Written by JoeArc

04 Feb 2017

A good lady friend of my wife recently separated from her husband and when they got divorced my wife was adamant we support her through this time. We regularly spent time together at braai's and dinners and as she went through a tough patch again we decided to take her away for a weekend to a Bushveld farm we own a house on.

I was quite looking forward to a quick break away as things were hectic at work and we always relax on the farm and I thought the girls could have their heart to heart chats and I could enjoy nature and go fishing in the farm dam. We left the Friday at noon and en route we all decided that we are not going to talk about her ex husband, work, problems etc, just go and relax and focus on having a good time.

We arrived on the farm, unpacked and went for a game drive. We had a couple of drinks and snacks at the picnic spot and made our way home . En route I once again realized how beautiful my wife was. Blond hair, green eyes and a very good athletic body. I also noticed the friend, long black hair, dark blue eyes and dark skin complexion and a very sexy body with a pair of legs to die for (she was a provincial school sprinter in her school day). For a moment I thought that she could easily resemble the looks of an Egyptian goddess! My wife and I have a very active and good sex life. I started discussions of inviting some else to the bedroom but she would not take the bait on that. She knew I always had the fantasy of us having a threesome with another girl...

Back at the house we lit the fire and enjoyed good food, wine and company till late that night. The friend excused herself and went to her room and my wife followed shortly. I cleaned up the boma and went down to the swimming pool and as it was quite dark at the pool I took a skinny dip in the moonlight just to get rid of the dust and heat of the day. Laying in the pool I looked up and the big thatched house with the star light sky above it and thought by myself how lucky I am.

I got out, put my shorts on and went to my room. My wife just got out her bath and laid naked on the king sized bed waiting for me. I immediately dropped my shorts and got on top of her. I started to kiss her but she immediately pressed my head down . I went down on her and muffed her cleanly shaved bald pussy. She arched her back and moaned as my tongue found its way around her aroused clit. She pulled me up towards her again and I gave her a decent hard pounding, one thing is my wife looks petite but she likes it hard. We fell asleep naked and exhausted in each others arms.

Next morning I woke up to the girls laughter on the balcony and got up, put on a short and went downstairs to join then. My wife was covered in her satin gown and her friend was still in her tiny summer sleepwear - a hot pant with string top. I could clearly see her nipples was hard from the fresh morning breeze.

We made breakfast and discussed plans for the day. The girls mentioned that they would like to relax around the pool as both of them wanted to word on their tan and read a book. I decided that I wanted to go fishing and neither of them seemed interested to join me. I went for a shower and my wife joined me and I asked het what they were laughing about earlier? She told me that her friend told her that se heard us going at it last night and that she could hear my wife was enjoying it quite a bit. My wife then whispered in my ear that it aroused her ver much and then se went down on me in the shower and gave me a good bj. My knees became weak as she sucked and liked my penis and her finger slipped into my butthole and she worked me hard till I came.

I loaded my fishing gear and cool box and drove down to the dam. After catching a couple of nice bass the combination of hungry mosquitoes and a very agitated resident hippo I decided to head home earlier than originally expected. Back home I walked into the house and called for my wife with no answer. I opened a beer and walked out on the huge verandah and looked down at the pool area a couple of meters down. I thought I was dreaming as there on the pool deck the two girls were laying totally naked in the sun on their sun lounger. My wife was laying on her back reading and her friend on her front down fiddling on her phone. What a lovely picture, I froze, except one part of my body started getting aroused and growing....

What to do? Go back fishing? Cough? Join? Stare? I decided man up and try to take advantage of this situation. I called down on them : "Hi ladies I'm back! They both looked up at me (at this point I thought they were going to jump up and cover themselves and swear at me) and my wife very friendly said : " Hi honey any luck with your fishing?" I told them what happened and asked them if they would like something to drink as I must get a way to get down there. They both said yes and I got them a nice cold bottle of champagne with some snacks. I walked town the stairs to the pool area and my heart was pounding with excitement. I placed the tray on the table under the umbrella and popped the champagne. No one said a word and they were still in the same position as I first saw them. I then said : "See you girls are working on a decent a all over tan" The friend smiled and said : "I forgot my costume at home and we both then decided to tan nude. And by the way we said this is going to be a weekend we are just going to have fun". I agreed and handed them their glasses and said : "I'll cheers to that" At that moment the friend turned around and leaned over to cheers. I think my eyes popped out and I struggled to keep my mouth closed. Absolute perfection! Nice pink rosy nipples on her perky breasts and clean shaven pussy with just a small strip of black hair at the top. She laid on her back and started sipping her champagne. This was like a dream. Two gorgeous ladies, naked, laying in the sun next to the pool. I wish I had a camera to capture this moment for ever.

My wife looked at me and said :"So are you going to join of just perve the whole day?" I immediately jumped at this invitation and took of my clothes and moved my sun lounger under the umbrella. I used the excuse that I just want to have some shade as I already spent some time in the sun, but actually I just opted for the best view. I laid back with a nice semi hard on and enjoyed the view.

We chatted and laughed and joked and after the second bottle of champagne for the girl they decided to hit the water. I joined and it was not long or the two girls started splashing water at one another and wrestling and fooling around. This totally aroused me, two naked girls in the water playing and luckily I was in the water so I could hide my hard on a bit. My wife looked at me and said : "Love, we would like something else to drink please" I then was forced to get out of the water. They both smiled when they saw my manhood aroused as I got out to fetch them drinks. Back at the pool they were both laying on the loungers dripping wet. I handed them their drinks and immediately sensed that the ice were totally broken. They both laid with their legs spread wide not ashamed at all.

My wife asked for some sun tan lotion and her friend instantly volunteered to rub her back. My wife sat up straight and the friend placed herself behind her on the lounger sitting close to her spreading wide behind her on the lounger. She applied the lotion and started to give my wife a massage wile applying. She told my wife she was very stressed and asked her to lay down on her front.

The friend got on top of her and started massaging her shoulders and back. I was totally aroused as my sexy wife laid their with this truely beautiful woman naked on top of her. The friend's hands went down to her lower back and she re positioned herself and started massaging my wife's buttocks and legs. Her hands sliding in to my wife thighs and I could see my wife enjoying this, so does her friend. The friend then applied some lotion on her breasts and started rubbing them on y wife's body. My wife made sounds of sheer joy and pleasure. I laid on my back, watching, enjoying stiff with pleasure. The friend looked at me and asked: " Would you like to have a turn?" I looked at my wife and she replied : " Oh please do love, it is wonderful". I gracefully accepted and turned around.

She poured lotion in her hands and walked over to me, got on me and started massaging me. I could feel her warm pussy lips on my buttocks and could feel her wetness as she was also aroused by this time. She gave a wonderful massage as she worked with her hand down to my lower back. Her hands went down to my buttocks as she gave me a good ass massage. Her fingers frequently sliding over my anus. She gently pushed my legs further apart and began to gently rub my ball sack. She then laid down on me and started rubbing herself over me in great erotic motions. She started breathing heavily.

I turned my head to look at my wife and saw her turned around laying on her back watching us with her fingers softly touching her pussy. She smiled at me winked and pressed her middle finger deep into her pussy and started finger herself.

The friend saw this and I felt her hand going down on her and she started touching herself while on top of me. I was in a dream. My wife called her friend over and said they must cool down in the pool. I joined them, aroused more than ever.

The two girls moved closer to each other and started kissing, shy at first but then much more fierce. They started licking each others tongues and the friend went down starting to suck my wife's nipples. My wife returned the favor and the friend placed her legs around my wife's hips throwing her head back in sheer pleasure. They kissed again and the friend drove my wife to the edge of the pool. My wife got out and sat on the side facing her friend in the water. The friend went down on my wife and started slowly kissing her pussy. My wife's nipples turned hard and I realized they were far beyond any place of return. The friend licked her pussy and muffed her like seasoned professional. My wife screamed of excitement and joy.

I moved in slowly towards the friend in the water in front of me and knew my threesome dream might just became true