Written by Fun_Fearless

14 Sep 2014

This is a true story which happend on Friday, 12 September 2014.

So we finally took the step and entered the lifestyle all be it only same room sex with no swapping partners...

Well we put a ad on the site seeing we had a free weekend and really wanted to try same room sex. A couple replied to our ad inviting us over to their place which was about 100km from us. We discussed it and decided to give it a try eventhough the couple was much older than us. To our surprise, the couple said that another couple will also be there and this put us a little at ease.

We have been chatting to couple 1 on thursday and the date was set for the friday. We have set our rules out seeing that we are 1st timers and would like them all to respect it and not pressurize us in doing things. The couple agreed and affirmed that the other couple is also agreeing. With that we then confirmed that we will be joining them.

Couple 1 let's call them J1 and E and couple 2 let's call them J2 and M for reference here.

When we got the couples house, we were stressing about what if we knew the other couple. Couple 1 was caucasian and couple 2 a coloured couple. Fortunately, we didn't know each other. When we entered the house a porno was playing in the living room and a fire set the scene nicely. We got to know each other by telling each other how we got to where we are and also hearing from the couples the pro's and cons of the site.

We really got comfortable being around them and later J1 wanted to play spin the bottle. It wasn't necesarry as both J1 and J2 took their shirts off. I soon followed all be it it wasn't part of the plan. The ladies were slow in undressing and 1st E took off her shirt and bra exposing her lovely white breasts to our view. My girl then asked if she should take off her top as well and I said if only you are confortable with it. When M took off her top we were greeted with sexy big breasts with hardened nipples and I started to take off my girls top and bra and played with her nipples. All the men was already only in our underwear and E was playing with J1 and M was masturbating J2. I then started to unbutton my girls jeans and started to play with her clit.

I got up took off my undies undressed my girl completely and stood next to the couch having her sucking me. It felt great having others watch us and being able to watch others. I layed my girl back on the couch and started to lick her pussy with M blowing J2 and J1 and E licking and sucking each other. Couple 1 and couple 2 were both on the mattress on the floor infront of the fireplace and we were on the couch. I then started to sex my gf and saw that J2 and M is also going at it with J1 and E following. My girl and I were paused when we heard M saying," ek gaan nou kom" and watched the beautiful site of a girl riding her man and cumming. We all played till we were exhausted and went to bed.

When our alarm went off the morning, I was greeted by my gf with a bj. She started to ride me on the couch with J2 and M sleeping on the mattress on the floor. Or so we thought...we saw that they too were getting busy on the mattress and through the darkness we could manage to see their shapes.

We took a shower and left for our home just after 7 on saturday cos my girl still had to work. We discussed the whole evening on our way back and we are so happy we took the step.

Thanks J1 and E for your hospitality and exhibitionism and also a big shout out to J2 and M whose presence made it much more relaxing. We hope to play again soon.