Written by Anon

29 Apr 2018

As i sat back chatting to the rest of the group, I noticed that two were missing, ann and sam, not thinking much of it , rest of us were chatting about the rugby and the weeks happenings, was a nice crowd of us maybe 10or so, the weather was cold so we had moved inside from the patio outside, it must have been then when ann and sam slipped away, then I noticed , they had snuck into the jacuzzi, I could clearly see them , naked and chatting , my attention wandered away from the tables talk and towards what my eyes were seeing .

Anns fingertips was circling sams nipple as they chatted and giggled,

And as their comversatiom carried on sam was reciprocating the favour as her hand fondled anns, and then the kiss but a soft one. It was then I noticed sam staring straight at me ,. Wandering what I must do ignore them and go back to listening to how bad the rugby was ....

At least the weather hadnt put a dampener on the mood for everyone, maybe everyone just needed a bit of inspiration, which was most likey ann and sams thinking, well it was sure working on me, quietly I was kicking my shoes off under the table.

I stood up , walking over to the two girls in the jacuzzi,"may I join you in the jacuzzi or is,this a quiet moment?"

They both replied quickly , " thought we were never going to get company in her"

Casually I stripped down, slightly embarrassed as the two ladies looked on at me , hardly able to hide my throbbing cock at this point, slipping into the water I sat down slightly apart from them giving a,bit of space and secretly wanting to watch them a bit more, they carreid on , groping at each others full breasts , their nipples So hard they could cut glass .

Lickily now the water bubbling and hiding my hardon below the waterline, then ann moved over towards me , running her hand down my chest and below the water , hunting out my shaft, her hand gripping on my cock, a smile" yes sam he ready for you ,but I just want a little feel and taste befor you ravish him"

Ann guided me to stand up in the jacuzzi and half lean over backwards , her mouth seeking out my shaft as her hand slowly gripped my cock simultaneously . A slowly long downward thrust of her lips wrappedo over my cock , but the biggest turn on was sam watching closely , her hands rubbing her own breasts now as she watched ann closey , looking at how ann was teasing me. Then with a pop sound ann pulled her lips off , smiled and said" now you two can have fun while I watch"

Ann went to sit back down and sam moved in close, my hands couldnt resist feeling her body .... I had been wanting to be with sam for a,while but everytime we had missed each other or the moment was wrong , sam was a bit firmer with her grip on my cock, pulling a bit harder , but came in close to whisper so ann couldnt hear her words" a little bit here now then we move to the room past the rest, cause they all looking at us now and soon this jacuzzi will be full of people and I wont be able to do what I want to do to you."