22 Aug 2016

Brian & Tanya Part 2.



“Give it all to me baby!”

Brian felt his control slipping away after his wife uttered the last phrase. He pushed in as deep as he could and released his seed deep in her pussy. He had really been trying to hold out as long as he could, but Tanya’s urgings to be fucked deeper and harder pushed him over the edge. He felt guilty. Tanya had still not orgasmed, while his fruitless seed lay in her. He must have let it show on his face, because Tanya immediately embraced him.

“It’s OK! Really!”

And it was really OK! Garth had been supplying her with quite a few orgasms during their daily fuck sessions. Brian supplied the love and companionship, while Richard awakened the dark animal in her. Her life couldn’t be sweeter.

“I’m sorry baby! I really tried to hold out! I wish I could be more of a man and give you the pleasure you deserve!”

Then it slipped out: “You can!”

Brian scrunched up his forehead and looked very bewildered. Tanya rolled over, and opened her bedside drawer. She reached in and pulled out the dildo. Brian was unaware of his wife’s toys. She pleasured herself whenever he was out of the house. She knew he felt inadequate and did not want to throw it in his face. The look on his face was priceless as she handed him the dildo.

Tanya looked him in the eyes and said, “Use this cock to fuck me baby!” She then lay back and opened her legs and rubbed her clit.

Brian looked down at the 8-inch dildo. It dwarfed his penis. He then glanced at Tanya’s open pussy, took the dildo and rubbed it up and down her pink gash. This soon had her dribbling copious amounts of juice down her slit and over her puckered ass. Brian took the opportunity and slid the lubed cock into her pussy. He couldn’t believe that this huge cock fitted into his Tanya! He then started simulating a fucking motion and Tanya soon started moaning. He couldn’t believe how wet Tanya was getting from the rubber cock fucking her! He leaned forward and licked at her clit while still fucking her with the dong! She groaned and her pussy pulsated and gushed out clear liquid. It was the first time Brian had seen Tanya squirt. He had heard of women squirting, but this was the first he had actually witnessed it! He pulled the dildo out of her pussy and starting licking it, cleaning her juice off the length of the shaft. Tanya moaned, sat up and took the rubber cock from Brian. She placed it on his lips, and Brian opened his mouth to suck the head in. She watched as Brian started giving the dildo a blowjob. He took it in deeper with every stroke. Soon he had half the cock in his mouth. He pulled off it and realized that his cock had swollen and was standing straight up. Tanya went down on Brian and took his cock in her mouth. She took the lubed dildo and rubbed it all over Brian’s puckered asshole. His ass became wet from the dildo and soon she started applying pressure to the dildo. The head of the rubber dick’s head slid effortlessly into Brian’s ass. Soon he felt the pressure build as the dildo sank slowly deeper into him. Tanya started fucking Brian’s ass with the dildo and it wasn’t long before he cried out and shot a second load all over her chest.

As soon as he had shot his cum, Brian had an urge to lick the man-cream on her tits. He bent over and started cleaning her chest.

“Wow!” Tanya breathed, “twice in one sitting!”

Brian looked up at her and turned crimson. The reality of what had just happened hit him hard. His heart started racing and an incredible sense of shame crept over him. His deepest fantasies had now surfaced. Brian turned away and sat on the edge of the bed, his back to Tanya.

“It’s OK! Really!” Tanya said. She knelt behind his back and hugged him firmly.

“You sure?” Brian asked quietly.

“Best sex ever!” Tanya answered.

“Wanna talk about it?” she asked Brian.

“Sure…..Where must I start?”

“You been fantasizing about this for long?”

“It started when I saw a male-male-female scene in a porno online. I got really turned on and came so much. I started searching for similar scenes and soon I started imagining you were the female and we had another guy with us. I knew you wouldn’t ever go for it, so I kept quiet about it. Then one day I came across a scene where the “wife” climbed off the cock and her “hubby” sucked her juices off the other guy’s cock. I didn’t even reach the end of that scene. I came instantly. So I then started watching mmf bisexual porn. I have started fantasizing about us having a threesome with other guys and me sucking their dicks, or being fucked by them.”

“You ever…?”

“No! I swear. This is the closest I have come to acting out my desires!”

“I believe you baby!”

Brian and Tanya lay down next to each other, each cocooned in their own thoughts. After a while Brian turned on his side, facing Tanya.

“Would you ever consider….?

“Yes! Baby I have also been thinking about having another man fuck me while you were present. It won’t be cheating then will it?”

“Really? You would do it?”

“If we could find a suitable guy, yes I would”

Tanya was already thinking about Grant’s big cock. She even considered coming clean and telling Brian about Grant and her. But then she thought that Brian might just get jealous that she had acted without his consent, and thought better of it.

Now to get Brian to agree to Grant joining them…..