Written by tweedledee

23 Feb 2015

Man oh Man……I have given this a lot of thought. This is not a story about Sex, this is a sexy story about a weekend. A weekend that was emotional, sexy, horny and every other emotion under the sun. It’s a story about a crazy couple, who went with another crazy couple who met with another crazy couple and a single lady and who went to the craziest party on earth…..A life style club……oh my word.

Too much happened to be able to put it all down on paper but for those who know the club, you will smile and laugh, for those of you who don’t let me try and put it into words.

If you have read any of our stories you will recall a few weeks ago a little party we had…(if you don’t go and read it first)….Regardless, Myself, Bestie, Smiley and Green eyes decide that its time to dive into the deep end….we have to do Club Rome…..trying to set up timing is always an issues ( you also have to register and get an invite so that take a few days) but a weekend was chosen and we were off. In the car all the way to Gangster paradise. We stop at a friend and have a shower change (you go to this club dressed properly). Myself and bestie are nervous as hell. We get to the Club at around Half past eight. We do our invites, sort out lockers and get introduced. We have to do the introduction first. This takes about 40 min. We are given a lecture by a pretty Red head and her hubby about the rules of the club. There are about 12 newbie’s all looking rather shy and giggling. Oh and one prat….there is always a prat.

They we are on the tour, walking in single file behind Red. We walk past all the regulars, I feel like im on parade at Pollsmore…. We are shown all the rooms, one by one….there are a lot…..and each one has their own rules….to explain all this will be double work as we visited most of them. You need to visit if you are interested. In each room besite is whispering in my ear “I like that, I want to try that, can’t wait to get started”….My Jeans are filling up….ok in my world I have a monster cock….not in everyone else’s world….This was the start of a 12hr Hardon. Man I was going crazy…….the tour ends with Red saying “ok from 10 o’clock it’s a nudist party. No clothes. If you are shy you can wear a towel”…..

We are back to the locker room, its about 10 to 10, Bestie recons we get started. Clothes off….she has no issues as you has a body like a freaking hour glass….i have some dick issues ….so we strip in the locker room (with about 5 other couples) and go to the bar. We meet our friends at the bar, have a drink…or two….Besite looks notices that my towel has a teepee front. Nods at me and I follow her up the stairs. In the room is a trampoline, two couches and a big white screen. Behind the screen is a Kama sutra bench and a light. You can see who ever is behind the screen if you sit in the chairs…..there is no one, Bestie says “let make our own show” go into the room. Bend her over the bench and push my cock into her. She is soaking wet. I pull out and push back and she contracts and squirts. I have never seen her so horny. We hear voices, people are on the other side. We can’t see them, she turn around to face me and lies back over the bench. I go in again, and start to push deep. She arches and lets out a roar….she comes again. The bench is wet, I am wet, but I don’t stop, I go faster. She raises herself up with her eyes wild and sweat appearing on her upper lip. Her stomach muscles are sticking out as she raises herself. I am at full speed…..ramming into her…”fuck me” she gurgles as I hit sixth…she contracts and has a monster orgasm…..her legs shake. She stops me moving and lies there for about 20 seconds……It must be said at this stage I am thinking “how the fuck will I keep this up all night”…..she lies there quivering…..she looks up at me, smiles and says…..oooh this is going to be fun she says with a grin on her pretty face.

We open the door, there is another couple watching. He smiles we walk past and she dives onto the trampoline…..i have always wanted to shag on one that the kids don’t jump on……I take her there, kiss her passionately, we fuck slowly….she cums softly….. She lies there smiling…..come we need a drink…..back to the bar, we make small talk….tee pee still at large….Bestie winks….i follow…up the other stairs…there are people in every room…..people watching, people fucking, people talking….crazy. we make our to the back of the rooms, there is a black room with a spotlight. In the middle of the room is a swing with four chains. Each chain has a stirrup. She lies back. I put her arm up in the front stirrups and her feet in the other. I stand in front of the swing and slide into her…..the inventor of this little machines was a woman for sure. She knew the exact angle require…..it was perfect……I will not bore you with details but we spent a good half an hour on this swing…..we fucked hard…we fucked soft….bestie came and came till I thought she was going to get dehydrated…..her last orgasm on the swing took me to the edge. If she hadn’t stopped us, it would have been game over for me. I have never seen anything so sexy in my life. She could not get enough of me…literally…..”back to the bar, im thirsty”…..i wasn’t surprised.

At the bar there was more small talk….surrounded by naked people….its such a crazy scenario……but never uncomfortable…..never once did I feel judged…..

I don’t know how much time went by but there was another wink…..clearly bestie have recovered enough and wanted more….into the pool area….behind the pool are two small pools, raised above the main pool. We climb in . She wraps her arms around me and we kiss as I slide into her. We are totally into the scene. She slides back and forth. She stops kissing me and put her mouth to my ear…..”someone is watching” …..i kiss her again and turn around slowly. There is a young dude standing there, well built, eight pack of stomach muscle, good size cock, smiling eyes…..(rules at the club state that he cannot come into the pool unless invited) …..Bestie kissing me, I fell her tense and quiver with excitement, I motion to him to come in. …he climes in, she is shaking, she cant seem him……he drops his towel. He is hard as marble……he drops into the warm water behind her….i push her against him….she sucks in her breath…..i release her mouth and push her gently back against him……her arms go up around his neck as he buries his fingers into her pussy. She pusher up. My hands are on her breasts, I’m against her kissing her neck as she buries her tongue into his mouth. His hands are moving, she grabs my cock and squeezes it….she is moving and my mouth moves to her left nipple (that’s the switch) she arches her back and gurgles her orgasm.

She has both our cocks in her hand…..”have you got a condom’ she asks him?...he stammers no, “Fuck” she says “Sit here” she says pointing to the step out of the pool.

She turns around and takes his cock into her mouth to the back of her throat…..(Now anyone who reads this who has had the pleasure of one of her blow jobs knows just how unreal this is). At the same time she lift her ass and points it at me….there was no reason to second guess…..i go in, balls deep, she groans and moves against me…..hard….this is her way of telling me she wants it fast and she wants it hard…..I oblige…..Young one has his head back. He cannot believe his luck….I am ramming her as much as I dare….she is sucking…she Starts to tense….i know it’s coming….and she arches her back as she swallows his cock….his eyes open wide…she is sucking….i realize that this is about to be over…..i tap her back….she cumes and lifts her head…..he grabs is cock, squeezes it and jumps out of the water as she screams her orgasm….the whole pool area is watching us smiling as she lies there shivering…..(we never saw Young one again, poor guy)….

our 5 friends come up into our little pool…..now we are cock to back in this little space….man it starts to get exciting. There are hands and mouths and boobs and Vagina everywhere. At one stage I see all us guys on the side of the pool and the girls take turn sucking our dicks….it was just crazy…..Bestie is now regulating the whole game…..Smiley decides that her new Nick Name is “HoofMeisie”

You must know that she is one of the most thoughtful people I know….one of the couples with us is very new to the “lifestyle” and the lady ( I still don’t have a nickname for her yet) has a fantasy of having sex on a big bed with other couples.)

Beastie decides that this needs to happen. In Rome there is something for everyone. There is a room, with wall to wall mattresses and a Jacuzzi. We arrive there and we are all on the bed. It is absolute chaos….the woman are going nuts, its fingers and tongues and licking and sucking. I am sticking my cock into anything that looks like a vagina……Bestie has the new lady and is giving her the muff of a life time. I am in there now with her, both of us licking her. She orgasms over and over. We move onto green eyes…..she is squirming….a man and a woman eating another woman’s pussy, kissing each other, eating again, while they squirm and cum over and over….its the weirdest thing imaginable.

Bestie climes onto her and starts to kiss her. I enter from behind, she moves forward…..I enter Green eyes…..my cock buried in her….my fingers in Bestie…..Bestie comes all over green eyes , she laughs. Bestie climes off and goes up to the Jacuzzi with smiley…..i keep on thrusting into green eyes…..she smiles and giggles….turns out she giggles when she has an orgasm…..and squirts…..so things got a little loud and messy to say the least…..we were happy to be the first couples on that bed that night……slippery seconds would not be so cool…..we joined Bestie and Smiley in the Jacuzzi and talked kak for a while, playing with each other……time for drinks again…..

This night went on and it would be far too laborious to give all the details. There were no other players with us after that. Bestie and I spend the night dancing naked and visiting rooms and pools and fucking. It was glorious to say the least.

It culminated in all four of us on the same bed at 3 am, Smiley and Green eyes trying to sleep and Bestie and I, finishing it off. They got not sleep but at least I eventually got my rocks off. There was no ways I would have survived any longer.

We fell asleep in the wet patch but were too tired and satisfied to worry.

The drive back was not as “Happy” as the drive up. Big thirsts, bigger headaches, no sleep and 300Km of hot road…..its was hell, but man oh man was that not a trip to remember