Written by JoeArc

03 May 2017

This story continues from Bushveld Bonanza

I moved in closer to the friend who was still down on my wife, her ass facing me bent forward. I reached out and touched her back and gently stroked her sexy ass. She responded with goosebumps all over her back. I pressed my hard cock against her pussy and entered her slowly. I was quite surprised at the tight fit she and and started fucking her slowly. She responded by pushing back hard taking my whole cock inside. I grabbed both her breasts in my hand and started fucking her harder and harder. She stopped licking my wife and arched her and moved about frantically. I lost total control and fucked her like a wild man with no holding back. She started moaning and as I was about to come se grabbed my wife's thighs and gave a deafening scream of joy! I pulled out and shot my load all over her ass. I fell back under the water to make sure I was not dreaming.

When I came up both girls was in the water and my wife swam up to me and gave me a deep kiss. I could see she enjoyed watching this. We got out had a drink and snacks and laid in the sun. I moved under the umbrella and started to fall asleep, think the excitement and please was too much.

I awoke moments later with a nice sensation and when I opened my eyes I saw that both girls was busy sucking my cock! I got fully erected immediately as the girls worked in perfect sync sucking head and balls. It was unbelievable. I laid stretched out on the sun lounger and my wife then got in top of me. She took my cock and slipped it into her warm wet pussy. She started riding me. The friend got up and walked around and spread her legs over my face facing my wife. The friend started fucking my face and I licked and sucked her pussy good. Sounds of excitement and moaning filled the open air. My wife started to really ride me hard as the girlfriend played with her breasts and the started kissing on top of me. My wife's hand went down to the friends pussy and started stroking her clit while I liked like a machine... We were at a point of no return and all inhibitions was lost!

My wife stopped and got of me and then mounted me reverse style. She got good footing on the edge of the lounger and rode me like a seasoned cow girl. The friend came around to face my wife and played with herself as she watched us fuck. My wife stopped and pulled out my cock and gently slid it up her ass. She started moving slowly, breathing heavily with each stride. The friend then got down and started licking my wife's pussy. My wife made sounds I never heard from her before and went crazy like a wild woman. The friend when down on me and sucked and liked my balls while I was up in my wife's ass. My wife fell back and arched her back having a huge orgasm. We laid still totally exhausted. I got up still stiff and dived into the pool. The friend followed and swam up to me asking me if I had enough? I said I still had a little bit left and she flung her legs around me. My cock found its way into her pussy and I started working her while we kissed. My wife entered the water to cool off and came up to us and joined in the kissing.

I walked to se side of the pool and lifted the friend to the edge where my wife and I took turns licking her pussy and tits. I then got out gently pulled the friend up and walked to the rail at the edge of the deck and turned the friend around. I entered her from behind. What a sight! Fucking a beautiful girl in open air looking out over the vast African Bush! She moaned with every thrust and I pulled out and spit between her butt cheeks and entered her ass. At first she was a bit resilient but started to relax and enjoyed the feeling. She moaned with pleasure as I pulled out and came all over her back.

We were exhausted and swam for the last time for the day sipping champagne and watching a perfect African sunset. What a day....