, “Not only is your cock deliciously thick young man but your cum tastes good too!”

Fabian retreated. Fred stepped forward and pushed his cock into Candy’s mouth. He watched with bulging eyes, mesmerised as George slowly, deliberately, almost imperceptibly ponderously pushed his cock into Candy.

“Oh my fucking God!” Candy said as her pussy walls, contracting from the two orgasms that had racked her body already, expanded to accommodate the biggest cock she had ever taken inside her pussy.

“That’s it George, I want to watch you fuck my wife with that monster cock of yours!” Fred said.

Candy nearly had an orgasm from just hearing Fred say that. She greedily gobbled her husband’s cock into her mouth.

“That’s it baby, suck my cock while George splits you in half with his monster cock.” Fred said.

George pushed Candy’s legs apart and with a final pushed nestled all of his 24 centimetre long cock inside her. Candy came for the third time that afternoon as George proceeded to fuck her like she had never been fucked before.

He drove his cock into her soaked, used pussy with such force and pace, such unknown velocity that the whole sun lounger shifted with each might thrust. She could no longer concentrate on Fred’s cock and she turned her mouth away, her body felt suspended, as if she had left her physical form and was simply floating, numb, mindless, on a cloud of joy.

George had the stamina of a long distance runner. Relentlessly, unwaveringly, with glorious motion and thrust, he impaled Candy on his cock. She closed her eyes. She lost count how many times orgasm racked through her body.

When George finally came, lifting his cock from her pussy to spurt a bucket load of cum with such force that he recovered her face all the way from between her legs, Candy was scarcely aware of her surroundings. She could not speak. Garbled, nonsensical, animal like sounds was all her vocal chords could muster.

Her limbs flopped either side of her, her leg muscles twitching uncontrollably, out of their own volition, as if disconnected from her brain completely. Her pussy contracted rapidly and white cream dripped out of her red, raw slit.

“Holy fuck.” Fred broke the silence.

Candy turned her head and looked at him. Her face was flushed red and beads of sweat mixed with the accumulated cum on her body.

Fred leant down and he kissed her. He kissed her like he had never kissed her before. Candy closed her eyes, about to drift off into a secret, dark little space in her mind, empty, oblivious, totally satisfied.

“Oh my God!” She groaned as a touch woke her from her blissful orbit into post orgasmic space. The touch came from Fred’s rock hard cock. He was pushing his cock into her anus.

“Oh my God!” Candy repeated and that was the last coherent word she could utter as Fred pushed his cock into her anus and fucked her like she had never experienced her husband fucking her before. He was a man possessed, his cock splitting her ass apart and sending her into yet another convulsion, her limbs quivering and spasm-racked uncontrollably.

Fred came quickly, mercifully because Candy thought she was going to be fucked to death. He added his semen to the massive loads of cum already accumulated on her body.

He knelt beside her and he put his arms around her. They kissed. It was the best kiss either of them had ever experienced. Candy did not know how long they just sat like that, Fred cradling her cum soaked body in his arms but when she finally regained a degree of consciousness it was dark. The other men had gone inside already. She could hear the TV blaring.

Fred helped her up and she walked slowly, unsteadily, hanging on his arm.

As they entered the house her head started clearing and she felt a return to a normalised state.

She looked down at the drying cum on her body. “I need to shower, I think.” She said.

“Definitely not.” Fred shook his head. I want to keep you like this for a while longer.

To Candy’s amazement her pussy twitched again as Fred said that. Holy shit, she thought, how much more can I possibly take!

The doorbell interrupted her thoughts.

“That’s the pizza delivery.” Announced George, “We thought we’d order so long while you guys were alone outside. I’ll go get it.”

Fred looked at Candy. Candy looked at Fred. A smile crossed their faces. A naughty light gleamed in their eyes.

“No, don’t” Fred said.

“I’ll get it.” Said Candy.

George whistled. “Holy shit, like that?”

Candy grinned. Candy and Fred both said simultaneously, “Like this yes, naked and covered in cum.”

The end