Written by Michelle

12 May 2015

I was divorced about 3 months ago and was getting seriously frustrated trying to meet someone. I could not do the bar scene but social media seemed promising. It started with a guy I had actually met at a bar close to my home and developed from there. The Facebook posts became more and more suggestive until we went PM. Mostly late at night and what followed was usually me fucking my dildo. Eventually, after much bullshit we agreed to meet. He came over at his lunchtime on a Monday to my place. As soon as he walked in the door he went straight at it to my relief. I was not sure how it would get going. I understood the whole point of it was to fuck but...

I was wearing a short skirt, a loose low cut shirt and long black boots and no underwear as he asked. As he kissed me hello his hand went straight to my pussy. He fingered me as he kissed me and I spread my legs as he did. I reached down for his cock and felt he was already hard. I laughed and he said that he got hard in the car in expectation. I told him I wanted to suck him and I got down on my knees whilst he pulled my top off. He complimented me on my plastic tits. I got his jeans open and pushed them and his shorts down. Surprise! My favourite...a fat cock. He was maybe 7 or 8 inches but I could hardly get my hand around him. I pumped him for a few seconds and then took him in my mouth. I sucked him for perhaps 2 minutes and then he said he needs to tongue fuck me or he would cum. He led me over to the dining room table removed my skirt. I started to remove my boots but he asked me to keep them on. He laid me on my back on the corner of the table and started eating me. I could feel I was not going to last long and within a minute or 2 I stated cumming. I came hard and it seemed to excite him. I had to push him off as I needed to close my legs as I came. As I came down off it, he said "Now you need the pole" and stood me up turned me around and bent me over on the table. I could feel his cock head sliding up and down my slit and then he pushed it in gently. He buried his cock to ball depth slowly. It felt just like my dildo only better. Then he started pumping me, at first slowly and then hard. He must have fucked me for maybe 5 minutes. I felt like I was going to cum again but just before that happened he grunted and shot his load. He withdrew after a few more strokes and then took the back of my head and pushed me down to his cock again. He was still hard! I laughed at how he was still hard and he told me he had taken a Viagra in the car. He said he would probably be hard for another round. I had no complaints as I felt like I needed to cum again. After sucking him for a few minutes he took me over to the couch and laid me down on the wide arm on my back. I spread my legs open and he held his cock at my fuckhole, rubbing my slit again. I was soaking wet. I could feel his cum running our of my hole and down my butt-crack. He shoved his cock into me again this time in one stroke. He began pumping me again this time a more measured pace which started to speed up after a while. I came quickly, almost without warning. This time I could not close my legs as I normally do when I cum as he held my legs apart and seemed to increase his pace as I came. He carried on fucking me until I had to push him off. It was starting to hurt and I told him. He withdrew and sat down on the couch. He started pumping his cock with his hand. I knew he had to cum again so I leant down and took him in my mouth. I sucked him for around 2 minutes and he shot a load into my mouth. After we talked for while he asked me what my sexual fantasy is. I told him a 3some. He asked if it was FFM or MMF. I told him MMF and I'd never been with another girl before. He said he can arrange both. His mate Matt and his girlfriend are swingers and would love to fuck my brains out. Maybe a 4some he suggested. I said "Let me think about it" and we left it there.

Last night he suggested that I come around to his work tonight and have a few drinks with him and Matt and if I like Matt then they will both fuck me in their office bar as there will be nobody else around. I'm nervous but my pussy is already wet thinking about 2 cocks at once.